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My "Family"

By: Atton Brown

Page 1, This is how i feel towards my family and myself...if you know me at all you know this one wont be happy.


Are you there? I love you

I never meant to hit you over the head with that shovel


I’m sorry I took it farther

When you finally came home and I castrated you with a car door


Where I’m from rape is bad

That was my sister! Of course you’re in a body bag!


Please come home, I need you

Grandma’s an alcoholic and Auntie’s on some weed too


Where are you? I’m nervous

You were just released, now nine are dead, they don’t deserve this


You hear me? I’m not sorry I killed you

But child neglect and abuse is something I never will do


I see you, don’t you tempt me

After all these murders why is it I still feel empty?


Can you help me? I’ve fallen

I’m on my knees, please save me; it’s you I’m callin…


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