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Broken away.

Novel By: Stream
Young adult

When Fether was small she used to talk to shadows. But, when she told her mother, the shadows disappeared. Now that she is away from her parent in a supernatural school to help control her powers, the shadows come back. But...... there one think stopping them from coming to her, she's also an angel.... View table of contents...


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Fether (P.O.V)

I wake up, when my senses pick up movement. I open one eye and stare up at the ceiling, those annoying garden birds screaming stuff at the top off their tiny lungs - in bird language. The movement is much more faster and closer. I sigh, regretting going to my friend Lisa's party last night, I think I drank too much human booze there. My body feels stiff and my fangs hurt like hell. I sigh even harder. I shift as much as I can, but with my best guy friend, Jordan sleeping next to me on my arm, and my other best friend, Skye sleeping on our feet, it hurts.

"Mum!!" I shout

"I'm right here sweety, what's wrong?" I hear the kindest woman in the world say.

"I can't move!" I whine.

"Sorry love, I can't do anything about that."

"Ugh, I wish my wings were fully grown, so I could fly out off bed instead of calling for your help, mum. Cause I'm 17 now, and it's getting a bit embarrassing!" I shout.

"Sweety, I'm right here, don't need to shout," she said softly.

"Hey, what are you doing in my room?" I ask curiously.

"I'm packing your stuff lovely!"

That's when i jumped up, I pull my legs and my arm sending Jordan and Skye flying up and making them fall on their butts, waking them up, they started whining but in thirty seconds Skye falls asleep. I kick the sheets away from me but it got tangled around on my legs, I role over to my side then i realize that i was sleeping on the edge, I fall of the bed, but i accidently fall on top off my other best friend, Seth, I jam my knee in between his legs, right in the nuts.

"OW! Right in the nuts!!" he shrieked in pain, out off breath.

"Oh my gosh! I am so sorry! Oh my... Don't worry Seth, I'll get help... MUM!" I shout.

"what's wrong sweety?" Mum says coming out of my walk in cupboard. I help Seth sit on the bed.

"Mum...quick! I've hurt Seth... oh... please! Call the Ambulance!! Mum quick...." I start panicking, but Mum laughs and Seth gives a weak smile.

"Sweety, your friend will be fine, just a pain with a shock." Mum smiles. I look at Seth he smiles showing a beautiful set off white teeth, then he winks. Now I feel really stupid.

"Mrs Drake, do you have any blood?" Jordan asked, running his hand through his dark beautiful hair.

Mum smiles "sure i do, I'll be back in a sec" mum goes out off my room.

"Why d'you need blood?" I ask him. He smiles.

"who d'you think bites you every night?" Jordan asks.

"But i though mum..."

"...no sweety-pie I don't bite you, your dear friend does." Mum interrupts, coming back with a water bottle filled with nice fresh human blood, mum probably took it from dad, or from Mave - my human maid. She kindly handed it to Jordan and then walked back to my walk in cupboard, and took out all of my two piece swim suits. I watched for a moment.

"Mum why are you packing my stuff?" I asked, as puzzled as Seth.

"Sweety" she started, then she sighed, " the vampire royal family want you to be a fully grown vampire and a fully grown angel, how they know all this because we are the second most powerful family you know that, so you are going to a Vampire Element School, they want you to learn whatever vampire element you posses, and then you'll have private lessons with someone to learn how to control your angel side- Oh and Damien goes there too."

"Angel side?" Seth and Jordan both asked at the same time. Creepy!

"Oh, you haven't told your friends?" Mum asked

"No, sorry guys, dads not human as you probably thought, he's angel"

"ooh!" "that makes sense, you've got so much strength" Seth said.

"c'mon sweety-pies, Waky! Waky!" mum said sweetly. I stood up not wanting to go.

"But mum, i don't want to leave, It's hard just leaving my friends, and what will i tell the people that don't know our vampire secret? I can't tell humans I'm vampire and angel!"

"I know, sweaty pie, we've contacted all your friends. Now hurry up and get changed, your clothes are in the bathroom!"

"But Mum, it's hard leaving everybody here" I whine

"I know sweaty, your friend Jordan is going with you too, he's got to find his element too!" Mum said as she left the room. I looked at Jordan, he smiled

"That's why I was with you for the last few days" ha says. I jump giving him a hug.

"C'mon! We've got to get to Silverside high!" Jordan said. Silverside high? Huh? Is that the school's name? It's a weird name.

I went to the bathroom, to see that mum picked out the my best clothes ever!! A black crop top shirt with a red metallic rose on it, then some dark jeans shorts, and my fave black high tops. Everything went together like they were made for each other. I took a warm soapy vanilla bath, then when the water got cold, I got out and slipped into the shirt. It showed my small tattoo off angel wings, just on my hip. I blow-dried my hair and then combed it and took out my make-up sets. When i was finished with the make-up I took a one final look at myself in the mirror, and Perfect. I ran downstairs to see Mum and Dad and Jordan already eating breakfast. "Mum? When my friends are done sleeping can you send them home and I'll talk to them whenever i can!" I said. Mum's in the kitchen so i couldn't hear her properly but i knew she would do it.

"Morning Fether!" Dad says. He smiles.

"Morning Dad!" I smile back then I start eating my cereal.

Then he says "Your Mother has already told you about you going." I nod.

"O.k then, Good luck, the Limo is waiting for you and your friend, and there are a few surprises in store for both off you!"

I hug Mum and Dad and i take Jordan's hand and we set off. To our New school.


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