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Enemy Inside

Novel By: XxIrenexX
Young adult

This story is about a girl, who gets kidnapped and tortured by his best friend's older brother, Maxwell, who blames her for what happened to his baby-sister. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jun 28, 2012    Reads: 9,428    Comments: 11    Likes: 4   

I woke up as I heard footsteps coming to my door, at first my heart began to pound, but I soon realized it wasn't him. The person who was about to come through that door was wearing very loud heels. The door opened and a little ray of light hit me right in my eyes, it has been months since I last saw sun. She approached my bed, but I didn't move, it was better to be obedient. I learned that lesson in a very painful way.

"My god" I saw her put her hand over her mouth as she saw me. She sat on the mattress that I called my bed; in a basement I call my home, brushing my brown hair away from my face. She quickly got up from my bed and called the guard. "Thomas, tell him to come down. I need to talk to him!" The man nodded and she closed the door behind her. I closed my eyes, knowing that these were my last days in here. I was going to die, but I didn't feel any kind of anxiety inside me. I am ready to go.

Again I heard footsteps, my god it was him. He was going to hit me, rape me and torture me again, my legs started to shake and a lump was stuck in my throat.

"Max, please, she won't survive another night in here, we have to feed her and get her out of this rat-hole." I heard the woman outside the door talking to HIM.

"Carmen, it is unlikely of you pity someone, what made her any different" His voice send chills down my spine, I was so afraid, I hoped to god, that this woman, Carmen would just leave me alone, I don't want him to get angry! The angrier he is the worst is the pain for me.

"You are punishing her for being a seventeen year old girl, Max. She was drunk, she was having fun and-"

"And she left my sister alone with that asshole; she was raped and killed, Carmen!" Lucy… I am so sorry Lucy I didn't know he was like that; otherwise I wouldn't let you go with him.

"If she was looking at what you are doing to her friend, she would be-"

"SHE IS NOT LOOKING, CARMEN! SHE IS DEAD! THAT BITCH TOOK HER AWAY FROM ME!" He blamed me, of course he blamed me for what happened to Lucy, but I didn't know, I swear, I thought she was crushing on him, that is why I didn't go in that room when you went upstairs, forgive me Lu.

"Fine than, let her die here, have your fun with her. She paid for her mistakes, Maxwell. It is enough" I heard her walk out of the basement. The room was so quiet, I tried to stay calm and maybe, just this once he wouldn't come in, please god…

My prayers were not answered; I heard his footsteps come closer to the door; my eyes automatically closed themselves and waited for another few hours of torture.

"Get up" he said to me, not coming closer. I immediately tried to get on my feet, but all I could manage was to fall off from the mattress and stand on my knees.

"I said, get up!" He came closer now, walking fast towards me and I whimpered, knowing this was the last time I was going to feel safe today, my torture was starting. He grabbed my hand and to my surprise, he instantly took his hand back and took a few steps away from me. "Thomas, give me a flashlight or something." The loyal dog quickly ran to his master and gave him a flashlight. He turned it on and the light started exploring my half naked body, from my legs, up to my panties, to my bra and now he was flashing it in my face, my eyes closed again. "Look at the light" he said in a very quiet voice. What was he going to do?!

"Thomas, tell Berta to make some dinner for three, call Carmen and tell her I need to fix this mess." He said, turning off the flashlight and approaching me. He bent down and took my in his arms. I panicked and started crying, that was all I could do, after months of rape and torture, days of empty stomach and hours of pain every single day, from that night, that Lucy was killed.

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