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Dear Mr. BadBoy

Novel By: xTBeanniex
Young adult

The minute she met him, she knew she was in for trouble. He was a jerk, to say the least. Two weeks seemed impossible for two people to fall in love. But, impossible was nothing when you met a dark haired boy who couldn't seem to stay away; even when he lived across the country. Living far from the one you loved was hard but, not when you kept in contact, the old fashioned way -- letters.

Janey Pern has never been in a relationship, never had her first kiss and never found a guy attractive. She's lived a sheltered life in Savannah, Georgia for 17 years, completely immersed in books and music, never searching for a guy to fit into her life.

Blake Canel, famous for being famous, his mother, a famous fashion designer known around the world, his father a renowned businessman, richer than rich. Blake's the typical playboy, constantly with another girl, sex-tapes being leaked; his life is beginning to fall apart at the seams.

When Blake's mother contacts her childhood best friend, Andrea Pern, Janey's mother, and relocates her son and husband down to Savannah to clean up their acts will feelings be unearthed? Will Janey be able to resist Blake's charm?

Will she fall in love like he says she will? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Mar 27, 2014    Reads: 51    Comments: 6    Likes: 1   

"Yes mom, okay mom," I sighed loudly into my phone. "I love you too, mom. Okay, bye."

"Wow, Momma Pern was on a roll." My best friend, Jason said flopping down onto my bed, a bag of chips in hand.

I tossed my phone next to him and grabbed my laptop from my desk in the corner of my room. "Yeah, as usual. She was flipping out since we have guests coming tomorrow night and we have literally nothing ready." I logged into my email, searching for the email my mom was sending in regards to the chores that I needed to do.

"So no sleepover tonight, Janeybear?" Jason questioned, peeking over my shoulder at the long to-do list.

"Yeah, we can have one." I smiled innocently. "As long as you pay for the pizza."

He groaned loudly. "Janey, you're killin' me."

"Be happy I'm not asking you to help clean." I laughed, closing the laptop.

"You know I'm going to help anyway."

"Well that's not my fault." I stuck my tongue out and hopped off my bed, making my way to the door. "Anyways, you gotta earn your keep around here."

"I'm paying for dinner! Right there I earned my keep." Jay argued, following me through the house.

I opened the refrigerator and grabbed a Gatorade. ""Round these parts, we earn our keep by doin' work, herdin' cattle ain't no easy job."

Jason laughed loudly, snatching the Gatorade from my hand. "You're such a terrible sister. Maggie and Kevin are too cute to be cattle." He took a sip of the Gatorade. "Jake on the other hand..."

I flipped Jason the bird. "You indirectly called me ugly!"

"It's not my fault you're twins." He shrugged indifferently. "We all know you're ten times cuter than him."

I scoffed lightly, ignoring his statement. "So are we gonna get this house cleaned or what?"

"Sir, yes, sir!" Jason growled, flinging his hand up to his forehead in mock salute.

I glanced at the clock. "Jake will be home in forty-five minutes with Maggie. Kevin is staying over his friend's house for dinner. We have forty minutes to get this house clean and five to breath. Got that?"

Jason nodded. "Where do I start?"

"The bathroom." I grimaced.

"What? Why me? This is your house, you clean it!" Jason exclaimed angrily. "I'm not cleaning your bathroom."

I sighed. "All you have to do is pick up the towels and clothes and throw them in the hamper."

"Oh." He puffed out his chest. "Fine."

I shook my head. "Terrified of a bra, are we?" I teased.

"In your house, I'm terrified of a piece of toast."

I shrugged. "Once again, it's not my fault Kevin took Perry out of his spider house and put him on the counter. You're the one that put your toast down on the spider. Did you expect him to say excuse me, I'm down here?"

"You got him that damned spider!" Jason spat, shivering in disgust.

"It was a Christmas gift! He asked for it!" I threw my hands in the air. "We're wasting our time, go clean you lazy bum!"

Jason groaned loudly before stomping off towards my bathroom. "The things I do for you, woman!"

"You know you love me!" I sang loudly in return, and began straightening up the kitchen.


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