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My Teachers Secret Life

Novel By: WrittenRight
Young adult

What happens when Scott Partial finds out his health teacher, Mrs. Orchell is secretly a stripper? Well, a lot of things! Mrs. Orchell, or known as at the strip-club "Candy Ray," is a very malicious person. Does she really mean to loose her cool, or is it just the fact that she has a life that no one knew about? Join teenager, Scott, his girlfriend, Piper, and his best friend, Roger, on a journey of love and life, with even a little bit of comedy along the way, too! After Scott's Dad takes him to the strip club for his 18th birthday, Scott obviously finds out a secret that was never meant to be known. As a Senior in high school, this might be Scott's last chance to do something exciting with his life, but will he really want to risk getting into medical school? After all, it's either telling Mrs. Orchell's secret, or his future!
Note: Please do not worry, this is not an erotic novel what so ever :]! View table of contents...



Submitted:Oct 19, 2009    Reads: 696    Comments: 17    Likes: 4   

My pulse droning fifty beats per second, I wondered if what I was doing was even legal. I knew it was, but I still felt bad for stooping so low - doing something that I never thought I would do. As the air around me seemed to become even more humid, sweat dripping down my face, I finally stepped over to the heavy man sitting on the wooden stool outside of the club.
If eighteen is an even number, than why was I so odd? I honestly didn't get it. How come I had to do this? Of all things to do with your Dad this would probably be the most awkward. Going to a strip club is just a recipe for disaster, especially when you have a girlfriend, and your Dad is probably the most perverted man on the face of the planet. Even so, it did feel a bit thrilling to stand in the line and feel important.
The stamp pressed against my hand, my veins beating from the pressure and excitement as I walked in the door. The music went through one ear and out the other, the pink lights flashing in my face. Drunk guys watched the baseball game as woman sat on chairs and danced like no tomorrow.
I needed some reassurance. My Father rested his hand on my shoulder, turned to me and gave me a smile. He patted me on the back and looked for our assigned seats.
We shuffled over the sane, the drunks, the crazies and the wacko's before we reached our row. The seats were like the ones in a movie theater, besides for the gum under the seats, of course. Even for a place which degraded women, it was still kept in pretty nice shape. The bar counters were sparkling clean, the employees - besides the strippers - were dressed respectively, and you could practically see your reflection in the floors.
Dad mouthed the words 'give me give me more, give me give me more,' and I wondered where he, of all people, had heard it before. Even though the hookers on stage weren't exactly doing anything yet, most of the guys had their eyes glued to them. I tried to look away but I just couldn't help it. I kept trying to imagine Piper dancing for me up there for me, but I just couldn't stop seeing the beautiful, curvacious woman which stood in front of me. The dance was so coordinated and neat, as they moved the bejeweled masks from their faces, cocked their heads and moved them on it once again.
Besides the fact I was in high school, I had just turned eighteen, so I was legally allowed to be in the club - even though it didn't seem like it. I didn't want to be there, but since Dad forced me and spent months waiting for the tickets to come on sale, I kind of had to go. I loved my Dad, but don't you think that this is a little bit....much?
The music stopped and the crowd cheered. Even I let out a little smile and clapped for a momment, but then reverted back to my old disapproving behavior. A man stepped onto the stage, wearing a clean cut suit, and began to speak into the microphone which he held.
"Thank you all for coming tonight, and thank you ladies," he nodded to the girls and then turned to us again, "so, while the ladies get changed, I would just like to take a minute to say who we will be featuring tonight. As for the people in the front row," he winked at me, "you will get a special lap-dance from our star of the show tonight, Candy Ray," he clapped. I turned to Dad with a fixed smile, almost as if I was one of those soccer Mom's who's faces are loaded with botox.
The crowd filled with plaudits once more as Disturbia (by Rihanna,) began to play in the background. The club became silent as the lights flickered off. When they turned back on, a bottle-blonde woman stood before us, her face, again, covered with a mask.
She began to dance and took off her vest, swinging it in the air. Dad caught it as soon as she threw it up, and hugged it with much pride!
She smiled at me and threw the mask off. My eyes contemplated towards her high heel boots, trying not to look at her stripping. I didn't want to be there, obviously, so I didn't feel like I had to enjoy it. I knew I would, though, so that's why I looked away. For Piper, my girlfriend's, sake.
"Are you a bad boy?" She asked with a chuckle. My eyes opened wide, knowing that voice. I looked at her legs once more, realizing that she had the same legs as someone else I knew.
She took a sip of tequila which sat on the stool and began to take off her top. Questions boggled my mind, and not because she did things I've never seen before, but because she was someone who I never thought I would see here - or outside of school!
"Wait, is that -?" I started, holding on to my stomach, nauseously. Dad turned to me and let out a grin and began to whisper.
"Congratulations, boy, you're first erection," he said with all seriousness. I tried to chuckle, until I realized that he wasn't joking....at all!
"Oh no!" I cried.
As the woman I knew began to dance all over me, swinging her arms around my neck, I had to put a stop to it. Her thighs intertwined with mine and she began caressing my neck with her lips. I gently pushed her away and proceeded to walk to the door. I couldn't believe what - or
who I just saw. I couldn't even fathom that my health teacher, Mrs. Orchell was a secret stripper. Why? I don't know. What will she do to make my life a living Hell? Well, you'll just have to find out.


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