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Destiny: Story of a Lost Soul

Novel By: XxmimixX
Young adult

In the busy streets of Brooklyn, there is a teen prostitute name Ramona. She tries to survive her life as a prostitute but ends up realizing that this isn't the life for her. So for a couple of years, she stays as a prostitute and begins her new life trying to go back to school and searching for a new job.
After the long search, she gets hired by her best friend name Armando lol. Is this actually her goal?

Cover Art by Maria Anabia View table of contents...


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Submitted:Dec 30, 2011    Reads: 185    Comments: 23    Likes: 6   


I must run away I must. Otherwise, they will hurt me.

I slowly opened my eyes with caution when I saw the man who raped me next to me. He was sleeping calmly thinking that it was a game to him. I crept my way towards the bathroom to wash myself up for the long days to come. The bath was pretty soothing to my skin, considering I was touched by strangers, and my inner pores were soaking in all of the soap in my body. The water was hot like a spring but I wouldn't know how a hot spring was.

Cautiously, I reached for the clean towel to dry my body up. It feels completely different since that night. My skin was more rough than it was once was and my emotions were going crazy. I feel more sluggish-like it really matters, and my usual posture was terrible. I don't really care to that point since I was going to live a life full of sacrifices.

"Hey!" I heard busta yelling on the other side of the bathroom door. "What the hell is taking so long in the goddamn bathroom?"

"Sorry." I apologized. "I'll be out shortly."

My clothes that I wore the day before were finally on me. Busta stared at me with his narcissist eyes. He smiled, "Damn girl. You smell fruity."

I shivered, "Thanks." I sat on the bed and waited for him to take his shower. That my queue to finally escape. As soon as I was about to leave, I heard Busta whining, "You better stay right there. I want you to meet some of your new friends."


I stayed in my place until the pimp came out of the bathroom. He had his clothes on from yesterday and sat next to me. He wrapped his arm around my slender body and gave me a hardcore stare in the eyes.

"I don't want you to leave my sight. You're looking for a job correct? Then you came to the right place. If you wanna make some money, I need you to listen to me."

"How much money would I be making?"

Busta paused for a moment and began to say, "Probably a couple of hundred dollars a customer. You can use that money all you want on yourself."

Like a fool, I believed him. I knew that lots of the money you make as a prostitute goes back to the pimp but this guy sounds like he really cared about me. Mom would never talk about how much money she would bring back but it would always be enough to pay for her clothes. She never bought food or paid for the rent with her money. My dad was usually doing that before he would get in trouble by the law.

"Will I be taxed?"

My pimp laughed hysterically, "Not that much babe. Maybe like 5 percent."

He got closer to my left and wrapped his slippery tongue around it. It was moist and warm. "But I want you to be a good girl and do everything as I say. Otherwise, last night will become a reality check for you every night."

I gulped, "I understand."

Then, he kissed down my neck and laid me down back on the bed, "But before we go, I want to experience that fruity smell of yours. You smell so goddamn good."


A few hours later, Busta and I drove our way to the outskirts of Brooklyn, which were the projects. To briefly describe the place, it was like your regular abandoned neighbor with smelly streets and non-sanitized parks. The trees were nearly dying but the building themselves were very beautiful. The only thing wrong here is that where we were at was by a corner of abandoned buildings.

The people we were meeting up were the two girls from the first night. One of them has orange frizzy hair and the other one had long blue dyed hair. Their makeup was atrocious as usual and their clothes were out of this cold world.

"Hey girls." Busta smiled. "You met the new girl right?"

"Yeah man. Who is she anyway?" the orange girl yelled. She has a strong Brooklyn ascent and her gum was even louder than her voice.

We got out of the car and stand by the ladies casually. Busta continued, "Ramona, this is Reina or ReiRei." He pointed me out to the girl with the frizzy hair. I waved nervously at the older women. He continued, "And this fine lady here is Naomi."

Naomi smiled at me, "Wassup girl! You smell nice."

I chuckled nervously, "Why thank you…"

"These two ladies will be you new best friends. They will be coaching you about your new job so stay good for me."

Reina and Naomi rolled their eyes at that statement. Then Busta gave me a kissed and drove away in his car. I was there in the projects left alone with two of my supposedly "best friends". They're not my best friends. The only friend I have is Armando and I really wish I was able to speak to him.

"So… How was your first night of the initiation" Reina remarked.

"Initiation?" I looked puzzled. "What's that mean?"

Naomi was confused at my response, "Girl, you been to school before. You never heard about that shit?"

"Uhh no… I dropped out a while ago." As you can see, my education wasn't great. I hated school because of the girls who were making fun of me and my family.

They laughed, "Wow! I thought a pretty girl like you would know big words." Reina smacked me behind my back as we walked our way inside one of the buildings. We passed by some grotesque looking hallways and stairs when we came across the living room too their apartment. The living room was pretty nice and the floors and ceiling were made out of ceramics.

Naomi gestured me to the couched, "Welcome to our home. You won't be living here because this isn't your home."

"Yeah… You won't be living the good life until you and your new man make some dope." Reina gave me a glass a pop. I didn't want to drink anything. I just wanted to know what was going to happen next.

Reina began to give a long speech of the expectations of living the life as a Prostitute. "As you might know, Busta is one of the most wanted people of Brooklyn and the smartest. You gotta be careful around his ass 'cause you might get yourself in trouble with the law. If they find out that you're hanging around him, then your sorry ass would die from having no money.

"When you out there selling your body to those old ass motherfuckers, make sure you have the best makeup and the flashiest clothes on you. You can't look like a bum or some lesbian."

I nodded my head at all the things she said. "So do I really have to act fake around people now?"

"Unfortunately little girl, yes you do. If you want the money, you gotta do what the men have to say. Otherwise, you won't get anything done."

I folded my hands across my chest and stared out into space. I contemplated about the things Reina told me. It sounds pretty easy to do and hassle free… but something wasn't right about what she said. I had to show myself off to older men? Why the men can't be around my age? From the looks of it, there is a chance that I might not like my job.


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