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The Purpose

By: Atton Brown

Page 1, So i decided to start a notebook where anyone can write their thoughts in. Random thoughts or if your having a bad day. I just want them to know that even if i don\'t know you, someone really does care about them and you.

“Tell me how you feel,” I say,

“And I’ll make the pain go away.”

Slowly my mind forms a purpose

My reason to be on this earth is

To help them

Not on a whim

But when the need me

I’ll be


To care 

When no one else does

Because I was

The one

Who needed someone


To take the gun

To listen when I speak

To not make me feel so weak

I needed someone, but no one was

So I will be there because

We all need someone to care

Don’t you dare


Or even try.

So maybe, I’ll be that guy

A little weird

That will, when you need me most, appear

The one to say

Just write it once today

And the pain starts to go away

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