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Wide Open Spaces ((retry at posting))

Novel By: vampgurl18
Young adult

Maggie, and EX-gang memeber from los angeles, moves to Arizona and gets an unexpected suprise from her mother. SHE HAS A HORSE! but the problem is, it was abused and not easily trusting. things seem to be going fine until a farmer comes to them with a shotgun to kill the horse stating that it hurt one of his sheep. Will maggie be able to save her horse? View table of contents...



Submitted:Apr 27, 2008    Reads: 346    Comments: 10    Likes: 0   

"We're MOVING!?" I screamed at my mom. I had lived in Los Angeles my entire life. Ok yea sure I'm in a gang, and sure I've been in jail for one account of "Attempted Murder" which isn't even the case! The Chick was trying to kill me, so I pulled the trigger and it just so happened that the bullet hit her foot.

But anyway back to the subject. I'm 16, and white so I'm not your average gang chick, but the leader, he only chooses the best. And guess what I am the best. My dad's a drunk a nice drunk (thank god), and my mom, well she just can't seem to leave him. Until now.

A week after hearing this "Thrilling" news I was in a small SUV with furniture packed into the car and poking my head while I stared out the window watching the cities pass by me. I felt home sick already. We were passing by a grape-harvesting farm now. I watched the rows of grape trees go by and yawned.

"Welcometo Arizona honey!" Mom said cheerfully. I came out of my day dream.

"What?" I yawned.

"Can't you act even a bit exited about the move? You haven't even seen your grandfather in three years!"

"Well, what do you expect mom, you took me away from my friends, my life, my school!"

"First of all, don't give me thatattitude, second of all your dad and I just don't mesh, third of all I need to keep you out of trouble!"

"Sorry gosh.." I looked over at Mom and saw a tear go down her face. "I'm sorry mom..." She smiled and reached her arm over to give me a short hug.

"It's ok honey," she said. "Twomore hours!" I got out our cd case, which i have to say is full of country music, and got out our Dixie Chicks cd. Mom laughed and started to sing along with me and the cd. Mom pulled up to the entrance to the ranch that she bought. "So what are we going to name it, I'm picking up Grandpatomorrow." We finally stoped infront of the house. It had two stories,four bedrooms, three restrooms, and was just perfect! On either side of the house was a horse stable.

"Come here a minute honey!" Mom called. I ran outside to her. She grabbed my hand and led me to the left stable. I heard a couple neighs and my eyes went wide.

"NO!" I said. "You didn't.." My mom nodded. She led me to one of the stalls andI looked in. There was a beautiful appaloosa-arabian mare in the stall that broke my heart. I saw so many scars and cuts on her. "What happened to her?" I asked as i slowly let myself into the cubical.

"She was abused. I found her on an ASPCA website while I was looking for a nice ranch for us." I steped slowly towards her with my hand out stretched. She snorted in fear, while rolling the whites of her eyes.

"Shh shh it's ok. It's ok. What's her name mom?"

"Memory" I nodded.

"It's ok Memory,I wont hurt you." I said now reaching for her nose. She snorted again when my hand touched her then calmed down. "Good girl." She gave a small wheesy whinney. "Who would do such a horrible thing..."I whispered. Memory pushed her nose into my hand a bit more, and I laughed.

"I wouldn't suggest touching her anymore." Said a male voice. Mom and i whipped around as quick as possible. There stood an amazingly hott emo guy with greyish-blue eyes, dark brown hair, and an incredible smile. I got pushed from behind and realized i was staring.

"Um... hi i'm.... Maggie..." I said putting my shakey hand out. gosh how much of a geek can i be? forgetting my name and all.. the guy laughed.

"I'mJames." He smiled taking my hand. Again i got pushed from behind, i turned around.

"You hungry girl?" I asked.

"Here give her this apple slice." James said. I took it happily and thanked him then offered my hand to Memory. Memory whickered.

"Funny... She didn't take to me that easily." James said.

"Oh by the way Maggie honey, James is our stable hand."

"Oh.." I slowly backed out of the cubicle and shut the door. "Well I'm going to go get my room unpacked." I said.

"Good night Maggie..." James said.

"Night honey!" Mom also said.

"Night guys." And i ran off to my room. OH MY GOSH! Damn James is hott... i thought to myself again.

^*~James's P.O.V.~*^

I watched Maggie run off to her room and bowed my head. Shit she doesn't like me... She's cute though... I gave another carrot to Memory.

"So what do you think of Maggie, James?" Sarah asked.

"Oh i thinks she's cool, Ms. Kindersen." I replied, quite honostly, to her.

"That's good. I trust you'll be helping her heal Memory up right?"

"Yes. I think Memory has already gone quite far in her healing prosses though. When she was brought here she would let anyone come near her. She warmed up to Maggie faster than anyone i've seen. And that was with alot of potential buyers too." I yawned. "I think i'll go finnish my night chores then head to bed. Goodnight Ms. Kindersen."

"Good night James." And i walked off.


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