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Unlocked part 1

Novel By: wolfgurl15
Young adult

Tags: Romance

Kat Winstone's life is upside down. She has 3 siblings she has to take care of now since her mother baled on them, her father is working night shifts now, and besides all of that she's starting to have feelings for her best friend . View table of contents...


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My feet touched the solid ground of the forest. Everything was dark. I couldn't see anything. A piercing scream ran through the forest just as claws dug into my back.

I screamed as I jerked awake. It was the same dream I've been having since I turned sixteen, five weeks ago. Everything was sharp and clear and I could hear my little sister, Erin crying. I rolled of the bed and walked to my dad's room.He was passed out in his work clothes. My dad works the night shift at a coffee shop. I turned around and walked to Erin's room. "Good morning baby sister".Erin saw me and stopped crying. I went over and picked her up. Spinning around in a circle I grabbed clothes and a diaper for her. Her giggles always made me laugh. You could never stay mad at Erin. Setting her down and closing the door I went to wake up my 2 other siblings. There are four kids in this house me, Erin, Arianna, Justin. After, Erin was born my mom ditched us. I walked into Arianna's room.She was small for a six year old. With her wavy auburn hair and small blue eyes she looks like a pixie."Arianna wake up" I said as I gently shook her. She opened her eyes and closed them "wake up Arianna, you have school" I shook her until she finally got up and was getting ready. I walked down to Justin's room. Justin's seventeen. "Justin, are you up yet" I asked as I stuck my head in his room. He was sitting on his bed looking at his picture of mom. My mom was beautiful in that picture. She had long brown hair that used to be white blonde and she had green eyes the color of moss. She was slim and tall. Like my mother I was tall and slim but, my eyes were gray and my hair looked like a mix of auburn and white blonde. Justin had auburn hair with green eyes and he was built like a football player.

"yeah, I' up" Justin said to me. I walked into the room and sat down beside him, putting my head on his shoulder I asked "is it wrong to say I miss her". Justin just shook his head and got up to put the picture on his desk. "Go get dressed I'll take care of Arianna and Erin" he told me. I nodded and walked out saying "I woke them up already, you just need to feed them and get Erin dressed". I got in the shower, washed my hair, and threw on some mascara and Chap Stick. I walked to my closet and picked out a pair of jeans from Rue 21 and a green long sleeved shirt. Throwing my hair in a pony tail I grabbed my back pack and ran down stairs. Justin and Arianna with Erin were waiting downstairs. I wrote a quick note telling my dad we were going to school and not to worry about Arianna's check up at the doctors that Justin and I had the notes he wrote us to take her. "Let's go" Justin had a car and a driver's license. I put Erin in her car seat and got in the passenger seat and we all left. We had to drop off Arianna first and then I had to take Erin into Pre-school and then Justin and I made it to school.

My best my friends Liz, amber, Katharine, and Meghan were waiting for me outside when we pulled in at Benton High school. "Kat, we've been waiting for you" Liz said to me as we fell into step walking to the front doors. "Hey, Kat" yelled one of the football players from a red Chevy truck "hi, Jason" I yelled back.Jason had been my friend since I moved here. I continued walking and felt hands around go around my waist before I knew it I was picked up in a bear hug "I said hey and I and don't get a hug?"Jason asked me but I was laughing so hard that I couldn't answer him. Jason put me down and smiled at me. I smiled back but, my smile went away as I thought of something "how's it going at home" I asked. Jason's smile faded "it's fine…… dad's just as drunk as ever…… he came home last night from the bar and Anna said something to him and I find out he slapped her last night" he whispering and I could see tears were forming in his eyes but as some guys do, he shook his head and became the Jason everyone knew. The hard head, stubborn, fun guy ever. Anna was his six year old sister, she looked like Jason with his dark black hair but, she had ringlets and hazel eyes the only thing different about them is that Jason can see while Anna is blind. "I'm sorry" I told him then I came up with an idea "do you want me to come over with Arianna tonight…the girls could play?" I asked him. He looked like he was thinking about it and then said "my dad leaves at six o'clock for the bar you can come to the house at least six thirty" I nodded and said "it's a date" I walked away with everyone watching me.


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