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Every Moment Counts

Novel By: Violet Moon
Young adult

Lilah Evans is a sixteen year old girl who lives in the suburbs of Los Angeles. She is dating and madly in love with sixteen year old school hottie Josh Samuels. Josh's family are some of the richest people in the area and his dad is a major program designer.

When Mr. Samuels designs a new program that will help the FBI solve cases, Josh's family starts getting threatening messages and are attacked.

(This does have a few cuss words and the mention of sex but nothing visual, just the word. And the program about FBI cases is just something I made up for the novel. I don't know if something like it really exists or not.) View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jul 7, 2009    Reads: 455    Comments: 20    Likes: 12   


Chapter One: Call 911!!!

"Josh? Mrs. Samuels? Mr. Samuels? Stephanie? Ali?" I call. I walk in to their two story house because the front door is unlocked, which means someone must be home. Also, the living room TV and kitchen light is on, two things that would never be on if the Samuels weren't home. Josh's parents like everything perfect.

I kick off my flip-flops in the doorway and walk up the stairs and down the hall to the last room on the right, Josh's room. I knock loudly on his door and go in when no one answers. His lights, computer, and TV are off and his bed is made. His dresser is placed against the wall next to the window. There is a five foot space between the dresser and one side of his bed.

I hear an agonized groan coming from that five foot space. "Josh?" I walk towards the space. I see a pair of eyes staring up at me. I recognize them immediately. Normally, I melt when I am staring into these deep, brown eyes that dance. Right now they have lost their life and laughter. I take a step closer to them, but stop when I step in something warm and liquidy.

I hurry back across the room and turn on the light. When I look down at my foot, I gasp. My foot is covered in blood and now there are red footprints that lead across Josh's white carpet. "Josh!" I back across the room to his side.

I nearly faint when I see him in the light. Josh is sitting in a pool of blood. He has a huge black eye on his right eye and has a cute running down the other side of his face that runs from the corner of his eye and down his cheek. Both of his arms are covered in cuts and his right arm is twisted at an odd angle. I look at his chest and see a huge blood stain there. I look into his pain filled eyes. They make me melt, but not for the normal reasons that he is cute and I love him. This time it is because of his pain.

"Oh Josh! What happened to you?" I exclaim as I kneel down next to him. Now my brand new Levi's that I just bought yesterday are coated in blood. I run my hand down his right cheek, careful not to cause him any more distress.

"Josh, I'm home!" I hear the front door open and close. Light footsteps come up the stairs. "Josh? Did you hear me?" I recognize Mrs. Samuels's voice.

"Hurry! Call 911!" I holler. Now, the footsteps quicken.

"What's wrong?" Mrs. Samuels asks in a panicked voice. To my relief she is on the phone. "Is Josh…" When she sees s Josh she drops the phone, which is now coated in blood. She looks like she is about to faint. I throw her my cell phone. She fumbles to flip it open and dial with her dainty fingers. She yells for help into the phone. I don't know who is paler? Her or Josh?


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