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Getting Reunited

Novel By: Svickroy
Young adult

The last few years has been hard on Maddie but after discovering a secret about her dad, her life is about to get way worse. View table of contents...



Submitted:Nov 12, 2010    Reads: 34    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

Chapter 1 I'm writing another letter to her. At this point I don't know if she'll receive it but it's worth a try. I read back the letter in a low whisper. "Dear mom, We hope to hear from you. Things are slow here. You know the usual Gloucester summers. Anyway, Lauren is talking about leaving phoenix for a while, she wants to come back to see dad. We will see what happens. Tell Brian I say hi. Anyway uh call me i guess. Your Daughter, Maddie" The family has been hurting since my mom moved. She and her new husband, Brian moved to L.A. to pursue his music career. I glance to see my digital clock blinking 3:08 A.M. I put on a sweatshirt and sat back down on my dark wooden desk chair. I hear the door slowly shut and click closed. This means one thing, my sister is home. I hear her footsteps. I shut down everything on my laptop as soon as I can. The steps stop. I look up, she's standing there biting her lip. "Hey, you're still up?" Caroline said. "Yeah, why?" I said in an almost threatening tone. "Nothing, I just wasn't expecting you up. That's all." She muttered. "Oh, well I am, I just sent a letter to mom maybe shell actually-" "C'mon mom doesn't care anymore. Can't you just accept it already!" Caroline turned and began to walk away. I called after her "She'll change! Just watch!" I don't know if this is true. My mom has never been keen on new changes unless it helped her. I put the laptop on the desk and walk into the bathroom. Caroline had her pissed off face on. "Get out now" She said. "No. It will take me a second, I promise." I lied. We both began to brush our teeth. I look at myself in the mirror. My hair is a dark brown, same color as my sisters'. I look at Caroline; we have a resemblance that everyone used to point out. Caroline used to be my best friend. We did all of the usual kid stuff together. Summers were always the best. We used to go sailing, camping, anything we could do together, and we did it. After my parents got a divorce things changed. Lauren moved to Phoenix with her superficial boyfriend. His name is Chris. He claims to be a model, though no one really believes him. Caroline wasn't the same after she came back from camp last summer. She used to be fun. We would always watch movies. Now she is always out and never likes to laugh. I spit, rinse my mouth, and wash my face. I look at Caroline in the mirror. She looks sad. "Hey, good night." I say with a smile. "Night Mads." She said without changing her expression. I walk out of the bathroom. On my way back to my room I noticed my dad's light was on. I walked to his room and peeked in. He is sitting on the bed in pajama pants and a white cotton t-shirt. His eyes are red and wet. He has been crying. "Dad?" I said. "Hey pal. Come here let's talk" He said as he looked up to see my confused expression. "Okay" I walk over to the bed. My body is stiff. "So, what's going on?" He said with an attempt to be somewhat cheerful "Nothing dad. Why were you crying?" "Well," There was a long pause. "Yeah?" I encouraged "Well, Maddie, I went to the doctor's today." "And?" I said in a soft voice. "They found something... I have another appointment on Thursday. "He began to go into a rant. "Dad, what is it?" I said a little irritated. "Mad, I have lung cancer." My face became hot, my eyes became swollen and my throat started to choke up. I could feel wet tears start to stream down my face. "Maddie, just listen to me. It's okay, It can be cured." He started to talk quickly. I ran out sobbing. Caroline was standing there. Her eyes were red and her face was blank. I continued torush to my room. I heard Caroline's voice faintly in the background. "Dad. I can't believe you ever started smoking. You should have listened to mom." She said sharply. It made me wince. I closed my eyes and drifted off into a deep, thoughtless sleep.


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