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During the Fating, two 15 year old children from the 5 regions are required to participate in a science experiment. The 5 categories for the five regions are Radiation, Cold, Electricity, Anxiety and Extreme Pressure. For Amelia Nash, her lifelong crush is Fated with her in the Radiation test and during the test they gain superpowers. They must survive as long as they can with a little help from one of the scientists, Dr. Katelyn Brooks, Why? Because they are being hunted down and there is no room for fear.
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In the year 3030, everything is the same. The people are the same, the food is the same and even the dirt is the same. All the annual holidays are the same. We still celebrate Christmas, Easter, Hanukah etc.; however, one holiday we never always held in the United States. It's called Fate. Two 15 year olds from five regions out of ten are chosen to participate in science experiments, but these aren't the normal science research you may be thinking of.

Long ago, scientists used lab rats for research, but eventually they were using so many lab rats and they all died. Not one rat was ever seen for one thousand years. Some people don't even know what a rat is, except the children from the five regions. As a last resort, scientists used children to see how they reacted under radiation, cold, anxiety electricity, and extreme pressure. Their laboratories are place in five regions in the US and usually those who are chosen, never make it out alive.

Some people say the reason the US is split into regions is because of the science experiments. Half of the US is full of factories and in the middle of it all, stands one labratory and the other half are those who didn't want to participate in these experiments, that's why it's split into regions. It's because of diversity and everybody's different opinions, but we are told not to speak of the reason especially on the day of Fate.

Every year, the five regions are assigned a different test. Out of the five tests, this year my region is assigned Radiation, the deadliest test. On the first day of the test, the participants immediately die. The participants are usually chosen because they either classified as "Nothing to live for" meaning they don't serve a purpose in the world or "Can't go on" as in they are too emotionally distressed or they are too weak" This year was the year I, Amelia Nash, was voted a "Can't' go on" and I was Fated.

The reason I was Fated was because I couldn't go on. I was too blinded by fear to even realize what was right in front of me. That fear was toward my father, Daniel Nash, who was arrested when I was little for abuse. Yes, the head cheerleader was abused by her drunken father. I used to have nightmares about him coming back and hurting my mother, Kimberly Nash, and me again. My mother would calm me by saying "Do not fear, but forget." I finally got over my nightmares, but when my father was let out of prison, they started to infest my dreams again. He was arrested and sentenced for many years in prison, but two months before my Fating, he was let out.

I was considered a "Can't go on" because the scientist monitor every child's dreams and if they reach a certain amount of nightmares, they are automatically considered a "Can't go on" and I realized that when they called my name at the Fating. At least I had a life before it.

I was the head cheerleader and was adored by many. I had many friends, but one person stuck out the most to me. His name is Henry Hayes. He has the bluest eyes and the brownest hair. His eyes look like they belong to a lemur. Anyway, I officially met him in the hallway. We were both walking in separate direction and I was walking with all my friends, but he was walking alone. I turned away for a second and they I hit something.

"I'm so sorry," I told Henry after he dropped all his books.

I leaned down to help pick up his books and gave them to him. "Its fine," He said as he looked up and his eyes widened.

"Alright," I said as I picked up the last of his books. "Look I am really sorry for that." I brushed off some dirt off his shoulders and walked away.

"My name is Henry by the way," he yelled after me.

"I know. I'm Amelia," I replied.

"I know," he smiled.

I blushed and went to the cafeteria and as usual, we had the food that was made by simulations. This food is programmed to have all the protein and nutrients one's body needs. I walked to the table my friends were sitting at and I caught a glance at Henry across the room. I waved to him, but I immediately regretted it afterword because one of my friends noticed and made a small remark under her breathe.

It's a couple days after my encounter with Henry and the cheerleaders are in charge of decorating the soccer field for the school dance, which takes place after the Day of Fate. I guess it's a way of celebrating that you weren't Fated. Everyone else went home, but I stayed to clean up all of the mess everyone else made. After I was finished, I needed to get my backpack from inside. I was on my way out the door when I heard a bouncing of a basketball in the gym. I looked inside to find Henry.

"Hey," I said to him.

Just then he jumped with fright, completely missing the shot and looked behind him. "Hi," he smiled

"I don't think that's how you shoot a basketball," I grinned sarcastically.

"Oh, so you can do better?" He asked sarcastically.

He handed me the basketball and I shot it at a perfect arch on the 3-piont line, inside the hoop. It made a swoosh sound and gravity pulled it down to the ground.

"I'll give you that cheerleader," He smiled.

"Oh be quiet," I laughed.

"I bet you can't win a one on one match, though," he challenged.

"Oh really?" I asked.

Just then I ran toward him and grabbed the basketball from his grip. I dribbled it up to the hoop and shot it into the basket. The ball fell to the ground and Henry swooped in up to his hands. We played the game until eventually someone came in the gym. Of course it was my friend, Clara Willows.

"Ah-hem!" she cleared her throat.

Henry and I stopped what we were doing and looked at Clara. Henry looked back at me and opened his mouth, "Well, I think I'd better get homeā€¦"

"Okay. See you later," I told him.

Just when he left the gym Clara shot me a look that said "You like him don't you?" I rolled my eyes and threw the basketball toward her. She caught it, but I left when she did.


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