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The Moonstone (The Vampire Savior #1)

Novel By: takethatfan19
Young adult

The prophecy has been foretold …
Their destiny has been written …
Their fate has been sealed …

Vampire twin sisters are separated at birth by their protectors, Archer and Maria, when the Lady Cassandra attacks their homeland of Fortunia and kills the twins' parents through a war that is going on.

They survived because one twin is evil and one twin is good and together, their powers destroyed the Lady Cassandra.

For their protection, Archer and Isabella fled Fortunia and hide the twins safely in Earth.

Dawn (Eponine) grew up in an upper-class family and became a spoiled arrogant brat. She wears a sun amulet, and is the evil twin and the one who is foretold to take over as Vampire Queen of Fortunia when she finally comes of legal age.

Eve (Cosette), is a lone wolf who grew up in a orphanage and is treated like a servant. She wears a moon amulet and is the Savior, the one who will break the terrible curse of the vampires.

On her 16th birthday, Eve is plunged into this strange new world, and she finds out, there's more to being a vampire than crucifixes and coffins.

She has no knowledge of her turning, only two bite marks on her neck and a brand new thirst for blood.

Eve must scramble to make sense of the new world around her - so similar to a human high school, yet so incredibly different. There are all sorts of strange rituals and skills to learn. There are bullies to fend off, and boys to fall for. And there is the Darkness to watch out for.

Follow Eve as she learns the ropes and slowly realizes that, in vampire society, not everything is as it seems. View table of contents...



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The darkness raged across the land of Fortunia. The twin daughters of the sun and moon where born on Halloween. And so was a new hope. The prophecy says that only the twin vampires can restore Fortunia. But can they escape the Darkness on the day of birth?

Fortunia was in a period of great celebration. Daily parades marched through the village streets, every home and shop was decorated in colorful banners and wreaths, and handfuls of flower petals were thrown and floated through the air. Each citizen smiled, proud of what was recently accomplished. King Aaron and his beautiful Queen where celebrating the soon to be birth of their first born child.

A week's worth of celebrations concluded in the great hall of King Aaron and Queen Eva's glistening castle. It was so crowded the entire kingdom seemed to be there; many had to stand or sit on windowsills. The queen herself; her husband, King Aaron; and their royal advisor sat at a high table overlooking the festivities. Aaron was the definition of dashing. He had a mesmerizing smile and thick, wavy hair under a large, golden crown.The unborn child Eva was carrying must have been kicking from all the excitement. Eva appeared to have some discomfort, and had been rubbing her belly and shifting in her seat for some time. She eventually whispered something into Aaron's ear. Aaron took his wife's hand and carefully helped her back up the grand staircase.

In her chamber, Eva changed into her nightgown and slipped into bed. When Aaron joined her later, he couldn't help but smile at the sight of his wife peacefully sleeping. As he left the bedroom, he heard Eva scream and he ran in to see a hooded figure standing over his wife. The figure slammed him into the wall and ripped his heart out of his chest and crushed his heart, falling to the floor.

The King was dead.

The door burst open and the royal advisor ran into the room, followed by a dozen suited guards. They surrounded the bed, before Eva knew it, the guards lifted her out of the bed and onto her feet. They quickly escorted her to the door. They rushed down a spiral staircase to the lower levels of the castle. She grabbed her stomach, yelling in pain. The babies where coming - now!

Although she was in labour, Eva was more beautiful than anyone had ever expected. Her hair was black and styled up behind a crystal tiara. She wore a long, turquoise gown flowed down around her, accentuating her pregnant belly. As they moved her into another bedroom, the servants quickly dressed her in a white gown and placed her onto the bed. Nurses ran in and out of the room and the doors opened, creaking terribly, and two people entered the hall. The man was tall, broad, and handsome. He wore a variety of animal skins. A crossbow was attached to his back, and a large hunting knife hung from his waist. He was Archer. The woman at his side was tall and thin with hair so dark red, it seemed to have a violet tint. Her eyes were bright green and her clothing was made entirely of plants and leaves and other greenery. That was Maria.

