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The Beast Loves Me

Novel By: summergurlee
Young adult

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Chapter One Babie Marie Hudson was the kindest person you would ever met. On her good days she was sweet as an orange and on her bad days you better walk in the other dicretion. Her bad days were when she had to go looking for her father Harry Hudson, a ex heavy gambler. He would be lost admist the casinos, illeagal dog fights,under ground street fights, and plain old track races. He had this idea stuck in his head that he could win it all and the day that he did their lives would change for the better. Now was a different time Babie's father had gotten help for his addition. The family became stable again and the paycheck wasn't going out the door anymore. Babie still feared that one day her father would get the itch to gamble again. She felt it in her bones and the day he gave into that itch there would be bringing him back unless he did finally win that win of all wins that only true gamblers dreamed of. She prayed everynight that the day would never come. Babie was five foot seven, with a lovely light mahogany skin tone that seemed to glow, beauitful light brown eyes, a face and figure to die for, along with a smile that could melt ice around a cold persons heart. She had just reached her eighteenth birthday a month ago and was on her way to finishing high school. She lived with her seven year old brother and father in the house that her mother grew up in as a young girl. Babie's grandparents left the home to her and her little brother . They passed away three years again. Her mother had died long before her grandparents. She died giving birth to her brother . Poor Babie was only eleven at the time. She cried that day in joy and saddness. In joy because she finally got a sibling and saddness because she lost her best friend. Babie wished more then anything that her mother would have lived but when it is your time to go you can't disagree. Babie was sitting down at the kitchen table.looking at a pamphlet that was given to her father from a school representive . It was a pamphlet from a private school in London for young kids with music, dancing , and art talent. Only the best of the best were allowed into the school and Chris was one of those kids. The school wanted Chris because he had talent. He was an extremly good artist. He loved to draw and paint all day long. Their father sat next to Babie wanting to know what she thought about sending Chris to the school. "So what do you think?" Her father asked her as he sipped his coffee. "It seems like a really good school.Everyone who has went to this school is very successful. Chris would fit right in. Is this where he wants to go?" Babie asked as she passed the pamphlet back to her father. "Yea. He freaked out when he found out they wanted him. He has wanted to go their for a long time." Her father said as he picked up the pamphlet to look it over. "He didn't tell me that." Babie said as she snapped her up to look at her father. "Babie you can't expect the boy to tell you everything." He said as he leaned back in his chair. Her father knew that she and Chris were tied at the hip. Chris looked up to her and she adored him. They didn't agrue and bricker like other brothers and sisters or get on each others nerves. They seemed to have a bond and understanding of one another. "I know but still. He could have told me." she said. "Woman its a man thing. He aint got to tell you everyting." "Dad that sounds ridiculous. " "Maybe it is and then maybe it aint. So you think we should let him go?" "Yes. I mean if this is a place he wants to go." Babie said. "Good then he is going." Her said as he clapped his hands together. "But dad there is no way we have enough money to spend Chris to that school." Babie said sadly. She wished they did but they just didn't. She knew Chris was going to be crushed to learn that he can't go. "I know babygirl." He said with a nod. "Dad I can get a job. Somewhere close that I can walk to and save so-" She was cut off by her father. "No you got college you need to worry about." Not for another four months. I still have to graudate from high school which we already know I am passing all my classes. I have all a's. I can take on a job." "And which you wont have if you get a job. You can't do both without one interferring with the other one. I know because I was in that boat. Had no choice but to drop one or the other. It was the school that went. Your mother couldn't work she was carrying you." Her dad said. "Dad trust me I can handle a job and school. What about part time?" She pleaded. "Babie I said no." He said firmly. She knew that tone, when he used it, it meant that it was the end of that converstation and it was time to drop it. "Okay. I guess I will tell Chris that he can't go."Babie said. "No. He is going just give me some time to think about it. I am going