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A Different Kind Of Love Song

By: storyofmylife

Chapter 1, Bella and Mason\'s love story continues....

I had always thought that our love song would be something special, something bigger and better than everyone else’s. I mean, everyone thinks their relationship will last forever, but with Mason, I knew. Still, when he had shown me the song I had smiled thinking it would only show the ups of our relationships. I was shocked when I heard the melody change frequently from happy to sad, I realized that when Mason was gone it affected him too, I realized how selfish I had been by thinking I was the only one getting hurt. In that moment, I realized that our love song was absolutely perfect; all the imperfections of it made it that way. People that heard it would hear our sadness, feel our joy, see our love. I had hoped for so much less than what he had given me, I smiled as he began to sing our love song, a different kind of love song.

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