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What Winter Brings

Novel By: Violet Moon
Young adult

Trevor Carter was the star quarterback and one of the guys that every girl wanted to date. Trevor is opposite of his best friend Ryan Anderson when it comes to dating girls. Ryan takes every relationship seriously and actually cares about the girl while Trevor only dates dumb blonds who he considers trophies. Ryan is dating Rachelle Madison who is one of the head cheerleaders and best friends with Cara Parker, who is the most annoying girl ever in Trevor's mind.

But then things start going wrong for Trevor. He gets mixed up with the wrong crowd and his true friends abandon him because of the decisions that he makes. But someone he never expected comes into the picture even more than ever before.

What will the white of winter mean to Trevor after this year? Will it mean something besides the happy thoughts that people always think of? Will the cold be a reminder of his heart and past? View table of contents...


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What do you think of when you think of the seasons? Different holidays? When you birthday is? Which is your favorite?

What about winter? Do you think of the holidays and getting presents? Or maybe you think about snow? Catching snowflakes on your tongue? Drinking hot chocolate? Building snowman? Having snowball fights in your front yard? Caroling? Sitting in front of the fire? Winter break? Or maybe if you are one of those mushy people you might think about cuddling with someone special and borrowing their jacket to stay warm?

Not me. I don't think of any of that stuff. Don't get me wrong, winter means something to me but it's not that annoying cheery, happy, and giddy stuff that most people think of. It may be my favorite season, but it is also my least favorite. Is that confusing? Guess I better explain but let me warn you it ain't going to be pretty. Oh and don't like how I talk? Deal with it. I'm telling you my story so you are gonna have to put up with me. But, another thing that I must warn you of is that you may get a bit surprised when you hear my story. Yes, there might be a few mushy parts for you type of people that like that but there's also gonna be some trouble for you type of people. Let's just say, lots of drama. Ugh, I hate that word. Such a chick word.

Oh and one last thing. Don't judge me. If you even think about it, then bite your tongue.

Well, guess I can't avoid the subject any longer. Guess I should just start from the beginning.

Chapter 1:Score One For Cara

I was walking down the sidewalk with my hood pulled over my head and trying to shield my face from the biting wind. December 21. The first day of winter and you could already feel the snow that was approaching. The weatherman said that we would get at least three inches of snow that night. Should have been fun.

I know that my little second grade sister couldn't hold still for more than five seconds after she heard about the snow coming. What little kid wouldn't be excited?

I didn't really care. It snowed every year and we had a normal winter every time. There might be a few snow days right around winter break and that always meant days of going out in the snow with the guys and throwing snowballs at peoples' windows. At least, that's what it meant for me.

At this thought, I glanced up at the clouds. They all looked swollen and that light-gray color that could only mean snow.

"Trevor! Wait up, man!" a deep voice yelled. I stopped in my tracks and looked behind me. I lift my head slightly in a greeting to my best friend. The tall, muscular brown hair and brown eyes guy picked up his pace and fell into step with me.

"What's up, Ryan?" I asked.

"Nothin'. I really don't want to go to school today," he answered. I could hear his teeth chattering quietly. Wimp. Ryan was always cold for some reason and he really didn't care for winter, but I on the other hand loved the cold. Therefore, I loved winter.

"Hey, but at least you get to see Rachelle," I teased him and nudged him with my elbow. Rachelle had been Ryan's girlfriend for a week since it was finally Friday.

"Shut up," he mumbles even though we both knew that he was smiling on the inside. We both breathed heavily as we walked and watched our breath in silence.

Ten minutes later, we were walking onto the school campus. Ryan immediately started scanning the crowd of girls for Rachelle. He finally found her and told me that he would meet up with me later.

"Whatever," I mumbled and watched him leave. Ryan and Rachelle were the typical high school couple that everyone wants to be. Ryan and I were the star quarterbacks and Rachelle and her best friend Cara were the head cheerleaders. Every guy wanted to date Rachelle and Cara, and every girl wanted to date Ryan and me. Ryan took his girlfriends very seriously and wouldn't go out with them unless he really liked them and he didn't date them only for his looks. I know, aww what a great guy.

