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Sequel to Poseidon. (-cheering sounds-) :D

Um...Okay, let's see if I can sum this up...
Rachel and Chase are over, school ends, and then Rachel gets a job lifeguarding, and Rachel learns one of Chase's biggest secrets...
I guess that sounds good. :] View table of contents...


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Rachel picked up her cell phone, half-dialing Chase's number before remembering. She sighed and snapped her phone shut, wishing Tuesday night hadn't happened. Opening her phone again, she dialed Olivia's number. She still didn't know what had happened.
"Hey, I thought you were going out with Chase today…?" Olivia answered the phone.
"Hello to you too." Rachel said.
"I said 'hey,'" Olivia protested. "Now why aren't you out with Chase?"
"About that…"
"Oh my God, what did he do? I'm gonna come over there and kick his…"
"He didn't do anything!" Rachel cut her off quickly, not sure why she was being so defensive of him.
"Then why aren't you out with him? Did he stand you up? That…"
"No! Stop guessing!" Rachel said, laughing a little. "We're…"
"Getting married? I'm a bridesmaid, right?"
"Um…yeah, when I find my husband, I'll let you know."
"Okay. Just remember Kyle is mine." Olivia said. She'd been madly in love with the Forever The Sickest Kids drummer since she'd first seen a picture of him.
"I'll keep that in mind. But isn't he a little old for you anyway?" Rachel picked up her blind dog Ginger and put her in the middle of the bed. Ginger sniffed around for a second, probably looking for food like always, then rolled around, leaving fur all over the place.
"He's only like, 23, 24."
"And you're 16." Rachel pointed out, picking some of Ginger's fur off of her bedspread. I swear, that dog, we could make a rug out of the fur it leaves on here. Rachel giggled to herself as she imagined sewing her min pin's hair into a rug.
"That's only 7 to 8 years!" Olivia protested, luckily missing the laughing. Rachel was silent. "Okay, okay. But if he shows up at my house and asks me to marry him, I'm not saying no!"Olivia clarified.
"I wouldn't either." Rachel laughed.
"No, you would tell him no, and then you'd send him to my house." Olivia demanded.
"And his hair is white, do you think he uses enough bleach on it?" Ginger snapped into a sitting position and stared blindly at Rachel.
"It's perfect, shut up!"
"Okay, okay." Rachel surrendered, laughing.
"And remember, he's mine. So anyway, where are you and Chase getting married?"
"Oh, I guess it's too far away to know that yet. Do youknow when? Next fall would be nice…"
"Olivia, I'm not marrying him!" Rachel yelled finally. Ginger took a flying leap off the bed, landed it, and skidded out of the room."We're not even talking to each other anymore!" Rachel continued, and heard something that sounded like a phone being dropped.
"You're…what?" Olivia gasped a second or two later.
"Um…me and Chase aren't talking to each other…"
"We're over." Rachel said. "I…we broke up Tuesday."
"And it's now Friday and you didn't tell me till now?"
"Does Kristen know?"
"She's in Alaska, remember? I haven't talked to her since she left."
"Oh. Right. Well…it sounds like your week sorta sucked."
"Just a bit."
"I'm sorry. Do you want Kyle, I'll find someone else. You know, Elliott from Hey Monday was always…"
"No, Elliott's mine. As is Jersey." Rachel said. "You know that."
"Ah, I see you move on quickly."
"Nah, I'm just…Chase isn't…wasn't worth it." Rachel said.
"Are you okay?" Olivia asked. Rachel was very surprised with herself, she hadn't cried at all. Well, ok, maybe both nights since they'd broken up, she'd cried herself to sleep. And the bus ride had seemed a lot longer. And there was one less person to talk to in the hallway between classes. And…
"Yep." Rachel lied. "I'm fine." Ginger came back into Rachel's room, sniffed around, then jumped onto the bed. Rachel was always surprised the dog made it every time, instead of just crashing into the bed and falling back to the floor.
"I'm coming over." Olivia announced.
"I'm…what if I'm busy?"