As the Queen was about to give birth, everybody then turned their attention to the sounds of screqaming and crashing coming from the main door. At least a dozen soldiers ran around the castle preparing for war and Queen Eva had never felt so helpless in her life. There was nothing she could do to help them. All she could do was lie on the bed. Ever since King Aaron took the throne, his sister The Dark Lady Cassandra tried to attack the castle. The child's birth was a big concern to her, for she was preparing to take her brother's kingdom, by means of the Darkness. Consumed by hatred for Aaron and his family, she sold her soul for the power to destroy. But had long been foretold by The Wise Woman that the child would be her undoing and that Eva and Aaron's child would be the saviour. Just as the Queen was just about to give birth, the window flew open and in a puff of red smoke, an old woman stood in the middle of the room. The Wise Woman was in the building.

The Wise Woman was the royal midwife and local village gypsy and healer. She was more grotesque than anyone could have imagined.Her skin was wrinkled and pale with a yellowish tint. Her eyes were totally bloodshot and bulged out of her head. She was hunched over and had an enormous hump on her back.Her long gray hair was knotted with feathers, snarls, braids, and small bones. Her skirt, shirt, and vest were drab, but her hands, neck, and ears sparkled with enough jewelry to please a sultan.She was short and wore a brown hooded cloak. Deep wrinkles circled her face, and one of her eyes was squinted. She hopped off her broom and began to get to work.

As the sun set and the moon began to rise, two beautiful baby girls where born. They named them Eve and Dawn. The Wise Woman held one in her hand and she walked over to Queen Eva, who only turned her head away. The rest of the servants all looked at each other as The Wise Woman handed the children to a nurse

'I can't be a mother.' She insisted.

As the twins where placed in the crib and all the The Wise Woman had left, the Dark Lady appeared in Eva's bedroom.

The Dark Lady removed her silk black hood. She was beautiful with her flaming red hair and Emerald green eyes. She looked over to the bedchamber where Queen Eva was now sleeping peacefully and The Dark Lady silently made her way over to the bed and she quickly pulled her heart out of her chest and crushed it to powder. She then turned her attention to the things that was foretold to be her own undoing - the saviors. Baby Dawn was fast asleep, but baby Eve was wide awake and as soon as she saw The Dark Lady , she started crying and it awoke baby Dawn who only stared at her and smiled. Then it occured to her : that baby Dawn was the one she had chosen to be her heir to her throne.

Going over to the cradle, a pink shield surrounded the cradle. The Dark Lady spread her hand over it and as soon as her finger touched it, it electrocuted her.

'Ouch! How very clever!' She said taking her hand back and looking at her broken nails. She tried again and this time with both hands. But the power of the saviors was too strong for her . Then she reached into her pocket and took out a small potion bottle, taking the lid off with her teeth and spitting out onto the floor, she threw the bottle onto the shield and it bounced right back and hit her right in the middle of the chest and all that was left of her was a pile of ashes on the floor and a tiara.

The Dark Lady was gone!

Upon returning to Queen Eva's bedchamber, it was ordered that Cassandra's remains where gathered and sent away from the palace and Maria was tasked of watching the twins as Queen Eva's body was to buried beside her husband in the Karnstein family vault. As the servants left the castle, running for their lives.

Later that night, the Vampire High Council held a secret meeting in the throne room, with Archer, the children's keeper observing in the shadows. This meeting was to change the children's entire future.

The Grand High Vampire's right hand man Malik was in charge of the meeting " I sent an army into the town. The servants are a buzz with the Dark Ladies plan. Her followers are coming to avenge their queens death. We must fight;

"There is no point. The future is written,' said another vampire as the others agreed with him,'She will return and when she does, those girls will be in terrible danger. It is what the gypsy girl prophesied to us. I say we must separate those two girls' He said slamming his fist down onto the table.

The council began to squabble. Their capes of red flying all over the room. As they discussed the future of the twins, thunder and lightning shook the sky . The hooded figure that sat at the other end of the table stood up, she removed her hood, to reveal The Wise Woman. 'They are coming. We must decided now.' She announced as read the ancient scrolls that where spread out on the conference table. The rest of the council members all nodded in agreement as The Wise Woman handed them a scroll.

"Cassandra will surely kill the girls and all who try to protect them. Now, are we all in agreement as to what must be done?,' He asked the council as they all nodded in agreement, 'Now it is my unpleasant duty to tell The Grand High Vampire .' Malik said as he got up from the council meeting and headed to the throne room to talk The Grand High Vampire , who was sitting on his golden throne.

The Grand High Vampire, Elessar was no longer wearing his royal clothes, but a grey cloak on top of his clothes. His golden crown on top of his grey hair.

