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There Are So Many Doors That Dont Have Keys But They Tend To Be Best (Spice)

Novel By: xnbdyknwsx
Young adult

In life there will always be something that has been locked. There are so many doors that don’t have keys. What happens when you’ve acquired a key and you don’t know what door it is for? What happens when the key can change your life? I found a key but I didn’t know what it was for or what was going to happen, but I was dying to find out.
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I remember that day like it was yesterday. I woke up and got ready then went to school. I was supposed to make a presentation for my mythology class. I wasn't into mythology much less fantasy. If I didn't get at least an A I wouldn't get the course credit and I wouldn't have passed. After staying up until two in the morning I finished with little sleep a reward for being a procrastinator. I was still half asleep in class when my teacher called my name and told me it was my turn to present.

"Melany, your turn. We don't have all day." My teacher said in an aggravated tone. I nervously presented in front of the class. As always I made a ton of mistakes and I was shaking the entire time. When I was finally don't I walked as fast as I could to my seat. The moment I got there a new guy walked into the class.

"I'm glad you have decided to join us Mr.----"

"Carson, Jonah Carson. I'm new here and I got lost, sorry." All the girls in the room started whispering and giggling while they looked at him, including me. I turned to talk to a girl next to me and when I turned back Jonah was in the seat to my left. I simply smiled at him trying to keep my cool and focused on my school work.

"Hey," He leaned over and whispered. "what are we doing?"

"Just projects right now. We're supposed to be taking notes and learning about other creatures."


"Because its school you have to learn something." I said sweetly. The rest of the class was spent on presentations. When the bell rang Jonah was in front of me but he gently pulled me to the side and smiled at me.

"What's your name?"

"Melany, and I already know you're Jonah. "What class are you going to next?" He went through his messenger bag and pulled out his schedule then looked at it.

"Chemistry I think." Jonah looked and it and seemed to be confused.

"Let me see," I said taking the picture from his hands. As I looked down the list I noticed we had the same classes but he got early release and I had study hall. "We have all of our classes together besides eighth. I'll show you where each class is and take you through the school." He smiled.

"Thanks Mel. So where's room 129?"

"Right around the corner, follow me and we'll be there in no time." We were right in time just like always. After five classes Jonah and I had lunch and got some chips from the snack machine. Once we both sat down a group of popular girls came to our empty table and started to blink their eyes which looked really weird to me.

"Hey you're Jonah, right?" A girl asked while trying to look attractive.

"Yeah and you are?" Jon ah said smiling.

"Tasha Crim, just Tasha is fine." She gave him a small smile. "Would you like to come sit with my friends and me?"

"My friends and I…" I said quietly correcting her.

"Whatever Melissa."

"I believe her name is Melany, Tasha. I'll have to pass on your invitation, thanks though." Jonah smiled while I sat baffled. Tasha and the other girls walked away and gave me dirty looks.

"Thanks Jonah. I really didn't mean to talk but thank you. I began to babble and I was more nervous than I had been presenting my project.

"No problem Mel. Want to make us even?"

"Sure but how?"

"Lets go to Friendlies and get something to eat tomorrow after school. My treat."

"I don't know, I have a lot of school would to do and a shift tomorrow at the grocery store."

"Then we'll go at four and we can do homework together before we go. Oh and its not a date unless you really want it to be. No strings attached."

"I don't know…"


"I guess it couldn't hurt." That was the moment I started to get feelings for Jonah. Before I had any idea what he was looking for. Before things got messy.


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