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A Different Kind Of Love Song

Novel By: storyofmylife
Young adult

Bella and Mason's love story continues.... View table of contents...


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Submitted:Feb 14, 2009    Reads: 56    Comments: 4    Likes: 0   

In my attempt to do good; I called Mason's house and asked for Lauren.
"Hello?" she said.
"Hey Lauren, it's me-"
"Bella!" she screamed happily, then her voice grew stern, "Where have you been? Life sucks,"
I sighed heavily, "I'm sorry Lauren, I've just missed your brother so much…"
"Then come see him," she said simply.
"I can't," I answered.
"Oh, well,"
"But," I began, "I would like to see you, I feel awful we haven't done anything together. What do you say? Dinner tonight?"
"Yeah, sure," she said casually, but I could hear the excitement in her voice.
I picked her up at five oh clock and she ran out when I honked once. We went to McDonalds and got fries and chocolate shakes. After telling me about her boy problems, and how much of a loser Jayson turned out to be, she looked at me, "Bella, you want to know about Mason?"
"Yes," I replied guiltily.
She smiled, triumphantly, but immediately grew sad, "Mason is depressed and hurt. He stays in his room all day and claims he doesn't feel good, he hasn't sang or played anything. At night, he cries when he thinks everyone's asleep. Bella, I'm really worried. Please, talk to him?"
I let a tear slide down my face, how could I say no? Mason needed someone. "Yeah, alright," was all I said.
Lauren dragged me into their house two hours later, saying I would talk to Mason was one thing, actually talking to him, was another entirely.
I was forced up the stairs and into his room by a surprisingly strong Lauren, who explained soccer had given her muscles.
She swung open his door, shoved me in, and closed it before I could change my mind.
I looked at him; he was sitting up in bed, staring out the window.
"Mason, are you-are you alright?" I asked.
"No," he answered honestly.
I sat, tentatively on the edge on the edge of his bed, "What's wrong?"
"Everything," he answered.
"Mason, please talk to me. You want to know something? My dad left my mom for a young slut, I met a pastor named Dave, I took your little sister out for dinner, I ate gallons of ice cream with my mom, I cried every night cause you weren't with me," I said through tears.
"I'm sorry Bella," he said, full of concern.
"Don't be, just tell me what's bugging you,"
He stared at me for a long time, finally he began, "Music, I loved it. Now it's gone. You, you're gone too,"
"No Mason, no, I'm not, I am right here, I always will be," I reached my hand towards him and he held it.
"You deserve better,"
I shook my head, "I want you," I said. And it was true, in so many ways, I wanted Mason.
"You don't know what you want," he smiled.
"And about your music," I continued, ignoring his comment about my judgment, "who says it has to end? Sure, you can't tour, but I know you can still play,"
He sighed, "Bella, if only life were so simple,"
"But it is. Listen Mason, get up, let's go somewhere."
Much to my surprise he listened to me and twenty minutes later we were facing the tree where he had carved our names so long ago.
"Remember this?" I asked him.
"How could I forget,"
"Mason, I love you," I faced him.
He leaned in to kiss me softly, "I love you too Bella."


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