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I'm working on a summary for this novel but it's not finished. So you'll just have to read the novel and be surprised! :D View table of contents...



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June 28th, 2009

I step out my front door and feel the warm, summer sun beating down on my tanned face. All around me birds are singing their good mornings, old couples are walking down the sidewalk holding hands in that cute way that makes everyone go aww, and the scene around me is glowing from the light. It is a perfect summer day for the coast of California.

I run down the sidewalk to the docks where the huge cargo boats are unloading. I jog over to the one that is familiar even though I only see it a couple of times a year. I slow my pace when I see my father talking to a man that I don't recognize.

You see, my mother and father used to be owners and founders of a huge insurance company. They started it up in 1989 when they were both thirty years old, and then five years later they had me. They kept the business running even though they had a brand new baby to take care of, after all they needed money to do so. Then last year they grew tired of the business and sold it to some friends of theirs from when they were in college. They had earned a pretty large amount of money from that business, and our family is what some people would call rich, which has its perks at times. Like when I wanted a car for my 16th birthday so they got me a brand new corvet. Pretty sweet right? Anyway, they took some of that money and used it to buy a huge boat. Now its not the type of boat you can go wake boarding or tubing behind because that would have been great. No, instead it is a boat that is used to cross the oceans and carry cargo and tons of people. Exciting huh?

So now Dad uses it to take people deep sea diving in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and will occasionly deliver cargo. These trips can take anywhere from three weeks to six months. Now, this would be great if I got to go with him and miss school but of course my mother is totally against that. So, it's my dad that gets to have all the fun and travel instead of me. Totally not fair in my opinion.

My life is completely different than it was a year ago. Back then, I was a rich kid who's parents worked while I was at school but then would be home shortly after I was. We would sit around the table and enjoy a delicious dinner that our chef cooked and then eat a slice of cake while watching a movie. My friends were always welcome to come over and we could host big parties because my dad and mom where both there to make sure everything stayed under control. And cleaning up afterward, no problem. We just had the maids do it. My parents were happy and always excited because things were always happening at their office. Also, they would come home with funny stories that people would use to try and get money from the insurance. They would tell my friends and me about all the wierd things people would insure. Like thier favorite pair of pants that they got at a thrift store or even the newspapers that had an article about them in it. I learned that rich people will insure some wierd things just because they had the money to do it. Of course, not every rich person is like that. I mean look at my family.

But, this is all in the past now and just a handful of memories. Sure, I'm still an only child. And I go to the same high school and we still live in a huge house with a chef and maids. Now, my life isn't as exciting though. I don't get to hear the funny stories and my friends to get to come over and throw parties because Dad is out on the ocean and can't supervise. Now Dad can be gone for months leaving Mom and me alone in that huge house. Mom is quieter because she misses Dad and we have started to drift apart.

I was furious when they should the insurance business. That had been such a big part of my life. Also, I had planned to get a job there in a couple of months. I was so mad at Mom for agreeing to selling that I went on strike and stopped talking to her. Then when Dad bought his boat (why he is so obessed with it I still don't understand) I started to shun him too. I stopped sharing my exciting news with Mom like when I got a boyfriend. And I stopped going to Dad to cry on his shoulder and hear him tell me how stupid boys are and that any guy would be lucky to have me when my boyfriend broke up with me.

After a month of this I decided to end the strike because Dad was leaving for his first trip and it would be months until I saw him again. It is only lately that I've learned that Mom didn't want to sell the company because she loved it there. She tried to talk Dad out of it but his mind was set and he didn't want it. No instead he wanted a boat. Dads, I just can't understand them and their boats.

But Dad is home for awhile. He just got back from a four month long trip a little under a month ago right as summer break started. Seeing him talk to this stranger makes me wonder when he is leaving again and how long he will be gone for. I'll have to wait till later to find out the unknown.


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