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Summer.Faith. Friends! (Novel)

Novel By: ultragurl700
Young adult

Summer Dunes, Rain Hilliard,and Ria Lance all go to out rages parties. Ria's an outrages party girl who parties to much for her own good but tries to keep her father happy with her, Summer just loves her hockey player boyfriend, Nick Hilmond and Rain just wants her awkward and cute boyfriend Kevin Hunting to be a little normal. View table of contents...


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Rain Hiliar

"Dude let's ditch this party," Kevin whispered to me as he pulled me to the back exit.I laughed.

"What about them?" I asked. He laughed.

"Come on we need some alone time." We got in to his car and drove off. I sat up and put my regular clothes over my party clothes.

"How will they get home?" I asked as I pulled my hair back up.

"Uh the bus," he said looking at me fro m the corner of his eye. "I do believe one of them have to be sober to help Ria get home." I had to laugh so I did. We ended up at his house. It was empty. He snuck me in to the kitchen and we trashed his fridge. I'm sure his mom will yell at us if she was here but she's not. Kevin lifted me up on the counter. People might think for a nerd he was weak well he's not. I laughed at him.

"You nerd!" I laughed.

"You like this nerd," he teased as he pulled me down and placed me over his shoulder. I pulled his blonde hair.

"Let me go!" I giggled. He dropped me on to his bed . I kicked up and did a back flip thanks to gymnastics in the eight grade and fell on my stomach and laughed. "That wouldn't hurt if I was drunk." I looked at him and smiled. He sat next to me and turned his TV on. The show we watched was about some creepy shit on SyFy. I hid under his cover and peaked. "Is it over?"

"No this shit is way to awesome! Come on dude watch this." He pulled the covers down and I pulled it back up and kicked him.

"I'm scared turn this shit off!" I said kicking him violently.

"Shit man okay!" He turned to a music show. I looked up to see Lana Del Rey singing Bel Air my favorite song. I smiled and got up slowly and snatched the remote from his hand and he looked at me.

"Your not turning," I said. I sat next to him. I laid on his lap. My phone rung. I looked at it.





I sat up. "I'm going to turn this off." I turned my phone off and looked at the screen and was my reflection. I had cat-like eye make up, red lipstick, and dangling blue drop earrings. I took the earrings out. "Let me go to the bathroom to take this off." I walked in to the bath room and took the make-up off. i looked at my nude face, I took my red hair down and saw how I truly looked. I looked like me. Come on Ria is a like a Greek oil skinned goddess, Summer's a sun queen, and I'm their ginger friend who's half decent I guess. I close the door and sat in the empty tub as I pulled the curtain closed as I cried. I have to admit I have problems with how I look. If my dad Sam was rich but where not and I hated that some how. If we were I wouldn't have to borrow Summer's clothes to look cool and pretty. Kevin opened the door.

"Are you crying?" He asked. I laid down embarrassed.

"Uh no," I lied sniffling as I wiped my eyes. I felt some mascara still on my face and rubbed my eyes on my arm and Kevin pulled the curtain open. I stood up and hugged him as I cried some more. I was a hot mess and I was sure he thought that too but he hugged me back and helped me out of the tub. I kissed him on his lips and he grabbed my face.


If dad knew what happened he would've got his shot gun and shot Kevin. I woke up next to Kevin and rushed to call my dad. "Daddy?"

"What?" he said.

"Uh I'm at Kev's I slept here cause I was to sleepy to be ride home, sorry," I said nervously.

"It's okay baby girl," dad said half awake as he yawned. I smiled.

"Okay be there daddy," I said. I ran to the bed room and pulled my hair back up and rushed to dress as I placed my now dead phone in my purse. I looked at Kevin who was sleeping. I gave him a kiss good bye.




Bel air by Lana del Rey


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