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A Whiskey lullaby

Novel By: tomke001
Young adult

i got my insperation for this story when i listend to the song Whiskey Lullaby by Brad Paisley and Alison Krauss
the song its self tells a tale its beutiful i would recomend giving it a listen well anyway this story is based on the song hope you enjoy it View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jun 19, 2012    Reads: 40    Comments: 5    Likes: 0   

Chapter 1

" Remember I will always love you" that was the last thing Kate had heard before her lover John had shipped out to Iraq.

John was a handsome man with light brown hair with traces of copper, his skin was fair but lightly tanned and his lips were a rosy red colour.

He had been at war for just under 12 months now and was expected back soon.

John couldn't wait to see his love again he stood on the swaying ship staring at the late summer sky.

The warm breeze flew gently through his hair and the sun made his bright blue eyes twinkle brightly.

"Only 1 more day and I'll be back with Kate" he said smiling as he turned to his best friend Tom.

Tom was nothing like John at all he was small, plump pale skinned and had baby pink lips.

He looked up to John and smiled "wish I had a girl to go back to, someone I could share my house with" he sighed.

John put his arm around him "aww cheer up lad you'll find your love one day" he said reaching a small jewellery box from his pocket.

Tom looked at it and his mouth dropped open "is that what I think it is are you gonna marry the girl". He said

John made no comment he just nodded and smiled and turned round to reach 2 bottles of ail from the cooler on the ship.

"I must say thank god we are returning from that nightmare" he sighed looking around for a bottle opener.

Tom looked at him "Can't believe we lost three men this time and when I found you shot I thought you were a gonna you were in a right bloody state." he yawned shaking his head.

John glared at him "stop looking at the negative lad and try to look at the positives" he snapped handing over a bottle opener he found on the floor.

"What positive side is there hmm" Tom replied necking back the bottle of ail.

John didn't reply he tried to think of 1 positive thing that had come out of the trip but couldn't so he just shrugged his shoulders.

"Anyway go easy on the ail man we shall be hitting camp soon you'll end up seeing the green fairy drinking it like that" he said snatching the bottle from his hands, And turning round to go back into his and Toms shellowed celling cabbin.

He looked around and sighed everything was a dull brown and pea green colour except the floor and bed quilts which were both a light brown.

Tom didn't follow far behind but by the time he had decided to go bed John had already turned off the light.

There was a loud thud, John sat up quickly and turned on the lamp by his bedside cabinet.

"Told you not to drink that bottle of ail too fast" he laughed going over to help his friend up.

"You'd better get some sleep we will be arriving in a couple of hours" said Tom snuggling down in the other bed at the other side of the cabin

They got to the home camp just after mid nigh many of the troops found shelter for the night but John was determined to get home before morning.

"John its late I think you'd better rest you can see her tomorrow you only live half hour away from here"whispered Tom lying down in his sleeping bag.

John looked at him "I've been waiting too long I can't stay away from her any longer" he said as he cocked his leg over his electric blue motorbike.

John set off down the road there wasn't much traffic about which made him feel lonely and the wind was no longer warm a shiver flew down his back and his eyes were sore with tiredness.

But he didn't care he kept thinking of the women with ginger curls dark blue eyes and red lips who would be waiting for him to get home.

Kate the name that kept him strong during the harsh brutal war.

John past house after house, tree after tree and farm after farm until he reached his little cottage just after 2 in the morning.

It was a cosy little place with white walls a blue roof and a chocolate brown outside porch with a swing bench where he and Kate would cuddle watching the sun go down.

He stood there in the green garden for a moment or two just to savour the moment he stepped foot back into his loving old life.

Then he took his hat off and slowly made his way to the front door

When he reached the white porch before he heard noises coming from the bedroom he crept up the wooden stair he had hand carved himself.

He crept across the red rug which lay all the way down the hall.

He could feel his heart beat starting to race as he feared for the worst Quitely he opened the bedroom door.

John stood there motionless as his eyes filled up with tears for there in his bed lay Kath sleeping with another man.

He was a lot older than John and in Johns opinion looked like a no good druggy.

Feeling heart broken and without saying a Word John turned around and began to walk away

"Wait you don't understand"she shrieked as she jumped from the bed to chase after him.

It didn't matter how much she shouted him John didn't turn around even to look at her he walked though the front door and set off on his bike

Kate just stood there half naked and sobbed as she watched him ride away.

His figure got smaller and smaller as he drove off into the distance.


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