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Yes,it exists!

By: Aarya Gupta

Page 1, This is a poem straight from my heart.


Yes, it exists!


When I am all low, and there's no one to care off

A yelling voice emerge, makes me rejuvenate

and fills the surrounding with joy.


It is the inner world, which always pumps

me to move ahead and encourages to leave that

past worries.


What is that, Why is that and if it happens to

only me, answer certainly I don't know,

but Yes, it exists!


It increases my will power to great bars,

confidence boosts up like I can touch the mars.


Sometimes I feel, this is all fake world

all analogies are dumped in my life.

But I do realize that even it was for my better math

Yes, it exists!


Tragedies come and go; I try to show a fake worry

on my face, because that inner will (might be) makes me

so strong that even at that instant I wanted to laugh.


I don’t know, I really don’t know what is it,

A thunder, a breeze or emotions gushing off unconscious mind

But Yes, I know it exists!





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