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Uhm.... dont have one yet!! But i'll think of one soon.

Novel By: xoPaigexo
Young adult

Aidyn was orphaned at age sixteen, and has been living alone since. She is now seventeen. She has been on myspace, and met a boy name Mike who is eighteen.
She decides to meet him in person.
Little does she know, Mike and his friend Jared has a secret, and Mike has a choice to make that will affect all three of them forever.

One other thing... i would like to thank my friend Abby for the screen names they both have. lol. lylas View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jan 22, 2008    Reads: 609    Comments: 11    Likes: 5   

Aidyn sat down in front of her computer. She opened up her my space page. She looked down at her friends. In the list was Mike. He was eighteen, only a year older than her, and he lived an hour away. They had been talking for a couple weeks now, and she trusted him fully. He was online, and had left her a message asking for her aim name, he also mentioned that he wouldn't be using his my space as much and wanted to talk to her on aim.

She sent back her screen name. She quickly signed on aim. A box appeared asking if she would accept a message from slingshottohell

Aidyn quickly accepted.

Slingshottohell: Hey, it's Mike.

Brunettebeauty: Hey.

Slingshottohell: So, how do you feel about meeting up with someone you only

����������������������� met two weeks ago?

Brunettebeauty: Well, depends.

Slingshottohell: So, do you want to meet me?

Brunettebeauty: Yeah.

Slingshottohell: Great. I want to get to know you a little better.

Brunettebeauty: Me too. So where do you want to meet?

Slingshottohell: How about we meet at the state park?

Brunettebeauty: That is like an hour away, not really fair if you get to drive five

������������������������ minutes and I have to drive an hour.

Slingshottohell: Believe me, it's perfect.

Brunettebeauty: Ok, I'll be at the park around six tomorrow.

Slingshottohell: Great, see you then.

He signed off. Aidyn had a strange feeling to call of the deal, and not meet him. A strange sense that something bad would happen came over her. She ignored it.

Aidyn walked out to the living room, and sat down on the couch. She looked around the room remembering that dark day when she was left alone, left to fend for herself.

Her mother and father were driving back from a party. She was only sixteen. She had the choice to go with them or stay home. Thank God she stayed home.

A storm hit and the roads were soaked. It of course was around midnight on a Saturday so many people had been out drinking. When her parents went to turn a corner, a drunk driver was coming straight at them. They were able to avoid the car, but they slid off the road. Their car rolled down a hill, and then slipped into a river.

When they pulled her parents out, they were both dead. Unfortunately, Aidyn was there when they were pulled from the car. Both their bodies were blue. Her mother's eyes were wide open, and her mouth had blood coming from it. Her father didn't have blood coming from his mouth but his stomach was pierced with glass from the windshield.

She shivered and let the memory pass. Checking the clock, she realized that it was almost eight. She had promised Anna she would be down at the beach around 8:15. Everyone was going down for a town party.

She quickly got to Anna's house. Her mother answered the door, since she still lived there. Aidyn tried not to think about her mother.

"Hello Aidyn. Hold on, I'll get Anna for you." She held the door open, allowing Aidyn to step in.

"Hey Aidyn!" Anna came down the stairs.

"Hey. You ready to go?"


They walked down to the beach. The whole entire thing was packed for at least five miles. People were dancing, and of course, getting drunk.

Anna and Aidyn sat down at a table.

"Oh Anna! You'll never get this!"

"What? Did you get raped?" Anna asked sarcastically.

"No! Shut up. Remember Mike, the one I was talking to on my space?"

"Yeah, what about him?"

"I'm going to meet him tomorrow."

"What?!" Anna's eyes grew wide. "Are you crazy? You only met this guy like, what two weeks ago. Now you are going to go meet him?! Is it at least somewhere close?"

"Well, maybe."

"Aidyn where?"

"The state park."

The whole night, Anna tried to talk Aidyn out of going. Of course, she couldn't. Her only choice was to pray nothing would happen.


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