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Vegas Baby (Stand Out in the Crowd Contest Entry)

Novel By: xnbdyknwsx
Young adult

For a contest... I'm horrible at summaries but this is one of my best novels (I think) View table of contents...


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Submitted:Mar 3, 2012    Reads: 99    Comments: 1    Likes: 0   

Stand out in a crowd contest.

A tear slid down my cheek as I lowered the light switch and the expectations for the rest of my life. So much had happened in the past year so much that had sent my life in a spiral downwards and out of control. I was sick of my father looking at me and feeling disappointed, I had to leave. There was a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach when I walked past the picture of my family portrait from two years prior, before my mom, and everything else for that matter, died. I knew I couldn't stay any longer if I wanted to make a clean break so I took the money I had been saving for the past few months, grabbed my bag and walked out the door gently closing it behind me.

"Are you sure you want to do this? Are you okay?" Wes asked me as I nodded, tears streaming down my face. He always knew when there was something wrong. We drove toward the highway ready to start our new lives. I put the bag between my legs and out the money in the glove compartment. I twisted the ring my mother gave me for my thirteenth birthday, three years ago.

"I know this is hard, but we can do this." I nodded as we intertwined fingers and he kissed the back of my hand. "Baby what's wrong?" he asked me softly when he noticed my eyes were watering up again.

"Nothing hun," I replied.

"You know you can't lie to me when it comes to this stuff." Wes flashed me a smile. It was true, I couldn't hide when I was sad, but recently it was my way of life. I thought back to the first time I knew he loved me.


It was the summer. I sat in the park practically vomiting everything I had inside of me. Then along comes my boyfriend of a year and he sat next to me watching me puke.

"Go away," I said. "you're not supposed to see me like this."

"But you're sick, I think you need to go to a doctor." Wes replied

"I'm fine," I said catching my breath. In reality I wasn't. I couldn't keep anything in my stomach and I hadn't had any fluids.

"What did you have at the party yesterday?"

"Just some punch." He sighed. "I'm fine." Then I started to puke again. He lifted me off the bench once I was done and carried me to his car laying me down in the back seat on my side; the back seat still has the stain. We headed to the hospital. While Wes headed to the cafeteria to get me some edible food after they pumped my stomach a doctor told me something I thought I would never hear. She said that there was something more than punch in my drink, not just alcohol but a drug, a date rape. I suddenly realized I didn't remember anything from the party. I started to cry. The doctor then informed me that I didn't have any STDs but I should follow up with my regular doctor if possible. I nodded and tried to find my best cover story. The moment Wes walked in he knew something was up.

"What's wrong?" He asked sitting on the side of the bed looking deep into my eyes. I confessed everything that I was just told and started to sob. "Listen," he began. "I love you, and nothing is going to change that." Wes kissed my forehead. "Everything is going to be okay."


"I love you," I said.
"I love you too now tell me what's wrong…"

"I'm pregnant," he stopped the car.

"But… it can't possibly be mine… We haven't even done it." Wes said in a broken tone.

"I know,"

"So whose child is it?"

"I don't know," I replied.

"WHAT? What do you mean 'you don't know?' Have you cheated on me that many times? I knew you couldn't love…" I just looked at him, fuming.

"I've never cheated on you,"

"Then how are you… Oh my god." Wes began. He reached out to take my hand but I pulled away. "No, baby I'm sorry."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"I didn't mean any of it." He said quickly, car still parked. "I was just mad. I could get arrested because I'm eighteen and I thought, I don't know."

"You haven't seen me the same since I told you. I'm just some charity case, to you aren't I?" I replied.

"No, I love you, I always have and I always will, no matter what. Even if you have a rape baby." Before he could finish I stormed out of the car and grabbed my bag. "Melody, get back in the car, please." I shook my head. "It's going to be cold tonight at least just let me drive you to a hotel and check you in." I shook my head again. "I'm sorry, Mel just please be safe. Give me a call if you need anything and I promise I will find you. I love you…" I wanted to turn around and get back in the car, but I just couldn't.


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