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In Memory

By: elegantbleeding

Page 1, Sometimes nice guys finish first. Written in memory of Mark Christopher Phillips, a fellow classmate and friend to so many. We'll miss you so much, Chris!

Nice guys don't always finish last.
The one who sat across from us in class
Wasn't the one we expected to leave.
But we all have our memories
Like some odd form of serenity
To comfort us on his trip home.

We'll all miss his thoughts and smiles
And wish he could've stayed a while
To share another moment or two.
None of us expected the day
God took one of our friends away,
But now he's got one panoramic view.

Everything about this life
Ain't always short and full of strife,
But death's pain affects the living so.
So we'll pull together, help each other
To mourn the loss of a friend and brother.
We're so upset he had to go.
He had every chance on Earth to grow,
But sometimes nice guys finish first.

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