to work it out." "Work what out?" Chris said as he made his way into the kitchen. He was returning from his friend Robert Kutchers house. "You leaving your old man to go to the London Arts Academy of the gifted." Her dad said with a huge smile on his face. "Dad really?" Chris said as he jumped up and down in excitment. "Yea really." their dad said. "Dad." Babie said in frustration. She wished he hadn't told Chris that because they didn't even have the money yet. "Babie." Her dad said mockingly as he smiled at his son. "I better go start dinner." Babie said as she got up from the table. "Babie did you hear that. I am going to school in Europe. I am the happiest kid alive right now." Chris said as he did a happy dance. "I know and I am so happy right now for you." Babie said cheerfully. "Thanks Bee." Chris said calling her by her nickname."Hey dad is it alright If I spend the night with Robert. His mom said it was okay I just had to ask you." "Yeah go ahead." "Cool. Peace out." Chris said. He ran to him room to pack an overnight bag. Babie went around the kitchen banging stuff around. She was mad right now. "Are you mad at me ?" Her dad whispered. "Of course I am. I will get over it. You could have waited to tell him that until we had the money." Babie whispered back. She didn't want Chris to hear what they were talking about. "I told you don't worry about it." Harry said. "See you guys tomorrow." Chris shouted as he ran out of the house. "Love you." Babie and her dad said at the same time. "You too." Chris shouted outside. "You saw how happy your brother was. What harm could have been done? Besides I will have the money." "Dad but still you shouldn't have told him that when we don't even have the money yet. The applicantion is six hundred dollors plus five thousand for the room for the rest of the year on top of that two thousand for food. Seven thousand dollars is a lot of money. "Babie I told you I will get the money." "If you are thinking about getting the money the way I think you are I swear to you I will move out." Babie said. "Babie, I told you I am done gambling. Just trust me. I will be back later don't wait up for me." Her dad said as he got up from his seat. He was lying. He had every intention of gambling tonight. He wanted his son to go to that school and have a chance at becoming a well known painter. Every person that attended this school were famous and very wealthy. He wanted that for his son. It was a good investment he was willing to make. So he was going to acomphish that by doing a little bit of gambling. First he had to get his hands on some money. He heard of this guy that made loans. He was going to check it out. He had a plan and tonight he was going to return home with money for the school. _________________________ Mack Manganiello sat in vip at the hottest nightclub in town, club Spicy; his club. It was dark in the vip area just the way he liked it. No could see him but he could see everyone else. It wasn't because dance lights flashed all over the place it was due to his werewolf eyes. Mack was a thirty two year old wolf. He was one mean son of a bitch. Besides him being a mean son of a bitch he was dangerously sexy too damn sexy. He was five foot nine, two hundred and twenty pounds along with muscles that weren't bulging insanely but just enough, jett black hair that was perfectly cut to go along with his trimmed mustach. Staight white teeth and a smile that was hellva killer. Mack Manganiello was the alpha of his pack. He was a good leader. He took upon the role when his father stepped down seven months ago. Mack knew the day was coming when he would be alpha but he wasn't expecting it any time soon. Nonetheless he took over. If anything was to happen to him his bother Lonzo was next in line to take the role of being alpha and Lonzo made it clear several times to Mack he better watch his ass because the role of aphla wasn't for Lonzo. Lonzo didn't want that much responsibility on his shoulders. A waitress came up to the vip area and asked Mack if she could get him something to drink. "No but maybe later, you and I cou-" He stop in midsentence as he felt the atmosphere in the club change. His green eyes went to the left room of the club as one of his pack members pushed through the crowd to come towards him. "We could what Mr.Manganiello?" The waitress said breathing hard. "Leave." He said not taking his eyes off his beta. "Sure my place or yours?" The girl said excitedly. "No I meant you leave as in get the hell out my sight." He told her. "Jackass." The waitress mumbled under her breath as she walked away. Mack merely laughed at what she said. "What is it Kane?" Mack asked when the big tall guy stopped in front of him. "We have a problem." Kane said looking like he didn't like what he was was about to tell his aphla. "What kind of problem?" Mack said as he turned his attention over to the waitress who was now running off at the mouth to her co-workers about how