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Till Death Do Us Part :(

Novel By: unoticedchloeeee
Young adult

please read not sure wheter to finish let me know what you think :0 View table of contents...


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Submitted:Apr 26, 2011    Reads: 78    Comments: 6    Likes: 4   

Chapter 1

Josh gazed quietly out of the bus window, the pitter patter of raindrops on the glass seemed to put him in a trance, it just sent every negitive feeling away. He loved the rain and so did Ellie.He replayed diffrent happy memories in his mind and was overcome with warmth. He was lost inhis thoughts and diddnt realise that the bus had jerked to a stop. This was ellie's stop. He waited for her to come to the top deck of the bus and prepared himself for the moment he would change her life forever. As he revised it over and over again as he watched the stairs, he caught a glimpse of her as she jumped up to each step, her boots clicking at every movment of her feet, as she swayed the beat of her steps was in tune with the beat of josh's racing heart. She skipped happily towards him and he couldnt help but smile atthe eager and energetic way she walked. She was dressed forsummer weather and reallydiddnt care about her wethair, her bouncy blonde curls seemed untouched by the now rapid rain drops. Her short white lillydress and blue bow suited perfectly to her face, her bright blue eyes matched thesatin sashand complemented the features of her slim porcalin body. Even though she wore such on old fashioned dress her up to date boots were to keep her feet warm and snug. She plonked herself down next to josh and scooped him into her arms. He kissed her candy coloured lips and she giggled in delight, tresuring each tender moment she loved most dearly." i missed youuuuu !" she laughed contently, her heart raced with excitment and josh could feel the thumps pressed agaisnt hischest. " i missed you too ell " he smiled, " there was somthing i wanted to ask you " he anxiosly twiddled his hands and plucked up the courage. " i love you very much and you mean the world to me but..." he trailed off and ellie's smile slowley dissolved into a frown, " what is it ?"she asked looking fretfull. Her eyes seemed to dull away and she looked at the floor in dismay. He looked at her and jumped in suprise of her sadness. He lifted her chin and looked straight at her creating tension between them both, "ellie you are the most beautifull talented and wonderfull person ive ever met and i want to spend the rest of my life with you< will you marry me !!???" he cried out.

He opened one eye to look at her and saw that her face had lt up entierly with happiness."YES YES YES YES !!! she cried, her eyes filled with tears and she hugged him so tight her could hardley breathe. Her exitmentcreated tears in his own eyes too and they both embraced lovingly. " i have to go and meet mum in town and il tell her the good news !!" she laughed, he entwined his fingers with hers and pulled out a dazziling dimond ring and placed it onto her finger, she studied it and squeled in delight. He let her go and she skipped along the deck to the stairs and blew kisses on her departure. " i love you !!"she shouted as the bus stopped she waved and hurried down, her words echoed throught his head, keeping themlocked away forever. He sat back in relief and pushed back his hair with his hand. Her smile had made this alot easier and he diddnt want to let go if the moment he had just treasured. Suddenly out nowhere there came a bloodcurdling scream cut short and the bus jeered forwards causing josh to whip back forcfully, he jumped out of his seat and peered out of the misty window, he couldnt see anything and ran down to the lower deck. He looked on as couples and mothers and childen all looked on at the road, " what...happened ?" he asked an elderdly couple, the old woman looked up in tears and said " that young girl the one that just got of the bus..she..sshheee" the woman buried herself into her husbands chest and wept. He looked at them horrifed and leaped out of the bus and onto the road. he ran closer and saw a man leave his car unharmed but shaken up by the accident he coved his face in shame and looked at josh with complete grief. Josh looked on and retched at the sight he set his eyes apon.

A young slim girl lay limp and lifless on the road herdress torn and frayed , her blonde curls drenched in blood, her face, her beautifull face now bloody, red and raw. Her pale skin peeled back to reveal nothing but burned flesh, her blue eyes dull and grey. lost, just simply lost. Josh fell to the floor and went out to touch her but his arms hadlost all strength and slumped on the floor next to her.The love of his life just gone, his jagged breathes choked him and left him reeling for air. He sat there and watched as the ambulance crew placed her broken body into a body bag. her arm flopped outwards and he could see her ring shining brightly on her hand. He closed his eyes and they stung with fresh salty tears. He felt so empty like his life had just lost all meaning, ellie was gone and she wasnt comming back.

The days and night are the same, time seems to stand still. It's a raw feeling in the middle of you stomach. It is darkness, when there is light, it is hopeless, when there is hope, it is a frown, when we know how to smile, the lonely feeling when you are not alone. You cry out for help, no one can hear, you cry in silence for grief has no mercy. Pierces your heart with lonliness and your whole life is tornin two.

Josh buried himself into memories of his love. His lost love.


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