Me? I guess you could have called me a player. Of course I treated girls nicely when I took them out and was always a gentleman but they never lasted long. I always went for hot blonds and most of them ended up not being that bright. But I didn't care. They looked good next to me since I had dirty blond hair and their small figure was opposite of my muscular one so it just seemed to be perfect. I had no intention of having a high school sweetheart. Why would a guy want that when he could date hundreds of girls?

Even though Rachelle and Cara were cheerleaders, I never really dated either of them. They both had dark brown hair and were smart. Most people might expect football players to be dumb and only care about football but that's not true. Ryan was one of the candidates for Valid Victorian and I always earned straight A's and I had a 4.0 GPA. So why didn't I want to date a smart girl if she was hot? Because they tend to worry about school more and won't stay out partying as long.

"Hey TreTre!" a high pitched called out and interrupting my thoughts. I turned around and saw the tall, skinny blond approaching me. Her straightened hair was blowing in the wind and it looked like girls' hair always does in movies. I hated her nickname for me but she sure was hot!

"Hey, Kailey!" She smiled at the sound of her name and picked up her pace. I pulled her into my arms for a deep kiss. We started making out right there in front of everyone and I didn't care. So the other guys on my team saw me with a hot girl that I knew one of them would end up with after I dumped her. That's how it usually happened. I dated the blond cheerleaders for a week and then dumped them so one of my buddies would come running in and offer her a shoulder to cry on. It was a perfect solution for everyone in my mind.

"Trevor's getting some action!" I heard a familiar voice tease behind me. I recognize my best friend without looking at him so I took one hand from Kailey's small waist and reached behind me to slap him. He lets me and then started laughing loudly. I heard Rachelle giggle quietly since she knew that I didn't really hurt her precious boyfriend.

Ryan griped the back of my hoodie and pulled me away from Kailey. She gets a pouty look on her face. I smile at my current girlfriend. "I'll be right back, babe." She smiled and nodded and I turned around so I'm facing Ryan. I glare when I saw Cara standing next to Rachelle.

Cara may be cute and may be a cheerleader, but I really hated her. She thought that she knew everything and was better than me.

"Aww, did Ryan interrupt you from making out with another one of your victims?" Cara said, pretending to sound sympathetic. She rolled her eyes and steps to the side so she can see Kailey. "Sweetie, you know that he's just going to use you as his trophy for a week and then throw you away for one of his pig team mates?" Kailey got a worried look in her eyes and glanced at me. I shook my head and pretended to slit my throat and then pointed at Cara. Kailey got a happy grin on her face and Cara spun around to glare at me. "What did you do now, Jerk?"

I rolled my eyes and stepped away from Ryan so my face was right in Cara's.

"Dude, just drop it," Ryan ordered quietly. Rachelle had an unsure look on her face and stepped closer to Ryan so he could put an arm around her shoulder.

"No, what were you going to say?" Cara asked with a smug look on her face. This girl really knew how to piss me off. I decided to gross her out instead of be a total jerk.

"You know, Cara, people say that when a girl picks on a guy all the time and is really mean to him that she really just likes him but doesn't want to show her true feelings. So give up the act, sweetie. I know that you want me," I say seriously and wink at her. Her mouth drops open. Score one for Trevor!!! She quickly comes up with something to say though.

"First off, don't ever call me 'sweetie' again, Trevor Carter. Second, why would I ever like a guy like you? You are a jerk. You are full of yourself and self-centered. You think of girls as trophies to show off. And you are just plain stupid. Did you ever consider that I really do hate you and I can't stand the fact that my best friend is dating your best friend because it means that I have to see you more?" she said harshly.

"Ouch! That actually hurt! I think I might go home and cry now. And you called me a jerk." I get a sad expression on my face and make it look like I'm about to cry.

"Oh boo who. Cry me a river, build a bridge, and then jump off," she said with a smirk. She waved her hand and then walked away without saying another thing to Rachelle.

"I think Cara won that round," Ryan said. I glared at him and walked back to Kailey.

"Whatever. I don't care. She's not worth my time." The bell rang for first period to start so Ryan walks Rachelle to her class before he meets up with me to go to our first period class. While I waited for him, I gave Kailey a quick kiss and told her to meet me outside during lunch.

Normally, I would have taken that time to make out with her more but I was still pissed that even I had to admit that Cara won our last fight. But, I'll get her next time.


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