As soon as he saw him, Malik bowed as he approached the throne room and throne "The Council has reached its decision. The children can no longer stay in Fortunia. They must leave at once.' He informed him.

It took a moment for The Grand High Vampire to take the news in. Then he turned his attention to Malik.

' Leave?'

Malik approached the king and he placed a hand on his shoulder. 'I am sorry, Your Highness. There is no other way'

' But-but they are my granddaughters. Surely they are entitled to the protection of the Council?'

'Your Highness, even the strength of the Council is no match for the Dark Lady.' Malik said.

The Grand High Vampire quickly got up from his throne again and he continued to pace up and down 'But the children cannot cannot possibly survive alone in Fortunia. Not without a father and mother's care. '

Archer stepped forward, 'Your Royal Highness, perhaps I can be of help.'

The Grand High Vampire spoke up 'You, Archer ? How?'

'I know a place where they'll be safe.' Archer insisted approaching the council

'So be it. Now there's no time to lose. Good luck.' Assured The Grand High Vampire.

With a nod, Archer ran through the castle until he reached Maria, who was wrapping the children up in their blankets : Eve in white with pink snowflakes and Dawn in white with blue snowflakes. On each other necks was a sun and moon amulet

As they reached the nursery, they could hear the sound of intruders approaching the castle - the Dark Ladie's minions had came for the children!

As Maria held both twins tightly, Archer locked the front door with the key that was attached to a chain that was around his neck and he moved the crib in front of the door and they both looked around for a way to escape. Then stones and arrows that made fireballs came through the stained glass nursery windows. Ducking for cover,Archer took Eve and wrapped her up under his cloak as Maria did with baby Dawn. Then they heard voices and footsteps and the nursery door being kicked in.

It was time for Maria and Archer to depart.

As the pair of them stood in the middle of the nursery, Maria took out a painted picture and she placed on the floor and it opened to revealed a Doctor Who style time portal and Maria jumped through the portal as the minions approached the staircase. Then Archer jumped through the portal after Maria, who landed in a cemetery.

Archer, however was no longer in the royal palace. He was falling into a world of light. He fell farther and farther, faster and faster.

He was dizzy and scared. He screamed out for help but couldn't hear his own voice. Would he ever stop falling? Was he going to die? Was he dead? He wondered if the little princess would ever see her family or home again.He could hear birds chirping and trees blowing in the wind. The noise seemed to get closer and closer, but he just kept falling and falling, not knowing where he was falling to …

"Ouch!" Archer said, hitting the ground. His impact was hard enough to hurt but not hard enough to seriously injure him or the adorable precious little newborn baby girl that was bundled up all safe and sound, that was tucked up safely, and was fast asleep under his cape . Had it not been for the rough landing, he would have thought that him and the baby princess would have been dead for sure.

Archer quickly got to his feet. He was so thankful to have finally stopped falling… but where exactly had he fallen to?He was standing on a dirt path in the middle of a thick forest. The trees were tall and dark with bright green moss covering their trunks. The sun's rays shined through a light mist. Birds squawked from high in the trees and, if he listened closely enough, he could hear a tiny stream in the distance. Archer spun around, looking in all directions. His breathing increased as he took in his new surroundings. Was he overreacting or not reacting enough to what had just happened? And what exactly had just happened? He looked up to see if there was an opening he had fallen through, hoping to see some sort of window into Fortunia, but all he saw were tree branches and the sky above him.

"Where am I?" he asked himself.

Arriving at a play-park, he saw who he was looking for. A family friend. Mr.James Nolan watching his wife on the swing. Mr.Nolan was quite a handsome and strong man. He looked at Eve, who was gazing at him and looking at her, he nodded and walked into the park. He made his way to behind the park bench and he leaned down to speak to him.

He whispered in his ear "We need to talk.'

"Who are you?' He asked as he followed him

Archer removed his hood "Busy, busy, busy.' he said looking around

"What are you doing here Archer?' He asked as he looked around the play-park for his wife, who was sitting on the swing.

The playground was now empty.

"I'm back cousin.I bring a message. It's time. The curse has been activated, the vampires are here.' Archer said holding one arm out for a hug. But Mr.Nolan just stared at him as he walked over to his wife and whispered in her ear. Mrs.Nolan was as thin as a rake and very beautiful with her long dark hair and pale white skin. A perfect and suitable match as a mother for a child, thanks to a maternal instinct.

