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Your Heartbeat

Novel By: storyofmylife
Young adult

Lauren and Jayson's story continues...but is it what you expect? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Mar 16, 2009    Reads: 71    Comments: 3    Likes: 1   

It was a perfect morning; the dew was on the green grass and I was wide awake at six in the morning and jogging around our house in my warm-up uniform, waiting anxiously for the day's events.
At six forty-five Jayson pulled up and I hopped in with him. We were all meeting at our school at seven and then the girl's would go to their tournament and the boy's would stay and practice for a bit. They played an hour later than us, but at a different field.
"You excited?" Jayson asked grinning.
I nodded and kissed him.
We pulled into the high school parking lot ten minutes early and he turned off his car. As his hand reached for the handle, I stopped him.
"Come here for a second," I said softly.
He leaned towards me and I whispered in his ear, "For good luck," then I breathed heavily into his ear in a way that made him shiver. My lips slowly moved down to his neck and then up to his lips. His mouth was hungrily on mine and I smiled knowing I had done well.
"Enough now, if you win…there will be more," I teased.
He sighed but smiled, "Is that bribery Miss Lauren?"
"Possibly," I laughed, hopping out of the car.
As I headed towards me team he called after me, "Hey Lauren!"
"Yeah?" I asked, squinting in the sun to see him.
He smiled, "I love you,"
"I love you too" I said, and with that, I jogged off to my team where Greta was leading them in stretches.
"Ladies, are you excited?" I yelled.
A chorus of "yeah's" rang out as I helped Greta lead them in warm-ups. We stretched and did a team meeting. We reviewed our plays and worked on defense, at nine in the morning, we piled into our cars to head to the biggest game of our lives.
Maddie and I rode with Greta. I couldn't contain my excitement and was bouncing all over the car. Even Greta, who normally was the collected one of us two, was singing along with the radio and let us roll down our windows and scream. Needless to say, we were pumped.
The field was freshly painted and the other team was already doing laps around it. The game started at nine forty five and we had a half hour to get totally ready. We did some final stretching before I called them into the huddle.
"This is the biggest game of our lives," I began as the girls circled around me, "We need to give it EVERYTHING. Every ounce of energy you have I want you to put into this game. We didn't make it this far for nothing and neither did the other team, they are going to play hard, and we just need to play harder." I looked around at them, their faces were set in determination and their heads nodded with everything I said. I knew we were ready, I knew it.
Greta jumped in, "When you're on the bench, we still need your energy, yell and scream until you can't talk anymore. We are a team!" With that, everyone put their hands in, on the count of three we all yelled, "TEAM!" and then went to get our water bottles.
Greta and I were in at the beginning of the game, and it was intense. I felt my blood pumping hard as I scored the first goal and the crowd went wild. I heard mom whistle somewhere out there but was too into the game to look. By the end of the first quarter we were up, five to nothing. We took this lead to put our second string in. They played hard and gave it everything they had. After a couple minutes, we put Maddie back in to be goalie. Still, by the end of the second quarter it was five to seven; in our favour. During half time, Greta instructed me to go back in, "You keep them together out there and you know it! They listen to you, plus you are the best player on our team," I eagerly went back onto the field and helped my girl's. I assisted to them four times and made two shots myself. Our defense had never been better and by the end of the third quarter the score was five to thirteen; in our favour.
Now we were getting tired, on the benches we sat, towels dripping with sweat, empty water bottles everywhere. Our breathing was heavy and I wanted to collapse, this had been the most intense day of my life. Still, I stood up, "One more quarter! Give it all you've got, let's not make this a close game, let's blow them away." I said.
I wasn't planning on playing the fourth quarter, I stood on the side and coached with all my might, Greta played well and Maddie only let a few goals by. I was sweating just as much on the sidelines as I was in the actual game. I counted down with the crowd at the five seconds remaining mark and then rushed out to my team to celebrate as the announcer said, "That was one hell of a game, with the end score being seven to fifteen."
I couldn't believe it, we had won. Tears streamed down my face as my teammates picked me up and cheered. Someone poured a pitcher of water on my head and balloons were everywhere. My parents came out and they had never looked so proud, "Lauren, oh honey," mom said, sniffling as she did so. I hugged them both, along with Bella, Mason, and Emi, before I asked, "What time is it?"
Mason looked at his watch and said, "Eleven fifteen,"
"Shoot, I gotta run!" I yelled, making my way across the parking lot. Bella had driven my car here for me and I hopped in and hit the gas. Jayson's game was already halfway through and I didn't want to miss the end of it.


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