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Once Upon A Life

Novel By: XxPrincessxX
Young adult

A story...wow. could you have guessed? lots of sarcasim in this story... e-mail me for any updates or questions: monkey1024@hotmail.com and be sure to drop me a comment is you read this!! I promise to respond :P View table of contents...


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Submitted:Mar 7, 2007    Reads: 265    Comments: 4    Likes: 3   


Part one

Do you ever suppose there is anyone out there that will ever completely understand you?� I mean, some of us believe it with all our soul, and those who do not.� It is a personal belief, and not something I have ever had much of an opinion on.� One thing that I do have complete faith in, in friends.� Sure, family is great. Hell, they rock.� Unfortunately, they are never quite the same as those few friends that you hold true and close.

����������� That is exactly what I am going to say in the following story.� This story, even if it is complete fantasy, I believe is still completely true.� Even if I say it not real, almost every writer connects life experiences with their writing.� It is just what I do.

.� .� .� .� .� .� .

����������� Alone.� There were many other fine words running through my mind, but I always came back to the one thing that terrified me the most.� I hated knowing that while every other kid in the class was planning on going to the mall, the movies, or going on a date for their Friday nights, I was not.� It is not as if I did not want to be right in with that, it is more of a fact that I could not.� Not because I am unpopular... okay, maybe that has something to do with it, but its not the compete reason.� Even now, it is hard to remember why exactly I am so lonely.� Ah, that did not take long to come back to me.� Covenant for you, I can explain it to you using two words. I = unloved.� Okay, so three...You still get the point.

����������� I also am not ugly; if that is a reason, you might think of.� I am cute... depending on your taste.� If you like girls that are tall and bulky, then you might want to turn your back to me, (and do not dare to look back) and start running as fast as you can in the opposite direction.� I am a tinny, (like, really tinny) thin, toned girl with a black explosion of curls for hair.� I am also told that my eyes are the roundest, fullest most awesome eyes ever.� (So says some very confused people) oh yeah, and they are also the color of my brothers pot roast.� No, I am not talking about a vibrant brown, because my brother is terrible at cooking.� Surprisingly, they are not black, as if you would expect a bad pot roast would turn out like.� He always seems to get the perfect shade of grey... and it exactly matches my eyes.� As dull a color grey is, I think the look full of mystery.� (As my brother's pot roast must be, considering I have never seen anyone else make a grey pot roast)�� ���

����������� Oh yeah.� I guess there is one other thing about me you might want to know.� Well, there might be a million... but I think there is one real important one.� My name is what I am talking about.� It is Hillary, by the way.� This is my life story, and an interesting one it is.�

����������� First day at school.� Hm... not much to say on that matter.� They all go by just as easily and unnoticed, as you would expect.� That is the way it is, and the way I like it.� I mean, if you are noticed at your first day, its not going to be because of your awesome hair or the half-court shot you made in a basketball game for gym class.� Sure...people will See those things, hell, the will drop their jaw.�� It will still go down in their books as a fluke.� Well... I don't have to worry about that, now do I?� Mainly because I suck, when it comes to sports and my hair is frizzy and I do not pay much attention to it, but I am unnoticed all the same.� Now, to a more interesting part of this story.� I'm sure you've heard enough ranting about how much my life sucks and rocks at the same time.� So here is goes.


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