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Typo: Lover's Hell

Novel By: XxalexandraxX
Young adult

Poor, poor Samantha, too bad her lover is a pediphile. Can't get any worse, can it? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Apr 27, 2009    Reads: 509    Comments: 18    Likes: 4   

Typo: Lover's Hell_

Chapter 1:

Samantha Blake slammed her door, escaping from the argument in the other room. It was all that she could do. Escape. She couldn't stand hearing another one of her parent's pointless fits. She glanced towards her laptop, seeing an instant message appear on her screen. She sighed, sitting at her computer chair.

Kizzfan101: hey Sammy, how have ya been?

SammytheSinger: great…my parents are arguing again

Samantha looked away from the blazing computer screen and to her closed door. She could hear the volume of her dad's voice. She couldn't make out exactly what he was saying, but she knew it couldn't be good news. She looked back to the computer. Kizzfan101 had replied her instant message.

Kizzfan101: I'm sorry Sammy. I know how it is, my parents argue all the time. I think they'll be getting a divorce soon…

SammytheSinger: *sigh* how's school going?

Kizzfan101: Agh, so-so, have a mid term coming up. Need to study, but since ur on, I'll study l8er

Samantha blushed. She had been chatting online with Ted for five months now, and she was developing a crush on him. She didn't understand exactly how she felt about him, but she knew he was just another fifteen year old boy that she could relate too. She actually had a mid-term herself to study for, but ignored its presence to chat with Ted.

SammytheSinger: You can go study if u want, I won't get mad

Kizzfan101: awww, you don't wanna talk to me anymore? I'm hurt…

Sammy laughed as she brushed her copper strands out of her face.

SammytheSinger: No, it's just if u have a midterm, I was just thinking, Agh!

Kizzfan101: I know Sammy; I'm just messing with ya! Ummm, I gotta tell you something…

Samantha looked away as she guessed what Ted could reveal to her.

SammytheSinger: go ahead, I won't bite…

Kizzfan101: Ummm, well, this is sorta hard, and it might creep u out…

SammytheSinger: Go ahead already! *getting aggravated*

Kizzfan101: ok, ok! Shesh! Well, the thing is…

SammytheSinger: A-HEM!

Kizzfan101: I think I love you

Samantha could feel her face boil to a crimson red. She hid her tomato red face in her hands, and looked away from the screen.

He actually returns my feelings? Well, I'm not exactly in love with him…or am I? I can't be sure, I should say something…

Kizzfan101: ok ok, I know you must hate me now, I'm so sorry, I understand if you never want to talk to me again…

SammytheSinger: no, I don't, please don't go…

Samantha looked to the mirror on the left side of her room and stared at the girl with vibrant red hair, and crystal blue eyes; and controlled the urge to type what she felt.
The horrible truth was: she couldn't.

SammytheSinger: I love you, too

Kizzfan101: :O

Samantha's mother walked in the room and started to read her computer screen. Samantha quickly changed tabs as her face grew even brighter.

"Who was that?" her mother asks with a frown on her face.

"Oh, just a friend from school." Samantha itched her neck nervously, as her mother gave her a look.

"Okay, whatever, just be careful. Dinner in five." She turned her back to Sammy and walked away from her room. After Samantha couldn't hear her mother's heels clicking on the hard wood, she turns back to the chat room tab.

SammytheSinger: I'm sorry Ted, but I g2g

Kizzfan101: is it something I said?

SammytheSinger: NO! Ted, it's my bitchy mother, can't keep her nose out of my business, and I gotta go eat dinner now, or my moms gonna slice my throat

Kizzfan101: lol, ok, c u 2morrow?

SammytheSinger: well of course, maybe even l8er 2nite

Samantha shut her computer off and sighed; thinking about Ted, and dreaming of what he could possibly look like. She tied her hair back into a bun, and slowly got up out of her computer chair, adjusting her skirt after doing so.

She looked to the mirror wondering if she was pretty. She had decent hair, and lovely eyes, but the thing was, she was too pale, and her upper lip was slightly larger then her lower. She was average looking, with some positives, and some flaws. Sammy decided that she could live with that.

She went downstairs, not looking forward to dinner with her parents. For some undefined reason, she resented them; almost hated them. Maybe it was because all they cared about was arguing at each other, or maybe they were just too noisy. But whatever it was, she strongly disliked them.

She walked over to the dinning table, seeing her mother set up the plates. "Who were you talking to, Sam?" her mother asked, not looking away at the napkin she was folding.
Sammy's mother was a tall pallid looking woman, with dark brown locks framing her round face. And for some reason she looked even more ashen now, she usually turned that way when she's nervous. Samantha thought that she wouldn't give her a hard time; she was already in enough stress as it was.

"I told you, mom. It was my friend." Sammy answered arrogantly. "From school." She added as she saw the look her mother was giving her.

"Right." Her mother answered.

The rest of the night was quite boring, and all Samantha could think about was Ted. She didn't understand what she felt towards him, but it wasn't just a crush, it was much more. She couldn't really pin down her emotions towards the charming stranger.

After dinner, Sammy rushed up to her computer to check if Ted was on. And when her hypothesis was correct, her heart almost jumped out of her ribcage.

Kizzfan101: hey, you mad?

SammytheSinger: No, I'm so glad you told me

Kizzfan101: really?

SammytheSinger: yeah, I wanted to tell u, but I was a sissy

Kizzfan101: lol, no I'm the sissy, I've been wanting to tell you for five months

Samantha could feel her face blushing again, Ted had always had that effect on her. He's so charming…

SammytheSinger: *blushes*

Kizzfan101: Ummm, I wanted to ask you something…

SammytheSinger: well go ahead! Shesh

Kizzfan101: well, you want to go out with me?

A wave of emotions flew right through Samantha's frail body; she could feel her hands growing colder with nerves. She didn't have to think for this question, the answer was logic. Yes, she never had meet Ted, or even seen him as a matter of fact, but she knew the simple answer to the even simpler question.

SammytheSinger: yes

Sammy waited in anticipation for Ted to reply. After thirty whole seconds, a message occurred.

Kizzfan101: *having a heart attack* yippee! Ummm, so, u know where Marauder Park is?

SammytheSinger: yep

Kizzfan101: great! Meet you there at three tomorrow!

---Do you think Sammy should go?---


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