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There has always been a battle between Heaven and Hell, a battle that resides on Earth. When God created humans, Lucifer, the fallen angel, set out to create a demon that could live on Earth, that could kill Daddy's precious humans and more importantly, convert them to his own. Vampires and humans have been fighting for dominance for centuries, however, legend tells of a beast with ebony wings, an angel that never made it to Heaven. A Darkset Warrior. Legend tells of an exiled child of God, a girl named Lilith. She grew tired of the war and created a creature with the capabilities to kill both vampire and human, but these creatures died out long ago, didn't they?
In modern-day England the battle will resume, and the fate of the Darkset Warrior rests in the hands of one young girl. View table of contents...


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Darkset Warrior


I looked into her eyes, as hard and dark as charcoal and she looked into mine. At first, I barely recognized who I was looking at, the way her face was drained of all colour, yet remained as youthful and radiant as she had always been, the way her dark ebony curls traced the boundaries of that stone hard face, tickling the bottom of her neck. I wanted to reach out to her, but I knew that it was too soon. We hadn't established anything yet. She couldn't be trusted and neither could I.

She cocked her head to one side, her red lips quirking into a ghost of a grin. A single fang hooked over the bottom of her lip as she exhaled a rather unneeded breath. I didn't mirror her actions; rather, I stayed completely rigid as I anticipated her move. This was all on her; whatever she did now would tell me her true motives.

She tapped her black painted nails against the wooden panelling of the floor and leaned in towards me, lowering her gaze so she was looking into my lap. I simply stared.

"You know why I'm here." Her words were smooth and calm and I almost sucked in a breath in sheer surprise. Usually, when we heard them speak they sounded so much more powerful, but right there she sounded as human as I was. She obviously picked up on my shock for her next words spoke my mind, "I'm weak." She glanced up to me, black eyes meeting with blue, "I need blood."

I knew this moment was coming and if it had been anyone else I would have duly refused. But this was Alice. Alice Shearer, my neighbour whom I had grown up with, who I'd shared sleepovers with, secrets with. We'd gone to school together, Hell, we'd done everything together. And now she was sitting in front of me after being missing for almost three months. Truthfully, I'd always known what had happened to her. People went missing all the time and there were only two real explanations for what had happened. They'd either died or they'd… changed. Changed like Alice had. But she was still my best friend and that wouldn't change.

Gingerly, I took a handful of my golden locks and swung them over the back of my shoulder, exposing my neck. I could see the glint in her eyes as she processed what I was doing for her. I hoped, one day, she'd thank me for this. She surprised me when her ice cold arms wrapped around my frame, holding me in a tender embrace. I only hesitated for a moment before my arms wrapped around her back. I could already feel the tears beginning to pool in my eyes, but I forced myself not to let them flow. Instead, I took in a shaky breath and spoke into the fabric of her t-shirt, "Will I ever see you again?"

"You could always come with me." She said hopefully, her own voice shaking with the wave of emotions coursing through us.

I shook my head into her shoulder, "I can't."

She nodded, and just like that the tenderness we shared for one another was gone. She pulled out of the hug and in the blink of an eye she was leaning over me, her lips inches from my neck. I sucked in a breath as her lips closed around my exposed flesh. I flinched as the sharp pinch of her canines slid into the nape of my neck. She sucked hard and furiously and I blinked quickly to keep in touch with reality. It felt surreal to be drunk from, but at the same time so liberating. It gave you a rush that only the mix of fear for losing your life and the endorphins from the bite could provide. I would have let her drink from me until the end of my life if I could, but abruptly, the door to my bedroom opened and with that, so did her mouth against my neck.

"What in the Hell are you doing to my sister!"

Alice withdrew, her body blurring as she disappeared from my side and reappeared on my open windowsill. Her eyes were lighter than when she had started, but the kindness in them had vanished. A feral snarl ripped out of her throat as she bared her fangs to my big sister. She didn't hesitate in pulling a wooden cross from her back pocket and thrusting it out towards Alice, "The power of Christ compels you, you little bitch!"

Alice squealed as she shielded her eyes, baring her fangs one last time before she slid off of the window sill and disappeared into the night. In a blur of colour, my sister sprinted to the window and slammed it shut, grabbing the key from my bedside table and locking it down thoroughly. She turned her back on it then and leant against the wall heavily, her blonde locks that matched my own falling over her face as she let out a tired sigh. Then her gaze turned towards me and the anger returned.

I whimpered as she crouched in front of me, grabbing me by the wrists and pulling me up to face her. "What the fuck were you thinking Lizzie, what the fuck?"

"'M sorry Abby." I barely murmured. Everything around me was just a cacophony of bright lights and colours as I swayed dangerously on my feet. I had to fight the sudden bought of giggles that climbed up my throat. Abby only tightened her grip on me, "You let that little bitch drink from you didn't you?" She pulled me so close that our noses were touching, "Didn't you?"

And suddenly, I felt sad. Really sad. I missed Alice, I wanted her back. I wanted everything to go back to normal, I wanted to wake up in the mornings and knock on her door to see her bright emerald eyes staring back at me. Her human eyes. I wanted all of it back, all of the people I'd lost. And suddenly I was crying, vicious sobs almost choking me as I fell forwards into Abby's arms. Abby sighed tiredly before she brought me to my bed, pulling me a little forcefully into her lap. She cradled my head close to her chest as my cries turned to howls. I closed my eyes as I listened to her hollow reassurances of everything's going to be fine and pressed my face into her lap as I listened to the steady beat of her heart. My sobs became quieter as Abby's hands found my hair and she gently brushed through it with her fingers. Soon I was simply breathing hard into her lap, my face feeling sticky with the tears. I didn't know why I was crying, but my head was starting to hurt. Perhaps from the crying, perhaps from the bite. I couldn't be sure. I just listened to Abby as she began to hum away in a manger quietly to herself as she continued to brush my hair.

"Sleep." She cooed, "I promise, if you do, you'll feel better."

And with the blind trust I had always had for my sister, I closed my eyes and fell into a meaningless, blank slumber.


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