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The Old Friend

By: elegantbleeding

Page 1, This is a short poem about one of my old friends (obviously), but as the lines suggest, we aren\'t exactly friends anymore... I\'m sure there will be a few of you out there who can truly relate to this. This is the first poem I\'ve submitted here, and I would love some of your feedback. Thank you!

She keeps one eye hidden
So no one can look through her.
I guess it might work half the time,
But I can still remember
Every word she told me,
So I realize she hasn't changed.
It's almost a comfort
Found in such monotony,
Yet I find myself quite discontent-
Because we both know
That she still wants revenge
And my apologies weren't meant for accepting.

I catch her gaze
As cold as ice
And feel bad karma run straight through me.
I wish I could go back
And change all we went through,
But that's nothing short of impossibility.
So I return the favor
And glare back at her,
Soon afterward realizing my mistake.
I've worsened the problem
Things will never get better.
For this, I am the one to blame.

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