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Sleepover by Toni Roman

Novel By: Toni Roman
Young adult

The problem with an invitation is that you might not get a second. View table of contents...


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Sleepover 10. Sendoff Beth handed out party favors consisting of barrettes, scrunchies, headbands, and hair clips with a short-but-sweet message in each such as "BFF" or "you're the best." They voted. Grace won for most ticklish. Cameron won for first to accept invitation. Meg won for best singing voice. (They didn't have a regular singing session but the others had heard her singing along to some of the music mix and singing in the bathroom.) Meg won for wackiest hairdo. The category of funniest joke was not awarded because they hadn't gotten around to a joke-telling session. Lisa won for best made-up story (Cameron knew better than to insist upon either the truth or falsity of her story of being from the future.) Beth won for soundest sleeper despite not losing control. Beth won for most generous (for the slumber party, for the party favors, and for selling Chad at a low low price. Better than BOGO at the mall.) Lisa won for first asleep. Beth had little trophies for the winners. Also Beth gave a T-shirt to everyone to take home in addition to their toothbrush holder and pillowcase. "I got gifts for everyone too. I hope you won't think I'm competing with you, Beth." said Cameron. "I won't think that because I love getting gifts. What did you get me?" The group rinsed off their plates, put them in the dishwasher, and went downstairs. "It's not as elaborate as Beth's gifts but I got each of you a little stuffed animal. It would have been useful to know everyone's favorite animal. I got four teddy bears. They don't even have berry stains." Beth changed clothes first and asked each of her guests as they packed their bags: "Describe your favorite memory from this sleepover." She immediately gave each guest the tape recording of their interview -- not a file which could be copied millions of times -- but the original. Not only that but on audiocassette. It takes effort to find new blank audiocassettes these days. Dolby noise reduction on top of that. Beth was the kind of person that if she had been rich, she would have cut it to vinyl. Mrs. McCall had explained to her daughter that a file in the cloud could be downloaded millions of times. Diluted. Perhaps indestructible. Worthless in terms of sentiment. A CD was almost as tough and lacking in sentiment. An audiocassette could be accidentally recorded over. It was fragile and therein was why it was so sentimental. Fragile like life itself. "Probably no one mourns over lost MP3's but everyone mourns over Kodachrome photo albums lost in a fire, a tornado, or a flood." said Mrs. McCall to Beth several days ago. So Beth had dragged the town to find blank new audiocassettes with Dolby noise reduction. Why audio instead of video? No doubt Sarah had told Mrs. McCall that Cameron did not like a camcorder or cameraphone pointed in her direction. And Beth's mom warned Beth. After Paris Hilton's negative experience, people were getting wise to how something could go live to the internet and ruin their lives. Get permission first! Or get sued.


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