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My Abusive boyfriend

Novel By: VictoriaSecret0415
Young adult


Haley Write had a fantastic boyfriend... key word, had, Mike Scott for five months, until he started abusing her. Now after three months she still is to afraid to break up with him. No one knows what’s going on, at school they act like the perfect couple. But when nobody is with them even he littlest things can set Mike off. Haley needs help, and fast. Will she be brave enough to tell her best friend Chad so he can help? Or will Mike do something he truthfully regrets to her?
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"I'm sorry! I wasn't flirting, he is just my friend, please Mike, you know that we weren't doing anything" Explaining to him slowly in a shaky voice. His own hot breath on my neck make me shudder.

"Don't you lie Haley, I saw how you acted around Chad. I'm you're boyfriend!" Mike shouted, taking his first and slamming it into my stomach, making me fall to the ground sobbing. Gasping for air so I could actually breathe. My knees and arms on his white shaggy carpet of his room. I wailed louder making Mike crouch down to me. "Oh shit Haley! Get up please, I'm so sorry!" Mike pleaded, slowly picking me up and lying me in the side of his bed.

Tears rolled down my eyes, and onto my chin. Sweat trickled down my neck. My own arms pinned against his dark maroon wall. My feet just inches off the ground. I closed my eyes tight, just hoping this was all a dream. But of course not. This happened at least three times a week.

Gingerly reaching out to stroke my hair made me almost flinch. "I wouldn't have needed to do that Haley, but I love you too much to lose you." Mike murmured, kissing the base of my neck and trailing my hips, then hooking his fingers on my belt loop.

"Not tonight Mike" I told him in a croaked voice, still having it cause pain from my stomach.

"Why?" Mike demanded, pulling my shirt up.

Taking a deep breath, I shouted, "Because you punched me in the gut and im sore!" Another tear rolling down my eye. Mike started abusing me after five months of dating. I've been to scared to break up with him. If he caught me with boys he'd get so mad, any little thing could set him off. Now three months of the abusing has made my life the worst.

"Fine, whatever." Turning his back to me. I silently sighed in relief. I took a moment and prayed silently to myself.

Dear God, It would help a lot it you could please help me with Mike. Soon some day I might get killed and I need someone, anyone! To help me out.

Hearing a soft snore from Mike, I cried my self to sleep.



Getting out of Mike's house before anyone knew I was there and what Mike had done, I quickly rushed to my truck near the curb. My hands shaking with every move I made. I closed my eyes. Your fine, you can go home. Its only 5:00 a.m. you can get ready for school and act like nothing had happened. Saying to my self quickly. Of course, nothing ever happened. When Mike and I were at school we acted like the perfect sweet hearts. But most times he was like that when we were alone. Most times. Sometimes things would get out of hand, and sometimes I had to make up excuses for what happened. Thank god this was where I could hide what happened. Other times, I couldn't have hid them.

Not only two weeks ago I had to explain to the whole school that I had gotten a black eye from softball practice. Thankfully everyone believed it. Anyone believed it because I always get 'hurt' so easily. I've been called clumsy by almost everyone. Almost. Chad is so close to the secret. Being my best friend since kinder, I think he would have known. He despises Mike. I couldn't tell him the truth though, he'd kill Mike. And Mike would kill me.

Everyone would have though Mike is the hottest guy in school. Light brown hair that's curly and softgrey eyes. Really tan and toned. Guys hate him, girls love him. He's the quarter back at West Wood High. His parents are rich and have a huge house, because his father owns BMW car company. And is probably the sweetest guy you'll meet. But not to me.

When he first asked me out I was thrilled. Thinking, How could this have been me? I was just a little sophomore while he was a Junior. I followed him around like the rest of the girls, having a huge crush on. But when his girlfriend, Amber told him that a dumb little sophomore had a huge crush on him he just laughed. But then after a month he started taking interest with me. Sweet talking, admiring me, flirting. Finally one day I opened my locker to find a bouquet of a dozen red roses and a note, that said this in his own writing.

