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Genocidal Behaviors

By: Atton Brown

Page 1, this actually took me a few days to write. It was supposed to express how the government is evil and is getting rid of the ones that can actually help us...that hit home with anyone? lol

They call us the sinners

Though they’re the beginners
The naïve stupidity
The inane humility
Thinking they’re act to save
Only repeating the slave
Corrupting the sane minds
Destroying their own kind
Condemning their saviors
With genocidal behaviors
But our counter attack
will be strong. When we strike back
It’ll be with a vengeance
Lay waste and collect the penance
Then they dive to the ground, knees being scraped
And the children being neglect, abused, and raped
But the cruelties and massacre will become all but second nature
And the ones in power; your kings and queens and even your legislature
Will bring about our Armageddon
Because in the direction we’re headin’
The shunned Messiahs will outlast
Our malevolent sovereigns, passed   
And the world will cease to exist
And the pain fades to the shore

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