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The Pain of Innocence

Novel By: xoPaigexo
Young adult

Amethyst, a vampire princess was banished from her kingdom two hundred years ago when she committed an unforgiveable crime, the murder of her father. Her mother, Pearl, gained rule, and banished her from the kingdom, leaving Amethyst's sisters, Sapphire and Emerald, in the running for the next ruler.
Amethyst had been able to stay away from the vampire kingdom, and live amongst the humans for two hundred years, but finally it became too much to handle. When Amethyst illegally returns to her kingdom, will she be found? Will Sapphire still be loyal to her sister?...Will she survive? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Oct 2, 2008    Reads: 328    Comments: 3    Likes: 0   

Amethyst walked slowly through the castle, creeping slowly around every corner. She had to be sure to keep silent.
Two hundred years ago, Amethyst had been banished from her kingdom. She had realized the evils of her father's ruling, and had murdered him. She never felt guilty for what she did. She had pierced him through the heart with a wooden stake, and burned his body.
Her mother, Pearl, had tried to forgive her daughter for this practically unforgiveable deed, but could not. Pearl had gained rule and banished Amethyst from the vampire kingdom, forcing her to live amongst the humans.
Amethyst's sisters, Sapphire and Emerald were now up against each other in the running for queen. Instead of going by age, the next ruler was chose by their ability to keep the vampire kingdom hidden, and out of war with the werewolves.
Amethyst had been able to stay away from her kingdom, the one that should be hers, for two hundred years…but now, it was just becoming too much.
As Amethyst slipped around the corner, she brushed her hair from her eyes.
Her mother had been named for her pale white eye color, and did the same with her daughters. Amethyst was the middle child, her eyes had come out as a beautiful purple that reminded her mother of the Amethyst stone. Her hair was beautiful, the amazing strawberry blonde color, and the perfect, tight ringlets. As Amethyst grew older, her figure became perfect, and finally when she hit her seventeenth birthday, she was given the blood of a werewolf. Sapphire, being the oldest was given the blood at eighteen, and Emerald at sixteen. When a vampire drank the blood of a werewolf, they stopped aging. All vampires had to stop aging at some time, but in order of their birth. In other words, the oldest stopped at an older age than the youngest.
Sapphire, the oldest, wasn't the prettiest, Emerald beat them both. Sapphire had bright blue, hypnotizing eyes, and wavy black hair. Her figure wasn't as perfect, she didn't have many curves.
Emerald was by far the most beautiful. She had thick, perfectly straight red hair, and her Emerald eyes beamed. Her facial structure was perfect, and every inch of her body seemed to curve in the perfect direction. Pearl had always been so proud of Emerald's beauty.
Of course, Emerald always seemed to be ahead in the running, and seemed to love it when Amethyst was banished. Sapphire had actually cried for her sister's sorrow, and swore that if she won in the running, Amethyst would be back. Yet, Pearl had many centuries left before she would be forced to step down. Amethyst finally gave in to her feelings of wanting to be home, and came back. She already knew exactly what she was going to do. She'd need to find Sapphire, and hope that she still loved her sister the way she had before…if not, and Sapphire refused to hide her until convincing her mother to bring Amethyst back, the punishment for her illegal return would be death.


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