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Spontaneous Reply

By: elegantbleeding

Page 1, Written for Zeke; or rather, as a reply to a poem he once wrote me. Needless to say, he\'ll always be important to me, despite all the crap we\'ve put each other through (even from extreme distances).

…And anything I said would be understated
Like the way my mind is sedated,
Vindictive—yet vindicated.
Haven’t heard your voice yet, but I already love the way you talk.
If your love so fits with mine,
Then we’ve rehearsed our meeting a million times
Until it’s redundancy matches this absurd rhyme.
And we just keep singing.

[sweet, low tone harmony
filling in the gaps…
interrupted melody comes to a screeching halt.]

Fate is the master tormentor, dangling in my face
Day after day after goddamn day…
Makes it so hard to find the words to say.
If I had things my way,
I’d wake up with you to my left
And the morning would be dark, but your eyes would be bright with sunshine.
[…If you were mine…
Impossibly dreaming, at least one more time.]

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