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Amber the lonely one

Novel By: summergurlee
Young adult

Amber is raped one day after school by one of the star football players while his friend held her down. She starts up a habit that follows her around and one of the guys evades her life to change it back to some type of normal again View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jul 23, 2010    Reads: 602    Comments: 11    Likes: 4   

~The Outcast~ Chapter One After School "Hey nerd where are you going?" Clive said walking beside his pal Jeff. They were the star athletes of thefootball team. Two big jerks that picked on nerds of Eastside High. Amber increased her pace with herbooks in her arms not wanting to be under their wrath. They were the only ones left at school. Ambersuddenly wished she had not stayed after school to finish her art work that were going to be props for theschool play The Salem Witch Trials that was going to be thrown this year. "Hey Clive I guess she does not have any manners maybe we should teach her.""Yeah I think we should" Both boys took off after Amber who started running towards her car in the parking lot. She didn't make it tofar when Clive tackled her from behind. She smelled the stench of weed on him that caused her to turn herhead in disgust. "Get off of me. What the hell is your problem?" she said kicking and slapping him."Crazy bitch." Clive said pulling her up off the ground restraining her arms and putting a hand over hermouth."Take her over to my van. Hurry up before someone passes by and sees us."Amber tried to get from under Clive's grip she screamed in his hand for him to let her go. Clive and Jeffmade their way over to a van parked under a tree by the practice football field parking lot. Jeff opened thedoors while Clive climbed into the back with Amber he soon followed locking the door behind him.Clive threw her on the floor and climbed on top."Get off of me. I did not do anything to you guys. P-please just let me go.""You didn't do anything. You were rude to us back there. Now we have to teach you a lesson." Cliff beginto hold her arms down with one hand as he went for his zipper. Amber realized what he was doing andbegin to try and break free. "Don't. Please I am sorry ok. Please just let me go. I promise I wont tell anyone." she sobbed her pleas."Shut the fuck up bitch. Hey man hand me a condom." Clive told Jeff. Jeff climbed back into the front tograb a condom out of the glove compartment . "No please. I am begging you. I will do anything. Please I am saving my self for when I get married.""Aw. You hear that how sweet. You should have thought about that. Jeff hold this bitch down while I getthis rubber on." Jeff got behind her and held her by her arms with a hand over her mouth to cut out the noise of her screams.Clive had the condom on in no time. He forced her pants and thong down her legs and pulled themcompletely off. He pulled her shirt up above her breasts and ripped off her bra."MMM. Nice tits. You don't look half that bad. Maybe after this you can be with the in crowd." he said ashe got closer to her opening with his dick in hand. He rubbed his hard dick against her clit Amber struggledtrying her hardest to get away. He smiled down at her grabbing her legs and forced his way in. Shescreamed against Jeff's hand with tears falling down her face. The pain was so unbearable she just wanted itto be over closing her eyes not wanting to look at the monster on top of her. "Damn she is tight." Clive said looking down at her. It felt like hours before he finally came. He collapsedon top of her kissing her on the neck and sucking on it. He rotated his semi hard manhood inside of her. Shethought for a second he was going to trust into her again when his cell started to ring. He got off of Amberand went over to his pants to retrieve it. "Oh shit it's Macy I forgot she invited me to dinner with her parents. Dude I got to get the fuck out of here.You got this right." He said as he yanked on his pants with the condom still on him."Yeah man. Do what you got to do. You better go home and clean up first you got blood all over yourdick." "All right later man." Clive jumped into the front seat and opened the door to head over to his car. Jeff let loose his grip on Amber and removed his hand from around his mouth."Get your clothes back on." He said as he stood up and leaned back against the Van's wall.Amber silently got up off the van's floor and put her clothes back except for the bra that was now ripped.She saw the blood between her legs and on the floor. She felt dirty like a slut how can she ever live with herself she let this happen.She shouted in her head this was all her fault that her innocence was taken awayfrom her. Jeff opened the back door and motioned for her to follow. Amber jumped down on the groundand waited for him to jump down. He closed the door behind him and grabbed her by her arm taking herback in the direction of her car. She left herself be lead back to her car she begin to wonder why he didn'trape her just like Clive had done."Now you wont tell anyone what happened. Do you understand me?" He stopped where her books lay onthe ground picking them up along with her car keys.She nodded not saying her word. He smiled and released his grip and handed her the books."I mean it Amber." he said looking at her name that was written along her English journal."I wont just let me go please." she said in a whisper with her head down looking at the ground. "Okay. You know you do look cute. It 's a shame I never noticed you before." he said tucking a hair strandbehind her ear. He walked off but not before he said see you tomorrow at school.


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