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Julia rules the school but get in her way she'll squash you. With her pack of friends and admires from every dierection when Florence Reed throws a party boy and girl The Ultras are in but friend ship and bonds have to be broken and alliances to be made. View table of contents...


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September 9

(First Day of School)

''Hey Hamilton is my hair flat?'' Julia O'Haren asked her driver. She leaned over the driver's seat undoing her seat which Hamilton didn't like. He was huge safety freak and cleaner. OCD?

Hamilton raised a wait-a-minute finger to her. Julia fluffed up her brown loose curls, rolled her blue eyes, and fixed her mascara.

Yolo, Yolo, Yo-

Julia snatched her phone from the bottom of her bag and looked at a picture of a blonde with gray eyes, a genie pony, and a huge glossy smile. Under the picture was, Kendra Dean.

''Who is it,'' Hamilton asked suddenly interested. He took a sharp turn causing Julia to fall down in her seat. "Put on your seat belt." She smiled tightly and did so.

''Kenny I hope it isn't about her new dress she got from DKNY.'' Julia huffed and answered her iPhone.

''Took you long enough I'm having a fashion--" Kendra was yelling

''Excuse me Kendra but I'm not ran on minutes like a clock. A take as long as wanted.'' Hamilton chuckled.

''Oh sorry guess I was a bit grumpy but um my mom got me a cute green spring mini dress and colored denim jeans. I can't fit them any more.''

''Get your British flag shirt and denim Marc Jacob's jacket,'' she said coolly.

''Problem,'' Hamilton said.

Julia covered her mouthpiece. ''Fashion crisis.'' She went back to her phone call.

♦ ♦ ♦

They reached Kendra's estate and Kendra came out with denim red shorts, white leggings, the denim jacket, British shirt, as for make up went she had pink baby lips and Smoky eye shadow. Nice, Julia thought. Kendra was walking with attitude.

''Nice,'' Julia said. Kendra came in. She smiled.

"Thanks." Kendra leaned back and waved to Hamilton.

Next was Nina Sanchez a Spanish beauty. Nina flipped her curly hair to the side and got in.Julia smiled at her. "Oh Ralph a total 9.8."

"Gracias," the Hispanic Beta said.

Then Cecilia Craven, a red head with freckles all over her cheeks but she wasn't an Annie red head more Bella Throne. Cecilia got in. "Bonjour!"

"How was your trip to Paris?" Kendra said eating baked Lays.

"J'dore." Cecilia clapped her hands and her new French-pink tipped manicured tapped.

"Let's go Hamilton," Julia said like a party girl.

♦ ♦ ♦

The doors of Marlin Academy for girls opened up introducing the real rulers of the school,Julia O'Haren and the Ultra's, Kendra Dean, Nina Sanchez, and Cecilia Craven. They came through the doors with heads held high and piercing eyes. People and even the teachers looked at them. Julia was in between Cecilia and Kendra. They walked together on every turn looking good.

♦ ♦ ♦

In art class Nina texted Julia all while Mr. Kovich the angry Russian art teacher yelled at most of the girls over the painting of grapes. Honestly how was that hard to do. Only thing Julia thought was funny in that class was the red faces of the girls being yelled at.

Nina and Julia's cell phone conversation:

Nina: Hey Julia???

Julia: What do you want I'm lyk across the table from you!!

Nina: Yeah IK but i heard important info!!!!

Julia: We all know Anne Hathaway got married with short hair.

Nina rolled her brown eyes.

Nina: No and besides she looked kickin' in Batman.

Julia yawned then texted some more.

Julia: GO!!!

Nina: Well Florence Reed is having a party.

Julia: So she's so dull. Rumor has it.

Nina: No I mean all 4 seasons! Boys! High schoolers!

Julia thought Nina was being overly dramatic.

Julia: Okay We can go!

Nina: yes!!!!

Julia: Under one condition.

Nina: What???

Julia: Cece, Kenny, you, and me have to be her "best friend's" yah know what I mean.

Nina: Oh yeah then befriend her and dump her l8r.

Julia: OMG my little Spanish fiesta te queiro.

Nina: OMG I love you too.

Mr. Kovich came over to them. "Ladies," he said with a strange smile. Julia pulled her phone lowwer under the table and smiled weakly. Kovich took Nina's phone. "Now I expect the both of you to work harder!" Nina gasped as he walked off with her phone.

"Guess who has a stick up their Russian ass?" Nina mummbled to Julia. Julia laughed. Kovich looked at her with a thousand telepathic daggers.


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