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Bathing in Blood

Novel By: xoPaigexo
Young adult

Ok, Adriana (Adri) and her best friend Daniela were turned into vampires, and little did they know, the particular vampires that turned them were part of a well known clan throughout the vampire world, that went against all the rules.
Now, the clan has decided to take a step forward, they are now ready to attack the council, and kill the head member, Sabella.
When the council hears of the clan's plan, they prepare themselves to fight hundreds. If they can't find and kill the head of the group in time, they will have to call in an army of young vampires, that still have the strength from the human blood, to fight beside them.

Adriana, Daniela and Adriana's younger sister, Macy, who is still human, must survive all of this, while trying to blend into the human world. Not to mention, Macy meets a boy, and he has a secret himself.... View table of contents...


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Ok, well, my life is not that simple. I suppose I should start by telling you a bit about myself…my name is Adriana, but everyone calls me Adri, and I'm sixteen. I have somewhat curly black hair that falls to my mid-back, and I will admit, I am on the shorter side. I'm only 5'6 and compared to a lot of people in town, that's pretty short. My eyes are a bright, almost translucent color. They pretty much hypnotize anybody who happens to look directly into them. I am extremely pale, and my skin is icy. My body is perfect, and every guy wants to get into my pants…(like I'd ever let them…uh, scumbags!)
So…do you get it yet? Werewolf! NO! Unicorn! No. Fish! What the hell?… Yes, I'm a vampire. I was bit a year ago, and moved to this small town where there is barley ever any sun. Ok, yes, when the sun hits me, I will burst into flames….beep, beep! Wrong-o buddy-o! That is just a myth, really the sun simply makes me glow, I pretty much shoot rainbows in every direction, making me look like I attacked a poor, innocent group of joyful leprechauns.
Anyways, when I was bit, it wasn't like the normal vampire attack. My best friend, Daniela, and I were simply enjoying ourselves at the mall one night, shopping like normal teens, and scavenging for hot men like normal teenage girls…well, like some of them.
It was later, maybe around nine-thirty, and at night, that's when the vampires hunt. Yes, we can go into the sun, but, it will blow our cover, we can't have these humans running around like maniacs attempting to stab wooden stakes into our chests, yeah, it doesn't work. Not to mention, we have night vision, therefore, we can see the prey, but they can't see us. Like we'd need all these amazing superpowers though, the super speed, strength, hearing, like we need them! We all have one weapon. We are extremely gorgeous. Any person who sees us immediately notices it, and they would do anything to be near you. Our voices are like bells, and we walk so gracefully, (good thing, before becoming a vampire, I was a total klutz). Everything about us would make you stare, and draw you right into our trap.
Anywhoo, Daniela and I had finished our shopping, when we went out to the parking lot. Since it was late, and the mall closes at ten, the parking lot was practically deserted. We were putting our bags in the trunk, and when we turned around, there were four guys standing behind us. Each had black, hooded cloaks on, and we're extremely gorgeous from what we could see. One in the front removed his hood, revealing his translucent eyes, and pale skin. He was absolutely gorgeous and looked about my age. He spoke quietly to two of the other boys standing beside him. They both darted off with extreme speed at his order. He nodded to the other boy, who then removed his hood. Then, the one who seemed to be in charge spoke…
"Now, this will hurt much less if you stay still." With that, the one attacked Daniela and then the main one came straight for me. He pierced his fangs into my neck, causing me to scream out in pain.
He would have drained me then, but something stopped them both. They left us lying on the ground, and darted off into the distance. Then, I just blacked out.
I don't know how long Daniela and I had to stay on that hard ground before being found.
We woke up lying next to each other, and a man standing between us. He had the same eyes, and I immediately noticed. I screamed, and attempted to back away. He explained to Daniela and me what we had become. We were both shocked, and terrified, though I must admit; I felt more comfort in knowing that I wasn't alone. The man explained also, that drinking the blood of humans was illegal. We were to live off animals. Then he released us, promising he'd be there for us no matter what.
So, who, you may ask, attacked us if it was illegal? That would be a gang of vampires that are stretched across the U.S. They live off nothing but the blood of humans, for it tastes much better than the animal's blood. They are led by an old vampire, who has been around for nearly four centuries. I can't believe no other vampire or vampire hunter has killed him yet. That no good…erg.
When I returned to my home after that, my parents were extremely happy yet quite angry. Seriously, my mom was angrier than she was when she got her monthly gift! Ha, I don't get mine anymore! The joys of death! Of course, I couldn't tell them the real reason I went missing for two days. I had to make up some fake story about running of to Hollywood with Daniela, hoping to meet the actors from Harry Potter…for some reason, they bought it. I knew for a fact that my parents would notice my eyes when the whole lecture fit wore off, and I knew that I needed to get out of there. Of course, I didn't want to leave my family, but I had to. If I didn't, they were in more danger than they ever had been, and so was my little sister Macy. She was only 13 when this happened, I couldn't allow anything to happen to her.
And, Marcus, the vampire that saved Daniela and I, told us exactly what would happen. If we stayed with our parents, the vampire council would come down and kill them. I couldn't let that happen. They also would kill any of our closest friends. We were allowed to keep one person; they knew that we would need someone to go to. Daniela had a broken family, her father wanted nothing to do with her, and her mother was dying of cancer. Not to mention, she had no younger siblings, therefore, she looked to Macy like a little sister. We kept her, explaining to her what we were and how it had happened. She was the only one allowed to know.
We fled our hometown, and moved here to the state of Pennsylvania.
"Adri, I'm starving!" My little sister Macy yelled to me from the kitchen. She had turned fourteen since last year when Daniela and I were bit. She was still human; I refused to change her at such a young age. I promised her I would change her when she was fifteen.
I always forgot to make her food, I didn't need it!
"Sorry, sorry, sorry!" I ran down to the kitchen. We lived in a huge three bedroom house. It was frikin amazing! "Wow, it's not that easy to remember when Daniela and I don't eat that repulsive stuff." I said, pulling a frozen pizza from the freezer and throwing it in the oven.
"Well, you could change me…"
"No, Macy! I told you, I will, but right now you are way to young. You have to be fifteen to be changed anyways; do you want me ripped to pieces?" She sighed, and sat down at the counter.
"I don't get why they have all these stupid rules! I just want to be a vampire."
"They have the rules because anyone under the age of fifteen has gone completely insane and had to be destroyed." I turned to her, and sat down by her. "It's not like I'm lying. I have to change you. Have to! If I don't then the council will kill both of us, and Daniela."
"What about me?" Daniela asked, walking; no scratch that, gliding into the room. She was tall, about 5'9, and had straight blonde hair a little past her shoulders. She had the same pale, icy, skin and the translucent eyes. She planned on becoming the school's star volleyball player and I planned on being the school's star dancer! Well, it won't be that hard, we're smexy vampires byotch!
"Nothing about you, Macy is complaining about wanting to be a vampire again." I replied, glaring at Macy. She flinched, not out of fear, but as pure human instinct. It was funny!
So, when we moved into the town last year, we didn't join into the school because we needed to learn to control ourselves. Macy didn't join either so that she wouldn't have to make up some story as to why Daniela and I hadn't joined into the school yet.
Well, guess what??!! We start school tomorrow! I might be able to avoid the urge to attack and kill every single innocent human in that room, but I'm not too sure.


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