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Stephanie is not your typical nine year old. She’s given up on dreams and fairy tales. No more Princess Steph and no wishing on shooting stars. No universe filled with butterflies. She gave it all up when her parents died with no explanation and she was adopted by a family with five other children. Will the dreams return or is he spark gone forever? Have all her butterflies flown away for good?
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My name is Stephanie. I was eight years old when everything in my world turned upside down, My parents died all before my ninth birthday. Three days before my ninth birthday I was finally adopted. A family finally came along that didn't mind having a depressed kid. What the catch? There were five other kids in the house, all younger than eighteen.
I walked into my "house" and it didn't take long to realize I was better off in the orphanage. I was escorted to the attic where I would be staying by one of the older sons.
"This is where you're going to be staying." He smirked as if he knew the plan all along. He didn't look very young probably about sixteen. "The beds over there he said pointing to a small air mattress on the floor that hadn't been blown up.
"Where's the light switch?" I asked
"There isn't one, you have a flashlight and a spare set of batteries… Consider yourself lucky," He laughed manically as he walked out of the room. To top it all off it was getting dark. I quickly tied to blow up the mattress and went to sleep.
That night I dreamt of an girl mixed with a butterfly. She seemed like she used to be beautiful. She had magnificently voluptuous wings that had now faded to gray and black. There were black and purple ones flying all around her! The air was foggy and seemed thick. I reached to touch a wing then she screeched.
I woke up panting and screamed. I half expected someone to run in and ask if I was okay, then I realized everything that cared was gone. I went to go back to sleep and the dream was no where to be found.
The next morning I woke up to force of a blunt object.
"Time for chores," It was my new older sister Jeanie. I opened my eyes and felt my head throbbing, the mop nailed me on the forehead. I nodded. Once she left the room the woman with wings fluttered into view. I wanted to scream but that would jus bring sister dearest's suspicions of me.
"W-who are you? W-w-what are you?" I asked raising a finger to touch her wing. She flew towards the door for the crawlspace and went through the small opening, I opened the door wider and there was a loud creak and the rusted hinges had movement. I stepped through the opening and suddenly I was in another world, there were butterflies everywhere! I looked around in astonishment and then she came to me and spoke,
"I'm Tillie, I'm your childhood spirit, in a form you've always loved," She said to me. I looked at her and thought of how I used to love butterflies. They were my favorite thing to draw and my favorite party theme. "Back when you had parties." I looked at her scared out of my mind. "I cant read your mind- no secrets, nor private thoughts, exist here."
"Isn't that what you wanted?" How could she know? "I know because I'm a part of you. I'm aware of what happened and how they didn't tell you." Tears welled up in my eyes.
"This can't be real…" I said to myself and closed my eyes. "This cant be real… This cant be real…" I opened my eyes and I was being pushed out of my bed and onto the wooden splintered floor.
When I looked over my bed I saw two spoiled children running out of my attic/ room and slammed the door behind them. I picked myself off the floor and proceeded to do all the chores of the house, alone. Onto my life.
That whole day I wondered if it was just a dream and after hours of inhaling Clorox and ammonia I decided it was all in my head. Then a butterfly flew in through the window and into the room my new guardian was in… I watched as it fluttered in with its beauty and then she just smashed it.


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