"Oh no you don't. You made your deal with the devil when you became a vampire. You leave me and my wife out of it.' Mr.Nolan snarled.

Mr.Nolan quickly took his wife's hand and began to walk away from Archer and away from the playpark. "No. The Grand High Vampire himself gave me a task, three tasks for me and my mate to grant.'

Archer followed the two of them as Mr.Nolan escorted his wife back home " Well isn't that nice?' Mrs.Nolan said as they walked back to the council block and they where just about to enter when Archer stood in front of them 'We only have one wish . . . '' Her sentence was cut short by a sound of gurgling and movement coming from Archer's cape.

"To be parents . . . how would you two like to be parents?' He said taking Eve out from under his cape.

"Us?' Mr.Nolan said

He held her out for her to hold 'Eve is for you.'

"Oh you've always been cruel. If it's some kind of terrible trick.' Mrs.Nolan said as soon as they saw the baby

"It's no trick.' said Archer as he was still holding out baby Eve right in front of him, like she was a bomb about to go off. She held her tiny little arms out wanting to be held properly and she began to cry and scream and her little face going red and Mrs.Nolan took Eve in her arms and she immediately stopped crying and she sucked on her moon amulet as she kicked her feet and Mr.Nolan ruffled the back of her hair

"But it will cost us won't it Archer? What are you up to exactly?' said Mrs.Nolan looking at the baby girl in her arms and Mr.Nolan looked at Archer with a strange look on his face. Archer shuffled his feet.

"Nothing? I told you I have an obligation to fulfill. Think of her as a gift.'

"She's ours?' Mr.Nolan asked

'She's yours.' Archer said proudly as Eve looked at him and she gave him an adorable smile as she giggled

Mrs.Nolan looked at Eve who was now staring at her. "If it is true . . . if it's really true. How can we ever thank you enough?' Mrs Nolan asked as baby Eve yawned and stretched her little arms out again.

Baby Eve laughed and smiled at Archer again. He only grinned at her. "There is no need . . . just be happy and enjoy her.' Archer said as Mr and Mrs.Nolan turned their attention to their new baby daughter. They didn't even notice Archer had slipped away quietly and hide as he watched Eve with her new family as they entered their council flat and he saw the family at the balcony showing Eve London.

'Hey Eve. Look at it all. What do we need more? We have each other. Nothing can harm us. Ever again' Mrs.Nolan said kissing her forehead as they entered their flat.

Archer sighed as Maria appeared with Dawn in her arms.

"A wish is a wish. There is an obligation to fufill' She hissed

'They wished for a child and a child they have. ' They then disappeared in a puff of black smoke.

Meanwhile, Archer made his way to the private ward of a hospital with baby Dawn, where he switched her for a vampire man's newborn child. He had sent the telegram and all he had to do was wait. Then a man wearing a black suit arrived and was wearing sunglasses. 'Mister West?' Archer said from the top of the staircase.

Below him Edward turned, his eyes searching upward in the darkness .

'Mr.West. Allow me to introduce myself properly. I am Archer, The King of Fortunia's right hand man and keeper and protector of the royal twins. I was the one that sent you . . . ' The voice said from the shadows

'Yes. I got your telegram. I left as soon as I could.'

Archer had moved into a shaft of light and started to make his way down the stairwell. There was something in his movement ; the silence that surrounded it, that signalled that all was certainly not well. 'She is resting at the moment. But we need to have a little talk Mr.West.' he said as Edward looked up. Archer was at the base of the stairwell now and his eyes met Edward's trying to prepare him, to gentle the blow. There was something in his eyes that told him otherwise and that scared him.

"Something has gone wrong hasn't it? It did not go well," said Edward as soon as he saw the look on Archer's face.

'The child is dead.'

There came an awesome silence in the hallway, the empty tiled corridors seeming to ring with it, as Edward stood completely paralyzed , as though hit by a body blow " It breathed for a moment,' whispered Archer,' then breathed no more.' He said as watched as Edward took the news and began to let it sink in

"My God, she wanted a baby so much. For such a long time. What can I tell her? What will I say?It will destroy her.' whispered Edward

Archer watched, unmoving, as the man before him walked to a bench and sat for a moment, then bowed his head and wept. Throughout the empty tiled corridors the sound of weeping echoed, and Archer waited for his turn to speak, ' "Your wife is safe," he said, " but she will not unable to bear another child. "

In the silence that has engulfed Edward as Archer stepped forward . His features were coarse and composed, the eyes filled with compassion. Only a trickle of perspiration betrayed the tension hidden from within 'You love her very much.,' he said as Edward nodded , unable to speak or say anything.