he was an asshole. Mack chuckled and made a note to himself to fire her tomorrow. "Lonzo loaned out some money and the guy was asking for more after he lost it all." Kane said. "So?" Mack said as he lifted an eyebrow. "The guy only had the money for a good fifteen minutes what Lonzo already gave him." "And?" "Lonzo pushed the guy and told me to get lost." "Anymore?" "He went away but a ten minutes ago we found Lonzo on the ground bleeding from the head and all the money he had gone. Lonzo didn't see his attacker but he believes it was the same guy from earlier. "How much did he get?" Mack growled get. "Sixety thousand." Kane said really fast. "What is this mans name?" Mack said as he cracked his knuckles. Mack didn't really care about the money it was his brother he was concerned about. "According to Lonzo his name is Harry Hudson. We have his scent boss." "Good. Let's go. I am going to beat the brakes off of this Harry Hudson. No one steals from us and attacks my brother. By the way where the hell is Lonzo?" "He is home. His wife his tending to him." "Good old Sarah." Mack said referring to his bothers mate. Come lets go. Take me to this Harry Hudson." Joe said as he got up out of his seat. He had plans to make this Harry Hudson pay and he would with his body parts. _____________________ Harry Hudson looked behind him he had the feeling that he was being followed. He saw no one. He ran up the last few steps to his home. He took out his key and unlocked his door. He opened the door and walked in. "Mr. Hudson." A voice growled behind him. He was half way inside and half outside. "Who wants to know?" Harry said in fear. "I do. By the way no one mess's with my family and gets away with it." was all Mack said before he threw a punch that sent Harry flying into the house. "Boss we need to do this quitely." Kane said as he followed Mack into the house. "Shut up Kane." Mack growled out low. "Listen I don't know what you are talking about." Harry said as he stumbled to get to his feet. "Oh no. Let me refresh your memory." Mack said as he rushed the little distance.between him and Harry. Mack grabbed him by the throat and slammed him down onto the coffee table. The table broke from the force of the body thrown down on top of it. "Please I don't know. What do you want from me?" Harry groaned in pain as he rolled away and tried to get up. "You know what you did." Mack said as he grabbed Harry by his foot and yanked him back. Mack pulled Harry up so that he was standing up. "I swear I didn't do anything." Harry screamed as Mack landed a punch that brought Harry to his knees. "Dad. What are you doing?" Babie said sleepy eyed as she walked into the living-room. She flipped on the light switch. Mack turned around to her see a woman standing there in a angry birds t-shirt and pajama shorts. "Get out of here Babie. Run now." Harry moaned out to her. "What the hell?" Babie said as her eyes adjusted to the scene before her. Her father was on the ground bleeding and two giants where standing there in their living room. "Run." Her father said louder. Babie turned around and took off running for the back door. "Kane. Get her." Mack told Kane telepathically. Kane took off after Babie in.unhuman speed. Harry had to blink several.times but he figured it was from the pounding he was getting from the guy was kicking his ass. "He-" Babie started to scream when huge a hand went a around her mouth while she was yanked backwards. She barely made it past the steps. The person kept a hand over her mouth as he carried her back into the house with his arm wrapped around her waist. Babie tried to get out of the steele like grip that was around her wasit. She was carried back into the living where her father was on his knees bleeding from his nose and mouth. "Look, let her go. It's all about the money right look I thought I could flip it and I lost it all but I am going to pay it all back I promise." Harry pleaded. "Daddddd." Babie screamed against the hand. She should have known that he was going to sink back to that level again. She should have stopped him from leaving. "You are right about that you are going to pay it all back. Every single dime plus interest for all the trouble you caused. Take the girl to my place Kane." Mack said. "Okay boss." Kane said puzzled a little as to why he was taking this girl to his home. No human had ever stepped feet on their property that was hidden in the desert expect for the businesses that they had all around town in Las Vegas. Nonetheless Kane obeyed his alpha." "Wait. Don't you can't take my child. She wasn't the who borrowed the money I was." Harry said as he got up and tried to push his way past Mack. Mack held him back. "You hurt someone I love and now I am going to hurt someone you love." Mack said as he delivered a blow that knocked Harry unconscious. Harry was about to say he didn't before the darkness quickly consumed him.


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