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To Live, To Die

By: Atton Brown

Page 1, Another drug poem but this one features my love. It only seems long cuz of the prose it\'s in. Feedback please !

He died

The smell

The smoke

A puff

He lives....barely

But she frowns

The plant

The flame

The black

She smiles

But he's angry

The cig

The blunt

The joint

He's angrier

The knife

The blood

The wrists

He slits

He's bad


The love

the acceptance

The redemption

The pain

He shakes


To move

To breathe


To live without

HIs friend

His love

His old love

A plant

His new love

A girl

Who loves him back

but he doesn't know why

The smoke

The smell

The feeling

Unnstural euphoria

But hers

is natural


her love is a new

Natural euphoria

worth the pain

He shakes

Trembles to touch her

She is the perfect drug

The perfect love

High on her beauty



The plant

Isn't needed

All he needs

All he wants

Is her

She changed him

A new him

was born with

Open eyes

Open mind

Open heart

The plant

The smoke

He dies

The girl

The kiss

The love

He lives

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