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Your Heartbeat

Novel By: storyofmylife
Young adult

Lauren and Jayson's story continues...but is it what you expect? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Mar 8, 2009    Reads: 91    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   

I heard the familiar honking of a horn and ran outside, my duffel bag swinging on my shoulder.
"Hey!" I said enthusiastically as I sat down next to him.
Jayson smiled, "Hey," he said as he leaned over to kiss me.
We pulled away from my house in his red pickup truck and headed to school. Today was going to be a rather uneventful day. A chemistry test and talking with Sophia about her birthday plans, but after school was soccer practice, that, I was looking forward to.
It was mine and Jayson's senior year of high school and both the boy's and girl's soccer team had made it to state this year, with a lot of hard work and devotion from the whole team, captains especially.
Soccer was our passion; both of us loved it and had pushed our teams extra hard this year. As a result, we were doing better than everyone expected and the local paper had even done an article about us.
Jayson and I went everywhere together. We had our teams practice together often and wherever one of us was, the other was, we'd have it no other way.
We had been best friends ever since we were seven, when the Purple Panthers soccer team picked us both. We had excellent skills even then, and were placed as forwards, which is where we still prefer to play.
Now our school was all psyched for the big game in a few weeks and our teams were working harder than ever. This was our last year of soccer for the Cheetah's and we were going to show everyone what we had.
The day passed in a blur of papers and assignments and soon we were onto the field.
"Warm-up time!" I yelled out to the teams. Jayson and I had decided to do a half hour of warm-up together today before his team would go off to the other field so we could work on our offense.
The kids shuffled their feet anxiously as I explained the warm-ups, "We want hard work today. No slacking or we will double everything! I want you running ten suicides; give it all you've got. Start from the end line and go to the goalie box, then back, then to midcourt, then back, then to the other goalie box, then back, then to the other end line, then back. Ready, Go!"
Jayson and I took off running with our teams, we stayed behind our slowest players yelling encouragement the whole time, "That's it, four more!" I screamed to Maddie as she struggled to make it halfway through the suicides.�Finally, we all finished and Jayson took over.
"Now I want you all to stretch out your legs," Jayson instructed as we sat down and touched our toes.
Jayson went on to list a few more warm-ups, "Squats, sit ups, push-ups, leg lifts, star jumps, mountain climbers, and step over's."
When we were all loosened up and breathing hard Jayson instructed his team to jog out to the other field. He turned to me and kissed me on the forehead before going.
"Aw," rang out the girl's on my team.
My face flushed, they did this every time, "Alright, alright," I said.
They laughed and we huddled together. I explained to them a new play I wanted to try and instructed the girls to go out on to the field while Greta and I watched.
Greta was the assistant captain and we got along pretty well. We balanced each other out and made sure the other one didn't get too much playing time.
We knew who our best players were, Maddie in the goalie box, Ali and Samantha as defenders, and so on. Soon we had our starting line-up decided and split it up.
She took the starters to work them together. I took our second string. We mixed it up for the last half hour of practice as well. After three hours of soccer, we were done for the day.
"Go Team!" we shouted, our hands together as we ended the practice. It had been a good one and Jayson now sat in his truck waiting for me. His practice had ended five minutes earlier and he watched me as I walked over to him.
"Looks good," he said to me as I got in.
"Thanks, I was worried about that offensive move at the end, but it's alright, you think?"
"Definitely," he smiled.
I leaned over to hug him and he said, "So, where to?"
I paused, "Well, it is Friday so somewhere fun, but first, to my house so I can shower."
"Alright," he said.
Five minutes later I unlocked my front door and ran upstairs. I knew he had clothes too, and would jump in the shower when I was done. Dad and mom had been on vacation this past week, mom having quit the PTA after Emi got to junior high and dad taking a break from farming for a few years. They were, in a sense, "retiring". They had plans to go many places and see many things; right now they were in Washington D.C. to go sight-seeing. Emi was staying with Bella and Mason.
I washed up quickly and wrapped a towel around me. I walked to my room and saw Jayson sitting on my floor, "I'm done," I said. He nodded and got up. Seconds later I heard the water running again.
I slipped on a pair of jean shorts and a purple v neck. I clasped a long, beaded black necklace on my neck and took out my black boots. I pulled my long brownish hair into a ponytail and sat on my bed.
Jayson came out of the bathroom five minutes later shaking his shaggy hair. He was in plaid shorts and a blue tee shirt. His blonde hair was over his eyes and he flipped it out.
"Hey," I said, standing up to kiss him.
He kissed me back, "Hey there,"
I grabbed his upper arms with my hands to pull him closer. We kissed for a long time; his breathing uneven and his hands unpredictable until I pulled away, "Let's go," I said.


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