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When three friends all go out on a hike, they find something or someone unexpected. Helena owned the area which they always hiked around on. It was something they loved to do. So after winter was over they went back out again to find a small cabin hidden in her woods. Lucia seems to already know whats in it and Basil is just an excited explorer who loved to walk around in new places. What happens.... View table of contents...


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Helena #1

"Let go, come on!" Helena ran ahead of her friends. Her house was a favorite place to hang out as it was surrounded by trees and trails. She looked back after jumping up onto a fallen tree. "You guys are so~ slow!" She called to them dragging out her 'so'. She was only this excited when they started off. She calmed down after that and went back to her original personality.

"We didn't live here our whole lives." Helena smiled at Basil. She and Lucia were walking over.

"Come on Lucy-Lou." She called to Lucia climbing over the log Helena stood on.

"Don't call me that." Lucia said as her reply to the nickname. She stepped over the log, one hand on her messenger bag strap. Helena rolled her eyes and Basil laughed at her reaction. They hadn't gone hiking for a while since it had been winter. It was too cold for that.

Helena turned on her heal and jumped off continuing down the trail. Her dark hair trailed behind her as she ran over to the main one they had used all the time. She spotted a smaller trail across the stream and ran towards it. She kicked off the dirt bank landing softly on the other side. "Whatis with you two? Come on!"

The others stared at her as she motioned them over. "Only you can make that jump." Helena sighed and dropped her eyes shaking her head. She pointed over to a log that was lying across the small river or large stream.

"Didn't see that." Lucia said stepping onto the log and starting to walk across. "I'm not going to fall am I?" She asked pointing down. Helena shook her head and headed over to the path.

She stopped and turned to face her friends as they walked up. When they did they headed down the path again to see what was new. Basil had her camera out and was snapping pictures of the trail and small flowers that were popping from the dirt. Helena felt a buzz in her pocket and pulled it out lagging a bit. Her friends didn't seem to notice as she typed something quickly about a program for the computer and jogged to catch up and run ahead. She landed on one foot spinning herself around and walking backwards in front of her friends. Lucia sighed and adjusted her bag on her shoulder again.

Helena wondered what she carried all the time since she wouldn't even let it leave her side for a second. She shrugged to herself and turned back walking with her hands behind her head.

"Lulus! What do you have in your bag all the time?" Basil asked.

"I told you before, stuff I might need." She answered. She sounded annoyed to the one in front on the trail. Helena wondered if the program had worked. She was always good with computers and could get into any protected site even the government without being noticed. She never used it thou.

"You/I always say that." All three girls looked at each other and broke into laughter as they had said the same thing at the same time. Basil suddenly ran ahead of the other two and snapped a picture. Lucia wasn't the happiest. She walked up and grabbed the camera and deletes it.

"Heeeeeey!" Basil cried taking her camera back. She quickly looked through the pictures until she was convinced it was gone. "Why'd you do that?" She asked pouting a bit.

"No pictures." She replied. Helena laughed a bit. They can be children at times… she thought. Basil then directed for Lucia to take a picture of the other two. "Fine." She said holding up the camera and snapping a photo. Helena grabbed it and looked at the picture. They hadn't been on this trail so she was mainly looking at the background. She paused staring at the screen. She turned quickly and bounded off into the more dense wooded area.

"Hey come back! No running!" Basil called after her friend. Helena was sure of it, there was something there. She stopped in a small clearing where the path didn't lead. She was panting. Who wouldn't after running through the wooded area like that? She stared confused at the small cabin that sat in the clearing. She didn't wait for her friends as she walked over looking at the windows and stuff. She was yanked from her thoughts when her shoulder was grabbed. She gasped and turned.

"We shouldn't be here." Lucia said urgently.

"Why not? These are my woods and I found a place like this." She didn't like the idea of the cabin being on her property. She walked up the steps to the porch and knocked lightly. Basil came last gasping as well. Helena turned to see her friend approach and Lucia turn her back. "Why are you turned around?" Helena asked as the girl crossed her arms holding her bag in front of her.

"Got a problem with it?" Helena shook her head at her friends answer. She looked a bit more serious now. More like her normal self. She knocked again a bit harder. The door cracked open before it swung completely. A man held a gun to her forehead. She gasped at the feeling of cold metal against her skull. She was in complete shock. The man held a look in his eyes as if he wished he were never born or the world could just explode. Helena slowed her breathing and tried to back away a bit.

"Who are you? Why are you here?" The girl automatically moved the gun off her forehead.

"You happen to be living on MY land!" She said. "I'm Helena and you are?" She was a bit annoyed. She crossed her arms and glared into the man's dark eyes. The dark brown was almost black against black hair. The brown haired girl didn't move as the boys eyes softened into surprise.

"Lena?" Basil asked walking to the first step. Helena held out her arm to stop her.

"Are you going to answer me Mr. Smart shot?" She was annoyed. Her property, her trails, her woods, random guys living there.

He stayed silent but stared right back at her. A lighter haired boy stepped into view but Helena only saw him from the corner of her eye. "Drop it. We don't need a fight." He said pulling the others arm back. "Sorry. Lucas can be a bit of an ass at times." The lighter haired boy pulled off his glasses and wiped them on his shirt. Helena could almost feel Basils blush on her back.

She sighed and waited for a clear explanation to be told. Why were these boys on her property…?


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