Dear Haley,

I just broke up with Amber. I am starting to fall for you. I was wondering two things. First, Will you have dinner with me at Cotello's? And second, will you be my girlfriend? Meet me at you're locker after my practice around 4:00?


Meeting him at 4:00 I was almost about to die in awe. Me. Dating Mike? Unbelievable. Going to the most fanciest restaurant here in California!? A dozen red roses! Waiting at my locker, Mike came strolling out with the rest of the team.

"Hey, Haley" Mike said. Causing me to grin huge. Then making me blush after some of the guys chuckled.

"Hey" I said back.

"Oookay. Were just going to go outside Mike, if ya need us… We'll be gone by the time you two even get close together" George Splinter told him, the rest of the guys followed him out the door.

"Sorry about them..." Mike trailed, walking over to me. "So about us…"Mike asked me in a small voice, blushing slightly.

"I'd love to be your girlfriend, and I'd love to go to Cotello's with you." Speaking very quickly. I was always shy around guys.

"Good, I'll pick you up on Friday at 6:30?" Mike asked. Then nodding at him, he took another step closer. Awkwardly hugging me and then kissing my on the cheek. "I'll see you later, Haley" He told me, winking and leaving the hall. Am I dreaming?


Then how did he get like this? I parked in the two car garage and got out. It was around 5:10 already. Gingerly making my way up the stairs into my room.

The first thing I did when I got there was to go to the bathroom to see how much damage he had done. Pulling up my blue tank top, there right in the middle of my stomach was a first sized bruise. Carefully putting a heating pad on it, I pulled it back down. Walking into my walk-in closet I got out a loose t-shirt with the school's name on it. Of course it wasn't my shirt it was Mike's. Tying the baggy material into a ponytail and putting it behind my back, I switched my shorts into a pair of dark blue skinny jeans. Putting on my makeup slowly to waste time, By the time I got done it was 6:00 a.m.

The whole house was already up. Making my way downstairs, I was greeted by… Mike. At first I was surprised he even showed up. But he always showed up. My family loved him. Even my little sister that's fourteen has a huge crush on him.

"Mike" I addressed him flatly. Then he gave me a huge grin.

"Haley, did you sleep well?" Mike asked. Of course I slept great! I would have but then you punched me in the gut. That Jack ass.

"Not really, my stomach hurts" I told him flatly, he then gave me a glare. I took a seat at the dinning room table, we were having bacon and eggs. Pouring a glass of orange juice, my sister Rebecca smiled up at Mike.

"You can sit next to me, Mike, if you want" Rebecca insisted, gesturing toward the empty chair near her.

"Oh please stop flirting with Haley's boyfriend!" My mothers voice called from the kitchen, making Rebecca turn a shade of light pink. Rebecca looked a lot like me. I had curly brown hair down to my elbows. While she had straight brown hair. The only thing we both shared most was our dark blue eyes. Other than that, I was taller by five inches.

"I was not!" Rebecca contended. Mike just grinning even wider took a seat toward Rebecca, and then putting an arm around her. Rebecca's eyes widened.

"Mike I'm flattered." Rebecca proclaimed.

"Oh please!" I told them. Mike taking his arm off of Rebecca and getting up to sit next to me.

"Haley, don't be jealous, You know I love ya." Mike whispered in my ear. So he was being sweet. Great.

"Then why did you punch me in the stomach?" I whispered back. But I was interrupted by my mom.

"What are you two talking about huh?" She asked.

"Nothing Miss. Write" Mike called out.

"Oh please Mike call me Maggie! I've known you long enough. Besides, you two better get going" My mom told us. Quickly eating out breakfast we made our way to his BMW.

"Here." Mike told me. Handing his red Abercrombie and Fitch hoodie, the one I loved most and I always wore. Taking it and slinging it over my shoulders we drove to school without any word to each other about what had happened last night


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