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True Hate

By: Atton Brown

Page 1, You have enimies? Good that measn you\'ve stood up for something once in your life


the most beautiful word ever spoken

Paradoxical in a way, but it remains unbroken

More sacred than love, it’s a wicked emotion

The calls for more devotion

Each day you love; you give, you grow

Each day you hate; you die so slow

They say the word itself is strong

The air of it resonates, a powerful gong

It spreads like the rancid butter across your burnt crumbling toast

It infects us all, parasitic, you’re merely the host

The hatred I write of is not petty or inane

It’s hatred for humanity that is driving me insane

It’s not a snap decision or an instant reaction

True hate is not snide or meant for satisfaction

If true love is pain

Then true hate is the same

Fall in love with a soul

Slip in hate with the whole

The whole, of course, being the ignorant

But we are the hated, we are different

We will be hated because they cannot comprehend

The sheer utterance of that word can prime the end

So to all those who have been hated, berated the same

To all who have been hurt, shunned, caused pain:

I love you

And I dare you to speak those words to any that curse your name

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