From the shadows in the darkened corridor, an aged nun appeared, her eyes imploring Archer to join her. They came together whispering for a moment in Italian before she left and Archer turned again to Edward. There was something in his eyes that made Edward stiffen.'You could adopt.'

'She just wanted our own .'

"Then you must accept God's plan."

"God can't save me now.' He admitted

"God works in mysterious ways , Mr. West. " And he held out his hand, Edward rising, compelled to follow .

The maternity ward was three floors up and they took a back stairwell, an avenue little used and lit only with bare bulbs. The ward itself was dark and clean, the smell of babies renewing the scent of loss that throbbed like a hammer deep in Edward's stomach.

Moving to a glass partition, Archer paused, waiting as Edward hesitantly and ever so slowly approached it and he gazed down at what lay on the other side of the glass counter . It was a child. Newborn. A child of angelic perfection. With thick blonde hair tousled above deepest blue eyes it started upward, instinctively finding Edward's eyes. A nurse picked up the baby and walked to the window.

'What is this?' Edward asked

'It's a foundling,' said Archer. "Her mother died as your own child ... in the same hour. " Edward turned to him. "Your wife needs child," Archer continued . " The child needs a mother. "

Edward reluctantly shook his head. " We wanted to have our own , " he said.

'If I may suggest . . . it very much resembles . . . ' Archer suggested as Edward turned his attention back to the baby

Edward looked again,realizing that it was true. The child's coloration was the same as Julia's, the features resembled his own. The jaw was firm and aquiline it even had the unique West cleavage in its chin.

'Your wife need never know. It would be a blessing to her and to the child,' Implored Archer

"It . . . it a healthy child ?" asked Edward on a trembling voice

'Perfect in every way.'

And from Edward's sudden silence, he took it to heart. Edward's hand had suddenly begun to tremble and Thorn began to tremble and Archer took it infusing him with confidence. ' . . . Are there no relatives?'

Archer looked around

Around them the empty corridors hissed with silence a stillness so dense it was assaulting on the ears . " None to speak of. The mother had died, as your own child, in the same moment.' He manipulated

'I am in full authority here,' said Archer.' There will be no record . No one could know.'

Edward just looked away , averting his eyes, desperate with indecision. " Could I . . . see my own child?' he asked .

'What is to be gained? " Implored Archer as he looked around the room . "Give your love to the living. This little one is precious and she needs a mothers care. I have sold two problems. I have used one to fix the other. You need a newborn child for the mother to care for, the mother needs a child to care for. In time she may be queen. It's up to you" Archer insisted as they diverted their attention to the baby, whose eyes where locked on Edward and Edward only as the nurse behind the partition cradled her in her arms. There was something special about the baby that Archer and Edward could not resist

'For the sake of you wife, Master West,God will forgive this delusion . And for the sake of this child who will otherwise have no home . . .'

'You said it could be ours, but . . . ' He began but stopped when Dawn behind a glass partition raised both hands toward Edward, as if she longed for his arms.

His voice faded into silence, because there was no other word necessary to. By look on his face this was a done deal .

'On this night, Mr West, God has given you a daughter.' He said as a black star in the night sky above them come to its top, suddenly exploded and turned into a wild flash of lightning.

And in her hospital bed, Julia West thought that she was awakening naturally, unaware of the injection she had been given just minutes before. Fear gripped consciousness ,as she heard footsteps approaching from the corridor outside . The door swung open and she saw her husband. And in his arms was a child.

" . . . Our baby," Edward said , his voice trembling - exacerbate it. " We finally have a daughter.Here's your girl. "

She held out her arms and took her, her eyes filled with tears of joy and Dawn began to cry."There, there, my pet," Edward sneered at Dawn taking her in his arms. "In time you will be seated on the throne instead of your twin sister - and then we will be free to do our evil in the land without fear!" Edward gazed at the ancient ring on his finger and stroked it with his hand. "When you are old enough to fit this ring, Dawn, it will be time to take you to the castle. With this ring on your finger, you will forever be in power and will do whatever we command." He cackled an evil laugh and poor little Dawn whimpered in fear. If she had known that she was going to be raised to be evil she would have cried even louder.


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