"It's Friday night. If you were doing something, you'd be there already."
Ten minutes later, Olivia was pounding on the door and ringing the doorbell at the same time.
"I'm coming, I'm COMING!" Rachel yelled. "Geez, a little patience there." She said as she opened the door.
"Bah, patience, what's that? Ginger!" Olivia yelled, almost trampling Rachel as she ran for the blind dog. Ginger barked, obviously confused as to who was causing all this noise, and ran out of the room.
"Hi, Olivia!" Rachel's mom called from the other side of the house.
"Hi Mom!" Olivia called, then turned to Rachel. "I can't believe you didn't tell me!"
"I…there's nothing to tell!"
"Well, now there isn't!"
"I'm gonna go kick his…"
"Leave the boy alone." Rachel rolled her eyes.
" Why won't you go let me yell at him?" Olivia pleaded, obviously desperate to make the boy who had broken up with her best friend miserable.
"Because you don't need to." Rachel said quickly.
"Don't make me call Kristen." Olivia threatened.
"Don't you dare call Kristen." Rachel sort of almost would've rather have told Kristen first, for some reason, maybe because she wouldn't have given her a chance to think about someone going over there and yelling at Chase. It just would've happened.
"I'm gonna call Kristen and tell her, and she'll come back from Alaska and we'll go kill Chase together!"
"OLIVIA!" Rachel yelled. Ginger ran out of the room, which, of course, attracted Rachel's little sister, Melissa.
"Stop SCREAMING!" She yelled, then screamed. No words, even, just noise.
"Mommmmmmmmm!" Rachel yelled. Olivia grabbed Rachel's hand and dragged her out of the room.
"We're going for a walk."
"Oh, you're funny." Rachel said flatly, dragging her hand out of Olivia's.
"No, I'm serious. We have an ex-boyfriend to set straight."
"What if I broke up with him?" Rachel asked. Olivia froze, obviously not having considered this option at all. Ginger wandered into the room, sniffed a little, then turned and left.
"Di…did you break up with him?" Olivia asked finally. "No, don't answer that. We're going to go talk this out with him."
"You know, I don't know who this 'we' is, but I will not be in attendance." Rachel said. "I…don't feel good."
"BS, you're…"
"BS is a card game." Rachel cut her off quickly. "We should play, I'm really good at it."
"As I was saying," Olivia continued, "we're going to go talk to Chase, and we're gonna work this out, and you two will be back together by midnight tomorrow."
"Or what?"
"Or…you'll get turned into a pumpkin."
"Can I just turn into a pumpkin now?" Rachel asked hopefully, willing to do pretty much anything to get out of going to talk to her ex.
"I guess if you want," Olivia sighed like this was some big inconvenience to her, "But then me and your pumpkin-lookalike-self are going over to Chase's."
"There's just no winning with you, is there?" Rachel sighed.
"Nope, none, never. Now tell your mom we're going for a walk."
"You're so bossy, I wish you were in Alaska." Rachel sighed, sitting down on the couch and flipping on the TV. "I wonder if anything good's on…" She muttered, trying to change the subject.
"Doesn't matter." Olivia said as Rachel found Ocean's 11 playing.
"No, no it doesn't." Rachel quickly turned off the TV, now trying twice ashard to shut Tuesday out of her head. "Let's go play HORSE."
"Aren't all your basketballs flat?"
"I'm sure we could use a soccer ball or something."
"I refuse to play basketball with a soccer ball." Olivia said. "We're going to Chase's."

"Get. Your. Shoes. On." Olivia had the pissed-off-mom voice down pat. Rachel made one last desperate attempt to talk Olivia out of it, then sighed again and put her shoes on.

a/n-- Firstly,this is the sequel to Poseidon, so if any of this is kind of confusing, try reading Poseidon first (it's fairly sort of short) and then re-reading this. Secondly, this is for a challenge, so if you wanna do me a favor and see that blue button below this note that says 'I like' ? Yeah, go click that. And leave comments. Thank you :]


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