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Sleepover by Toni Roman

Novel By: Toni Roman
Young adult

The problem with an invitation is that you might not get a second. View table of contents...


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9. Breakfast

Naturally Cameron was the first to rise and quietly wash while the bathroom was free. It was a trick she had learned from having to share one bathroom at home. It was unpleasant to hear her family ask: 'why are you in there hogging the bathroom?' as if she never needed to wash off dirt or bandage the frequent bullet holes.

Cameron returned to the snooze room in time to deflect a pillow from being swatted down on Beth's sleeping face.

"Meg. She's our hostess." she whispered.

Meg shrugged and went to the bathroom. Cameron gently shook Beth's shoulder.

"Good morning."

Beth finally woke -- unlike last night when everyone was bumping into her cot near the door going in and out of the room.

Beth took the trash bags upstairs. Grace and Lisa ran to get to the bathroom first as Meg returned with her brown hair parted, combed, teased, sprayed, and pinned into two enormous horns.

"Devil, Minnesota Viking, Brunnhilda, or Texas Longhorn?" asked Beth returning from upstairs. "Everybody! Breakfast! Get dressed after. If you need a bathrobe, I got an extra you can borrow."

"Good morning Mrs. McCall." "Good morning Mrs. McCall." "Good morning Mrs. McCall." "Good morning Mrs. McCall."

Mrs. McCall: "Good morning. You girls talk about much?"

Cameron: "Everything. Nothing left to talk about."

Mrs. McCall: "Good. That should cut down on the phone bill."

She left them to scarf down the waffles and breakfast parfaits she made.

Beth: "You're kidding. We never got around to teachers, clothes, the prom, planning the next party, gossip, fashion, beauty tips, achievements, our insecurities, style, study, anorexia, jelly bracelets, fathers--"

Mr. McCall: (entering dining room) "What about fathers?"

Beth: "That they should be supportive and caring."

Mr. McCall: "I'm leaving. Have a good day girls."

He knew that Beth might say that a daughter with such a father was less likely to get pregnant than one who thought she was invulnerable and sophisticated and he could do without five teen age girls giggling at a subject he found embarrassing.

Grace: "We didn't talk about everything but we did everything."

Beth: "Nope."

Lisa: "What else is there to do?"

Beth: "Charades, staying up late, pillow fights, hair styling, telling jokes, singing, hot tub, going out somewhere before the sleepover--"

Grace: "--like where?"

Beth: "Concerts, out of town basketball or football games, you get back too late to go home anyway, some goths visit a cemetery, back in the day my grandmother would have a sleepover with her friends after seeing a big movie like The Sound of Music."

Grace: "I'll host the next sleepover."

Cruel, thought Cameron. If I get an invitation, mom will make me turn it down because there is no security rationale for socializing. This was fun but back to reality and back to being a social outcast. Sigh.

Beth: "Open your fortune cookies."

Grace: (reading) "'Wealth is coming your way.' Could be a stock tip Cameron."

Lisa: "'Seek the instrument of your desire.' Maybe I'll find a pink Stradivarius on eBay cheap."

Meg: "'A stranger is coming into your life.' Just in time for the prom."

Cameron: "'All is not lost.' Hope."

Beth: "'Your friend will forgive you.' Excuse me."

Beth burst into tears and ran out of the room. Grace wondered to herself if she should add Nancy to her guest list. As they ate in silence, from the other room they could overhear:

"Suck it up. Dry your face. You have guests. As hostess, they come before your feelings."

"You're right. Thanks mom."

Beth reentered.

"Pardon me. Anyone want more milk, juice, anything?"

Grace patted Beth on the leg under the table in solidarity. Others bumped Beth with their knees or touched toes. After a while . . .

"Enough with the reassurance already. I'll call her later today. Oh." (remembers) "Party favors."


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