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Dear Generation

Poetry By: deminiles
Young adult

Dear Generation
Sometimes I realize things can’t go perfect, and I’m not asking for perfect....

Submitted:Sep 21, 2012    Reads: 14    Comments: 2    Likes: 0   

Dear Generation.

Sometimes I realize things can't go perfect, and I'm not asking for perfect.

I make my mistakes and yet I am still able to move on? And you're not? The mistakes I've made I'm surprised they're forgiven; I'm a human being and I'd like to be treated like one. Everyone deserves to have respect and someone to love them but yet, some people believe different. I'm done holding all my anger inside and just letting it burst but you know what? Why aren't you?

What is with this generation is everything all about what you look like, or who you hang out with? I could care less of what your wearing let alone what you do? You try to impress everyone and hold on to something that's not worth holding on to. Your dignity, OR what you feel is left of your dignity. Stop trying to show everyone your better than them. It doesn't matter, because in my eyes no one is better than anyone else sitting in this room, wandering this earth, and walking down the street. But yet we still have judging eyes the moment someone walks by. People still judge a person by the size they are, not by their personality. You have to look like this, to be my friend. Well excuse me to all these kids; It doesn't MATTER what size you are in clothing or how you wear it. If you have a heart of gold but yet you're not in the style, you'll still be loved because to me it doesn't matter what you look like or how you betray your style.

Our generation with the media is showing the younger kids it's okay to act like this, it's okay to have sex with anybody and get STDS, its okay to do and sell drugs, it's okay to judge and make someone feel bad because they're not "cool" enough and apparently it's okay to not care. Why is it okay to not care? Is it because lil Wayne and Snoop dog said so? Is it because the people you hang out with have nothing to care for? So what we get drunk so what we smoke weed? Were just having fun, we don't care who sees. Is that statement from a song really that important? To some yes, to most maybe not. But do the younger ones realize once they actually listen and do what the songs said, where do they end up? In jail, group home, foster care? failing grades, Because they're parents can't handle them. Some it doesn't even affect them it's a song, but to others it is they're new life.

I've done drugs, I've fought people because I was mad, I've gotten kicked out, I've been arrested, I've disrespected, I didn't care. I've been suspended, smacked mistaken and miss understood. But look at me now? Do I live with my parents? No, I fought people and got put on probation is that cool? No. Now I can't do the things I want to do, but that was my decision and I'm okay with taken responsibility for what I have done. But hey, I've changed I see a different view and it's okay to go down the wrong path, as long as you find the right trail to turn onto along the way.

People don't realize that our generation is still young, we have so much time to change things and show people how we really want our generation to be like, but when things get tough others learn to rebel to feel better. But that is not how you handle those situations. Not at all, take a step back forward and breathe, because backwards you don't know where you're going.


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