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Millie is just a just a teenager when you look at her but she has a disorder that impairs her at times and makes her feel like she is is the best and on top of the world but within days she falls and sinks into depression. That’s right its bipolar 2, she is an adolescent facing a problem that many people don’t even know accurate facts about. Millie has to deal with school, family, peer pressure, family, and boys, while struggling with this obstacle that will constantly appear. Read as Millie gets anxious, moods much better than normal at times, high energy, racing thoughts, and more. Read just one story about a girl and learn a small lesson on how its not so easy to have a mental illness. View table of contents...


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How Is Bipolar 2 Disorder Different From Other Types of Bipolar Disorder?

People with bipolar 1 disorder experience mania -- a severe and elevated mood with erratic behavior. Manic symptoms lead to disruptions in life. Bipolar 2 can be thought of as a milder form of bipolar disorder but that doesn't mean its any easier to live with. Bipolar 2 may create depression or anxiety so great that risk of suicide is increased over those who suffer from Bipolar 1. Bipolar 2 is similar to bipolar 1 disorder, with moods cycling between high and low over time. However, in bipolar 2 disorder, the "up" moods never reach full-on mania. The less-intense elevated moods in bipolar II disorder are called hypo manic episodes, or hypomania. In between episodes of hypomania and depression, many people with bipolar 2 disorder live normal lives.

Symptoms and characteristics of hypomania include:

Some people cycle back and forth between hypomania and depression, while others have long periods of normal mood in between episodes

Depressive symptoms of bipolar disorder can last weeks, months, or rarely years

What causes Bipolar 2 Disorder?

Many researchers believe that some individuals have a genetic vulnerability to mood disorders, which can be triggered by emotional or environmental events. Once triggered, the actual cause of mood and anxiety is commonly believed to be an imbalance of the body's neurotransmitter system. Neurotransmitters such as serotonin, nor epinephrine, dopamine etc. are chemicals that carries messages between nerve cells. Neurotransmitters are involved in the regulation of mood, pain, pleasure, anxiety, panic, arousal, and sleep behavior (the sleep-wake cycle).

Statistics showed that Bipolar 2's had a higher suicide rate and is now being taken more seriously… Bipolar 2 is a very serious condition.


Rapid and loud speech

Moods much better than normal

Continuous high energy/ excess energy


Decreased need for sleep

Racing thoughts


Tendency to engage in behavior that could have serious consequences, such as spending recklessly or inappropriate sexual encounters


^All of these Symptoms can cause distress and impair functioning. Its not something you can switch on and off. ^


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