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Summer.Faith. Friends! (Novel)

Novel By: ultragurl700
Young adult

Summer Dunes, Rain Hilliard,and Ria Lance all go to out rages parties. Ria's an outrages party girl who parties to much for her own good but tries to keep her father happy with her, Summer just loves her hockey player boyfriend, Nick Hilmond and Rain just wants her awkward and cute boyfriend Kevin Hunting to be a little normal. View table of contents...


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Summer Dunes


"I can't believe she left us," I said to my self as I watched mom and dad set up the new baby, Ren's room. Dad settled up his blue crib in my old baby room while mom placed some Japanese characters on the walls. She showed me one.

"This means love," she said smiling. She looked at it and touches it. "I'm sure Ren will like it?" I roll my eyes.

"He's a baby," I said.

"Honey I know but sweet heart but I want him to be happy," she said. Dad looked up at me as he unscrewed the cap on his water bottle.

"Hun bear." I hate the nick name, like I'm not six any more! "We are thinking about going to Japanese classes." He said now standing as he smiled. i could see mom and dad where so excited for Ren. I on the other hand was but just a bit awkward about it. He's in a woman who's far from us and coming out of her not mom! It was just weird. Dad looked at me. As if he read me he said, "Honey Bear he will be the most amazing edition to our family." Heart broken I walked away. He quickly recounted his words. "Wait I didn't mean that Summer!" I slammed my room door shut. I have no grudge against the baby but damn they have like two more months so cool the fuck down right? But no they are so obsessed wit him I won't be surprised if they just pull him out of his mom two week early and push him up mom!

I lay on my bed and pull my phone from under my pillow. I quickly call Ria. "Hello."

She picks up and groans from a head ache not just any old head ache, a massive hang over."What?"

"Hey mom and dad are obsessing over Ren again," I said as I rolled over to my back kicking my slippers off.

"Oh bummer," she said now sleepily. "Hear from Rain yet?"

"Yeah she was at Kev's house," I said. Just then the phone rung. Rain.

"S'up," I said. Rain was giggling.

"You high?" Ria said. I laughed.

"No you effing idiots!" Rain said. "Kevin and I left to his house."

"And," I said now checking my nails and flipping my blonde hair back.

"We had fun," she said in a whisper at fun.

"Wait!" I said flying up. I almost fell off the bed. I didn't know they would actually go all the way! "No way!"

"Way!" Rain said.

Ria was now cherry. "Okay but you did break an oath!"

"So did you!" Rain yelled now angry. "Girl you drunk like you where going to the fucking Hamptons with the Kardashians!" I snickered.

"Yeah but Summer made out with Nick oh and even had some fun in the back room!" I gasped.

"Shut up!" I shrieked. Dad came in.

"You okay honey," he said worried.

"Yeah sorry," I said. He nodded and left. "Crap." Ria and Rain laughed at me and I had to laugh too.

"Hey gotta go," Ria said. She hung up. Rain sighed.

"Yeah peace out," she said. I looked at my phone. I laid down on my stomach again and began to search through my messages. I finally got on to Facebook. Erin Wu one of my child hood friends shared a link to me.

Erin Wu: You gotta c this Summer!

I clicked on it and a picture from this link popped up.I gasped. My eyes looked closely.

It can't be?

Oh but it is, Says the negative and positive voices in my head. I quickly look at Samantha in her tacky pink dress and Nick behind her. She's on him like a two dollar hooker and he's enjoying it. I can tell by that cheesy ass smile! I quickly call him up.

"Hey this is Nick leave message dude. Peace." Then the stupid lady starts talking.

"Yo asshole this is Summer. Explain to me that picture of you and that slut.So until you get shit right we're done!" I send the message and throe my phone down. breaking it. Besides I needed a new one any ways and a boyfriend too.




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