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Summer.Faith. Friends! (Novel)

Novel By: ultragurl700
Young adult

Summer Dunes, Rain Hilliard,and Ria Lance all go to out rages parties. Ria's an outrages party girl who parties to much for her own good but tries to keep her father happy with her, Summer just loves her hockey player boyfriend, Nick Hilmond and Rain just wants her awkward and cute boyfriend Kevin Hunting to be a little normal. View table of contents...


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Summer Dunes POV

"I,Summer Dunes will not make out with Nick Hilmond every five seconds this summer," I pause and look at my two best friends Ria Lance who's half Native American-half white and Rain Hiliar. We sat in the middle of my all pink room. " This is stupid summers like three days a way!" I exclaim.

"Do it!" Rain said pushing her huge nerd glasses up on the bridge of her nose. Her long red hair was in a messy bun and she looked like a librarian.

"Okay," I said. "I'll do it." I sighed. "I, Summer Dunes promise not make out with Nick Hilmond every five seconds this summer in the order of our crazy friendship, so bless it be!" I finish and look at Ria. "Your turn."

"Okay," she said flipping her long black hair behind her bronze shoulder. She looks like a goddess. " I, Ria Lance promise to not party like a crazy maniac all the time and stop drinking so much at parties, in the order of our crazy friend ship, bless it be!" She looked at Rain who smiled.

"Well I, Rain Hilliar promise to not give Kevin my cute boyfriend tons of love," Rain said all lovey-dovey. "In the order of our crazy friendship, bless it be!" She stood up. "Come on let's go get ice cream dude!" We got up and ran to the kitchen. Mom stood in there with Mr.Ivan my tutor.

"Hi sir," the three of us said all sweet and innocent to him. He smiled at us and my mom, Amanda waved us over.

"Girls come here," she said stepping over in her pink work suit and white pumps. Her blonde hair was pinned up in a 1940's hair do. Her lips where red with cherry lip gloss and light eyeliner circling her blue eyes. We walked over to her and Mr.Ivan. "Mr.Ivan, Summer has been being very good in her math," mom said as she placed her hands on my shoulders. I lowered my head and rolled my eyes. Ria walked over to the fridge and pulls out the ice cream. Rain sits next to me and whispers to me.

"Your so very smart," she teases. I kicked her under the table.

"Shut the fuck up," I hissed to her quietly that only she and I heard. Mom squeezed my shoulders some more.

"Okay girls are you three ready Kevin called for you all to study over at his house." Ria placed the ice cream down.

"Mmm," she said swallowing. "Really?" She ran to my room. "Let me get my bag." Rain stood up and took a cookie.

"Gotta get my bag too man." Rain left my side and ran to my room.

"Uh Summer I want to talk to you," Mom said. "Privately if you don't mind sir." Mr.Ivan nodded.

"Of course Mrs.Dunes," Mr.Ivan said finger-combing his gray hair. He went through the back door to chill out.

"What is it mom," I said putting the ice cream away.

"Honey sit down," mom said. I sat down and mom sat across from me. "Your dad and I want to tell you something."

"What?" I said looking at my pink nails.

"Your dad and I want to tell you about something. I decided to adopt a son from Japan he is still in his mothers stomach," she said excited. I looked at her.

"What," I said. " A brother?"

"His name is Ren. His mom's healthy and your dad and I will be going to Japan for two weeks to get him and explore his culture in order to raise him. Honey no hard feelings okay?" I smiled falsely.

"Yeah no hard feelings," I said standing up. I walked over. Yeah I'm happy I'm getting a brother but why does mom have to travel so far away to get one then it accord to me that mom had her tubes tied thinking she didn't want any more kids then she wanted alone but it was to late. I do think my mom is sad and lonely since I'm older now. I walked in to my room and saw Ria and Rain putting their make-up on and jewelry to sneak out. Kevin honked his car horn out side. We walked out the front door and saw Kevin and Nick my boyfriend listening to some tunes. I got in the car with them. As we pulled off I took my sweat pants off to my red metallic shorts, took off my pink tang top to my pink belly shirt and flared my hair down. Nick looked at me and smiled.

"Nice," he said. I kissed him. Ria took her long skirt off to her denim shorts, she took her blazer off to her white tang top that said PARTY BITCH! on it. Rain kicked her jeans off to her black leather pants, she took her white short off to her blue cut off shirt. Kevin smiled at her with a goofy smile. She placed her hair in a genie.

- - -

We walked in to the night club we all ways snuck in to and saw Samantha Evens sitting next to her crummy jerk off befriend Peter Reed and Flora Abby friend. She was in a pink tight dress. Slut I thought as I saw her dance on her boyfriend. Peter is a fucking jerk and dumb. He give blondes like me a bad name. Samantha looks at me and walks over to the bartender. She looked at me and rolled her eyes. I looked at her too and flicked her off. Ria got on to the dance floor with some random older guy dancing on him and Rain and Kevin danced around like wild animals. I searched for Nick. Two hands pulled my waisted alarmed I turned and punched the creep. Nick feel down holding his nose. "You got hands girl." He smiled.

"I'm so fucking sorry!" I said helping him up. He moved his hand to a bloody mess. I pulled him in to a back room to check out his nose. I sat him down and saw it was red and bloody. I placed tissue from my purse in his nose. He pulled me down to the red satin bed. Well as you know something went down.



Million Dollar Bills by Lorde


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